David Letterman: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis | Netflix Is A Joke

– So this movie, Between
Two Ferns: The Movie it’s got a lot of action,
interviews with a lot of celebrity types. Just watch it.
(upbeat music) (clears throat) – Hi, welcome to another edition of Between Two Ferns. I’m your host, Zach Galifianakis. My guest today is Santa Claus
with an eating disorder. – Thank you very much for
inviting me, I appreciate it. – You look good. – Thanks, so do you. – Did you just wake up from a 15-year nap? You look like Steve Jobs, now. – Okay. – I don’t want to get sentimental,
but I have to tell you, back when I was a kid, I
used to stay up really, really late and– – Good, thanks. – And no, I’d just watch the color bars and the national anthem. Let’s just call out the
elephant in the room. Your new show on Netflix,
two chairs, one guest, and you’ve grown a beard. I don’t like to say the word
thief, so I’m not gonna say, “Stop, thief”, “You’re a
thief”, and I’m not gonna say, “Crime doesn’t pay”, cause
obviously in your case, it did. Your Netflix show is called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Wouldn’t a better title be My Next Show Will Have No Viewers? – Yeah, we considered that. – And that didn’t test well? – Oh, I think it tested very well. But it hurt my feelings. – Do you think a good
career trajectory is going from one hit show that everyone
watches to a Netflix show that people mean to watch
but never get around to it? I’ve heard of your show,
I’ve heard people talk about people talking about your show. But I’ve never seen it and
I don’t know any relative or friend of mine or
acquaintance that’s ever seen it. – If you knew me, you’d
know that I don’t much care about other people. – Your son’s name is Harry. Did you name him after your face? – Named him after my late father. (Zach sighs) How do you feel now? – Well, I didn’t know it was
gonna go into a bummer story – No, I know.
– like that. – But you don’t have the
capacity for any sort of empathy or embarrassment. Can you take some constructive criticism? – Yeah. – People find you unpleasant. – Thank you. You love fast cars. In what other ways is your penis small? – Well, I guess in the only important way. – The testicles. – Can I just say something about this? Not once has anyone
discussed with me my penis, my size of my penis, my use
of my penis, or my testicles. So, I’m just curious about
the pathology behind this. – Do you think letting you leave
CBS was the biggest mistake of Les Moonves’s career? – Under normal circumstances,
I would invoke Young Sheldon. But I’m not going to. – Did he ever play grab ass with you? – Yeah. – Did he ever try to honk your peen? – Oh, here we go. I mean, honest to God, what is it? – You got a little choked up
during your first show back after 9/11. Looking back on that now, do
you wish you had grown a sack of ballies? – I guess my mistake was inviting
myself to be on this show. – I like to thank my guest,
David Letterman, for coming on and sharing his insight of the world. – Thank you. – (singing) Never meet your heroes because they will let you down. (continues singing)
Never meet your heroes, because they will let you down. Hey motherfucker, I need that button. (upbeat music) Between Two Ferns: The Movie,
it’s streaming now on Netflix.

100 thoughts on “David Letterman: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. This is a show I haven't watched, and because it was free added to the painful time I spent watching this one segment. I didn't realize it till now that I have just had my first Star-Stunk moment. I'll never see bearded men in the same light ever again. What's with all this interest with the peen? LOL David does real good dead pan looks because it's real.

  2. Ur son's name is hearry did u name it after ur face, my God I'm dying the whole interview ?

  3. he had to be clean shaven every day for 30 odd years ofcourse hes gona grow a beard like a rhododendron.

  4. Ever since Hollywood got into Politics a majority of Americans have lost interest in its actors point of view on anything at all .

  5. Once again Zach demonstrates he's a know nothing knob. Not funny. Not interesting. He only embarasses himself, as ususual!! Poor David Letterman, an icon of late night talk shows, being disrespected by a know nothing like Zack. Sad!!

  6. For real the show sucks, 5 min skit's are this strong point.. Don't push it. the movie sucked!

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that comedy in these new version interviews is 1/4th of the old ones? Kinda making me not want to watch the movie…

  8. Watching david fight down his fight or flight response is immensely satisfying here.

  9. These interviews are sooooo much better than interviews done by Fallon, Meyers and Kimmel.?

  10. This show actually shows how good people are at acting. Everyone who does Zach's show is a good friend of his. However, on the show they all seem to hate him if you didn't know any better ???

  11. HAhah! Maybe cuz I just smoked one but "Hey mother f* I need that button" killed me!!:D

  12. Your sons name is Harry, did you name him after your face? ?
    He never tried to honk your peen? ?

  13. Throw in a manbun and David Letterman is what all the hipsters will look like in about 40 years…

  14. Is he acting like crazy or he's really crazy. Why people like David letterman come to his show, am sorry I don't get it.

  15. I just don't get this guy. Talk about kicking a dead horse. I don't even like ferns. Fuck this talentless ass clown. ?

  16. Am I the only person who doesn't find this prick funny? I'm talking about the bearded cunt by the way.

  17. The weird thing about these outtakes is how everyone has the same reactions. They're all quiet and brooding. It wasn't like that on the old show.

  18. I feel as tho the serious moments that otherwise feel awkward are serious because they are trying so hard not to laugh xD

  19. A sarcastic comment referring to the quote about the quote everyone heard at the end of the video

  20. Letterman wasn't funny on here there is so much he could have done to fuck with zack

  21. Haha, "You like fast cars. In what other ways is your penis small?"

    wtf… lol

  22. Surprised he didn't mention Larry cheating on his wife. That would have been pretty hilarious.

  23. Hey Zach Letterman makes in a year more than you have made in your entire life. I guess having a small ween also pays off ?

  24. I agree money is the problem but if I was seen agreeing to that then it would kill me and my family financially. ?‍?‍?‍?

    I agree money is the problem but if I was seen saying that then it would kill me and my wife financially.?

    I agree money is the problem but if I was seen saying that then it would kill me and puppies financially. ?

    I agree money is the problem but if I was seen saying that then it would kill me and my work financially. ?

    I agree money is the problem but if I was seen saying that then it would kill me financially I’m hungry.?‍?

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