Davey Hughes 4WD Tips – River crossing

Hi i’m Davey Hughes, I spend a lot of time
in the back blocks – how do I get there? In my D-Max. Whether i’m out for a hunt or up
some remote river looking for a trout or helping out a mate on his station I want to know I
can in and out of the backcountry and there’s never an issue with my D-Max. Love getting off the beaten track in my D-Max
and often that involves heading up a remote valley with a river crossing or two. River
crossings can easily catch you out through so like all other hazards get out of the truck
and walk them, i’m reminded of what the old manager of an old farm I used to visit once
said – he’d been crossing the rivers for 30 years and probably pulled out a few vehicles
in those 30 years as well, now that if you can’t walk it you shouldn’t drive it. So what
am I looking for? Well first and foremost a good entry into the river and a good exit.
Now i’m going to walk it and choose my line and i’m looking for hazards. I’ve got my polarised
sunglasses on so I can actually see through the glare. There’s is a big bolder right there, ok so I don’t
want to go anywhere near that because I could get could get high centred. I’m checking the
depth of the river and also it’s flow, down here the flow is really accelerating and it’s
getting really deep as well, so I don’t want to go anywhere near that. It’s a good solid
bed – good and rocky, nice and solid so I don’t think i’ll have any problems with that. What
are the other hazards? Well there are submerged logs which can be a hazard and also sandy
exits. So i’m going to check what my exit’s going to be like over here. I can see a few
large boulders but i’m pretty sure that the D-Max can weave it’s way slowly through those
and get me to safety. Well I think this is a great place to cross to tell you the truth,
i’m good to go. I’ve put in 4WD low, chosen second gear, so I don’t have to change gear.
Really don’t want to be changing gear. Now here’s my line and i’m about to enter and
got to give it some herds and keep up my momentum. Using the flow of the current to help me across
there. I can actually feel the flow of the current pushing against the truck, so it
doesn’t hurt to use that flow. I like to cross on a slight down hill angle, well it’s a down
river angle is in it? Now here’s some of these boulders. Just take it nice and easy up over
these. Well that’s another river safely crossed. When your out in the backcountry in your D-Max
show some respect for the environment and the people you share it with. I’ve put together
some handy 4WD tips so check them out online and then get out and enjoy the great New Zealand
back blocks in your Isuzu D-Max – it’s a hell of a truck.

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  1. Nice video and good tips. Do you have a lift kit on that D Max

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