Data – Deluge and Decisions | Episode 6 | One System from Start up to Success Story

In many ways, it’s a great problem to have your business growing faster than your business systems can keep pace with ORACLE+NETSUITE; overcomes the problem providing a fully scalable cloud-based business management system that grows with your business as we report Faster than ever before good ideas can become global game changers Just ask delivery Groupon or GoPro When small talented teams expand rapidly Their business systems need to keep pace. The key to success is finding and analyzing the right information Supporting the supply chain and ensuring that quality customer experience. The right business management software is essential. NetSuite from ORACLE+NETSUITE is a complete cloud-based system that integrates Accounting, procurement, and sales to CRM, website, and e-commerce As a user, I can get access to the system anytime anywhere provide our an internet connection so here I can see alerts key performance indicators, reports all my key financials And all this is being refreshed in real time? This is live data? Precisely The NetSuite dashboard can be configured for each user the intuitive system has the capability To take a user from specific invoice to global overview in a few clicks If I wanted to see that information for a given subsidiary, so in this case by selecting Germany on my subsidiary navigator As you can see all of these portlets are now refreshing not only to filter out the transactions that occur in Germany But it’s also now you need to see that in the context of the currency It means the right people can see and act on business-critical information rapidly and strategically So all companies the particularly fast-growing companies struggle to get Proper a view of their organization particularly in real time often They’re running reports, and they’re using spreadsheets And they’re manipulating figures in order to find out you know are they making your profit which products are selling well?
Which aren’t selling well? But they’re usually using data That’s actually out of date because it’s so hard to get hold of the beauty of a system like NetSuite where it’s a single database Single view of the truth is you don’t have those discussions about whose data is right. Everybody’s looking at the same data You can concentrate then on actually how do you get answers out of that data and drive the company better. One of NetSuite’s 40,000 user organizations is Buster + Punch Found in design homes and luxury hotels around the world, the brand started with one man’s passion for motorcycles in a workshop in London Now the distinctive home fashion pieces are sold in 74 countries and counting One of the key things for me was I want to be able to see what’s going on simply as that. Maybe I’m a control freak. I don’t know that But I also want people to be I walk into that office and be able to know exactly What their tasks are. We’ve got people that are Chinese they want things in Chinese characters Of the Americans kind of do something slightly differently. So we needed a system that could put that layout across all of those geographies All of those cultures, but still be able to provide Maybe the dashboard that says something’s going wrong here and next week thumbs up. The trick is to make sure that it is customized The real power comes from when you’re really are telling real thing Here’s a purchasing cycle, or here’s a sales delivery cycle So one of those transaction flows and really mapping that using the system So people know exactly what they’re doing then it’s a piece of cake. Across all sectors organizations are facing increasing uncertainty and in a disruptive environment small companies need global presence and scalability Large organizations need to remain agile Where NetSuite really wins out is that our product prepares those companies for whatever is going to come you know tthey puts them in the right shape To be able to respond quickly, to be able to launch new products, to be able to enter new markets To able to change their business model or to be able to expand into any market around the world And that’s what we think is exciting going forward

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