Data – Deluge and Decisions | Episode 9 | How risk evolves – turning risk into opportunity

Risk comes in many forms and has the potential to affect every aspect of an organization Management consultancy Riskevolves understands that pre-empting risks can translate to innovative business opportunities Paul Brennan has more Every minute of every day in every business highly sensitive data is used managed and stored But any breach in that security will have a ripple effect on your business’s reputation How is your reputation going to be damaged? will your debt reputation be damaged? and how will you manage the impact to that? Will your clients want to continue to do business with you? Will your suppliers be happy to sell to you? Think about reputation, think about data management is absolutely key. We do hold such highly sensitive data for clients businesses Personal tax affairs all that type of information that we hold so Keeping the security of that data is essential. Accountants, I think ranks second when it comes to the most trusted advisor just below GP’s So for us to protect that data. Safeguarding that data is essential Riskevovles specializes in risk management and provides cybersecurity services across many sectors One of these services includes the implementation of the government-backed cyber essential scheme Which it introduced to Mark’s company and continues to manage We take a holistic approach with companies by understanding what they do And we work with them we want to form a partnership with them rather than just work with them on a single Transactional basis to complete one project. We want to work with them to understand What’s in their DNA what their future aims are for growth what their challenges are did have over their clients? And to understand why they see some of their day-to-day challenges Helen brings with her huge experience from the corporate world So she’s able to get that information cross in a very transparent way and Talks you at your level as well and makes it relevant to your organization And then it’s easy for us then to explain the process to Helen and then agree what these best practice to move that forward The cyber essentials scheme interrogates a company’s data processes and focuses on five key areas Boundary firewalls, secure configuration Access control, malware protection, and patch management. It also gives a company certification Reassuring its clients and drawing in more business There’s been too many headline cases about companies who fail to take and treat data with respect they all deserve Doing simple schemes such as cyber essentials, or I ask me I say 27001 will significantly reduce the risk to any organization regardless of size texture or complexity Labyrinth logistics helps transport and warehouse companies stay compliant Having developed its own software compliance tool silk thread. It called on Riskevolves to assess its cybersecurity control. This ensures the clients data is kept safe. We are working with bigger and bigger clients and those clients asking for Higher and higher levels of evidence that we’re going to protect their data in the first instance so they have to trust us To look after their data So having the cyber essential scheme and now iso 9001 Means that we can demonstrate when we go through tenders that we are doing that properly I believe this is a leadership issue whether you’re CEO, MD Head of Department you have to lead on this. You have to give your energy and time to this you have to show that you are Genuinely interested in this. What we’re talking about cultural change here That’s what we’re talking about. The world of data we are in now we need to get a grip on that and deal with it properly It’s cultural change. Led from the top And if you don’t do that you’re not going to do it properly if you don’t do it properly you are at risk With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 All businesses need to SWAT up on personal data protection and be compliant Until we understand and treat data with exactly the same respect and exactly the same focus as we do the more tangible assets Then we will continue to have problems with managing it securely. So our advice to companies is take the basic steps Do cyber essentials and then that will give you the confidence and the freedom to grow in to innovate.

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