David Spade’s Mom Learns Naughty Internet Slang – Lights Out with David Spade

Hey, guys, so, you know my mom, she’s a big fan
of whatever I do, Instagram or movies,
or this show. But she doesn’t always get
modern references, so I have to explain it to her, uh, like I did at lunch
the other day. What does “AF” mean? SPADE:
Where? On Instagram? Uh-huh. If you see something
you see– There’s a funny picture
and then it makes you laugh, and it has words at the top… Funny picture, and then, -and then there’s writing
at the top, -Yeah. but a word’s missing,
or something is missing, -and “AF” is there and I don’t
know what it means. -Oh. -So could you find out for me?
-I don’t know. Maybe it’s “all funny.” Not really. Mom, here’s the bad news. Funny “AF” means
“funny as (bleep).” -Oh, no.
-It’s horrible. -Uh-uh.
-Yeah. Why do you think people think
that’s funny? SPADE:
I don’t know. Here’s some more.
ATM is “at this moment.” Oh. Well, ATL is Atlanta. SPADE: Well, that’s true.
(laughing) (laughs) I didn’t have the heart to tell her
what the real ATM means. All right, thanks, you guys. That’s my mom.

23 thoughts on “David Spade’s Mom Learns Naughty Internet Slang – Lights Out with David Spade

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  2. Thanks to David's mom for raising his son with just the right amount of trauma to be funny AF

  3. I love you David! Your pants reminded me of that dream I had of you where you smelled like strawberries.

  4. Did you know, it's actually scientifically proven that vaccinated kids are more likely to get autism.

    Cuz the not vaccinated ones are dead

  5. I like these segments but why does David have to speak so slowly? Even on double speed it's like he can't get it out…

  6. there are things old people dont need to know,really…why they try to adapt to a society that doesnt need or want them?

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