Day in The Life of a 6-Figure Online Entrepreneur | VLOG

[inaudible] what’s up everyone? Welcome back
to my channel, the best place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Now you’ll
notice that this is a whole different vibe. I look different. The background looks different,
the way I’m holding the camera, it looks different and that’s because I’m about to start my day
but also because I’m blogging. Finally, I know that you guys have been asking for more
of a peek into my life and for a whole year I didn’t do that and so that’s why I really
wanted to do this video so that you guys can see, you know what my day to day looks like
as I’m running my business from home. But before we dive into this blog we’ve got some
important shout outs that need to happen, so let’s get started with that. Before we
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video. All right, welcome back. Okay, so to kick start the day, the very first thing that
I like to do is I like to check my phone just to make sure what the heck I have on my calendar.
I propel on my calendar and also people book me for meetings and stuff and sometimes I
forget. And so it’s really important for me to check
my calendar. So let me give you a peek into my Google cow. All right, so let’s take a
peak at my Google calendar. Right now it is December 18 and I’ve got a couple of meetings
lined up. It’s already 11:00 AM right now, and actually have a meeting in like 30 minutes.
And I’m not even ready. But that’s because earlier this morning I woke up super early
for our guest expert training. Basically, I’m in my paid membership, the boss Graham
Academy. We have monthly guest experts that come in to do free training. So we had one
old student of mine, Kiera, who is now a conversion copywriter. She actually came in to do a full
training on the five key things to look out for when you’re writing sales copy. It was
so informative. I freaking loved it. So now I have to prepare for a few other meetings
today. So I have a meeting with an old client of
mine. I love catching up with my old clients just to see how they’re doing. And then I’ve
also got, um, a meeting with someone who’s interested in having me speak at their event
and then also a meeting with a brand partner that’s interested in a collaboration. But
you guys should have seen my schedule yesterday. Oh my God. I had so many meetings yesterday.
It’s been a crazy week. So I’m just really thinking that this was a really great opportunity
to do the blog because I’m so busy this week. Anyways, let’s get the day started for real.
Okay. So we are right now in my washroom or my boyfriend’s wash them. I live with my boyfriend
now, so, but anyways, I’m going to get ready. I already took a shower and everything, but
anyways, uh, let me show you my get ready routine really quickly and like quick style. All right. So I am done my makeup, I probably
looked the same to you guys, but that is the point. And my, my meeting is really starting
in like 10 minutes. I’m kind, kinda like probably not the best time to sort of blog when I have
a bunch of meetings lined up. But I’m going to change and I’m going to take you to my
meeting. Okay. So I am ready now. Um, I still kind of looked like a mess. I really didn’t
plan anything for this vlog, but that’s kind of the reality of my life is, you know, I
wake up at different times and um, sometimes I have morning meetings. Even though I’m not
a morning person, which doesn’t allow me to really have a morning routine. So that’s something
I want to work on in 2020 but this is my office. Welcome, welcome. Um, I’ll show you guys more
details but I really got to go to this meeting. Okay. So we just finished our call. Hi Millie.
So this is Millie. Make sure to follow her on Instagram but she’s literally killing it.
She also has a YouTube channel, a link. It’s somewhere right here, but it was so great
talking to you. Okay. So we just finished our meeting or my meeting with Millie and
it was so awesome. And now I have a little bit of a break between my next meeting, which
is with this girl called Alison. Um, who’s interested in having me speak at our event.
So I just had some questions to ask her cause uh, I need to know what the plan is in order
to accept. But anyways, I am now about to head to the kitchen to make coffee because
I didn’t get to drink coffee this morning cause I was so busy. And also to make lunch
with my boyfriend right there. So yeah. Okay. This doesn’t look good but it tastes
really good. So I transferred some on a piece of toast. I like to have mine just on a side
like a salad. And then for my boyfriend we have it both on toast. Um, so yeah, that is
my lunch for today. Took like 10 minutes to make and I’m going to be going up to my office
and finish up the rest of the day. All right. So we are now back in the office now that
we’ve made lunch and coffee and espresso. Best thing ever. I have five minutes until
my meeting with Alison, but I will show you my Slack channel cause this is kind of where
I communicate with my team and check in with them and everything like that. So let me show
you. So this is our Slack. This is where my team is. So we’ve got Angela right here. Angela does customer support. We have Bria
who handles a lot of our payment failures. Elena, you guys are very familiar with Elena
because she does, um, all our YouTube videos. Jen is my online business manager, so you’ll
see Jen right here. She is amazing. Layla is also a part of our payment recovery system.
So if you actually check out gravy they are um, a company that we outsource a lot of our
payment failures too though. Yeah, that is the roster of my team. And then we’ve got
all these channels where I check in, um, and stuff. So for example, like we’ve got a couple
channels dedicated to YouTube. This is interesting. This is kind of where I put all of our testimonials
that we find online about boss Graham Academy, which is my program. We’ve got systems, social
media, PR. So this one is locked because it’s only between Jen and I and that’s kind of
where we manage all our collaborations and everything like that. Ideas, this is a really great channel to have.
This is kind of where I put like best practices inside that I see from other people. And this
is hiring. This is also just between Jen and I cause she’s our business manager and she
does a lot of the hiring for me. Um, and she, she’s the one that actually vets the people,
does the interviews and then I have final say of who we ended up hiring and then boss
Graham Academy and customer support. So these are kind of our little threads that we’ve
got going on. And then this is, yes, I guess this is, Oh yeah. So this is um, something
that Angela is just following up with me on. Um, and trying to confirm whether or not we
want to subscribe to this thing called genius, which is basically something we’re testing
out with our affiliate links. So we really want to make sure that when someone
clicks on my affiliate links for Amazon, it directs them to the right country instead
of just us. Cause I acknowledge that not all of you guys live in the U S and I want to
make sure that the products that I’m recommending are accessible to you guys. So this is um,
that, but anyways, it is now one 58 and I have my meeting in like two minutes. So I’m
going to set you guys up on a tripod. I’ve got my tripod like right there. So you guys
can see the behind the scenes of this meeting with Ellison entrepreneurship. There’s so
many strings and like I just want to make sure that they’re open to something that’s
less traditional because okay, I went to solder freaking entrepreneurship and yeah, courses
not teach you how to run your own business. It teaches you like how to create an app and
like get seed funding and lead crowd source and like all these things, which is not the
only way to, it’s still a very corporate way of approaching entrepreneurship. Whereas for
me it’s like online business you to Instagram, like building a business from social media,
selling courses, like all of these things. So I just want to make sure that if I speak
at this thing, they’re still going to get value from that because I know that at that
age all they care about is I want to still work in corporate. I don’t want to create
any apps cause like I definitely want to give back to the community. I just need to make
sure that there is a good synergy. It’d be great because of the higher students, you
know, wholesome way more kind of, that’s the one place where it’s tangible for them to
start kind of come in and teach them more about what additional strategy is. Tangible stuff when they can, they can go
home and they can start using, they can figure out, you know, okay, I can make all this amazing
stuff and it will be easy for them to try to accomplish. Start. All right guys, I’m
back. Um, had a great meeting with Allison and her co-chair, I believe were the co-chair
that invested young investors program. His name was [inaudible]. I accepted it. Um, I
did realize that the event was actually going to be for high school students. I thought
it was going to be for college students, but it feels good knowing that, you know, I can
give back in any way and to start young to think about entrepreneurship in a very unconventional
and non traditional way. So I think it’s cool. I’m so looking forward to it. The event is
in February. Maybe I’ll blog that I don’t know. But anyways, my next meeting isn’t until like
two hours from now. So I have time finally to show you guys more stuff. So as you can
see, my life isn’t really that exciting. It’s a lot of meetings sometimes. And if there
is meetings it’s always just me checking in with my team, checking in with my students.
Um, and all of that. Now we got a notification here from Elaina and she says that my YouTube
video is up for this week. So let’s check out that video. So this is our one drive.
I use one drive because that’s way better than Google drive and this is all the videos
that I’ve ever created with Elena since moving over to one drive. So I am going to review
the video that’s coming up this week. It is all about how to start a successful YouTube
channel in 2020. So this is the input folder. This is kind of where I put the raw files
and you know all the clips that I have plus the thumbnail options, and then she spits
it out as output and this is kind of where she has the final or close to final video
for me to review. I then give her feedback on the video and after the feedback session
is over, she will then upload it to my channel and then we schedule it. So this is the process
where I basically review the entire video and then I am free point where I want something
changed. I’ll actually tell Elena the timestamp of when that change needs to happen and I
give her all the material that she needs to make the change. So right now what you’re
going to see is me reviewing the video and you’re going to see a lot of times me going
back and forth through the video and through Slack because I’m slowly putting all of my
feedback together as I’m watching it. So I only have to watch it once and send the feedback
once and we’re done. Our intro is so nice. I love the intro. All
right, so, um, this scene is my favorite incorporation that we’ve done on the channel just because
a lot of times there’s ads and everything like that, but I love the idea of shouting
out the people who watch my videos just because, I don’t know. It’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a thank
you to you guys have just tuning in every week and sometimes I see the same people commenting
and watching for like the entire year. And so, um, I came up with this idea of, Hey,
instead of like face and stuff, I keep saying Facebook ads instead of like putting ads in
the middle of the video, let’s just actually shout out people who supported the channel.
So make sure to comment below and you know, share this on your story in order to be shut
out next time. Okay, so I just finished reviewing this week’s
video and today’s a very gloomy day. So the lighting is terrible in my office, but let
me kind of show you guys the behind the scenes of what it looks like when I give Alaina feedback.
So we have a Slack channel that’s called YouTube feedback and it’s basically dedicated to me
just giving feedback. So you’ll see all the feedback that I’d given in past videos and
everything like that. Ideas for thumbnails and just really detailed things to do. So
for example, what I’ve done and what you’ve seen is I watched this entire video that she
dropped in one drive and then in Slack, as I’m watching the video, I’m literally telling
her, okay, at the one 49 Mark, can you please take an extraction of this video? And you
know, put it at this area of the video. And you know, it gets really specific and
it’s like, okay, it’s at the 10 45 Mark when I say this in the video, can you use this
screenshot and do this animation and yada, yada, yada. So this is kinda how we communicate
and how all the magic happens. Um, behind the scenes when we do our videos. And I’m
just so grateful that, you know, we have a team that handles a lot of the other things.
Cause I used to be editing my own videos and stuff. And it’s just so nice to be able to
kind of have someone who is better than me at editing videos to do it and to have a team
support the channel. So when you’re watching my video, it’s not just me, it’s a team effort
and it’s all hands on deck for these videos. So yeah. But anyways, I’ve got a meeting in
an hour I think. So I will share with you guys a secret project
that I’m working on by the time that this video comes out, it’s not going to be secret,
but I do want to share the behind the scenes of it. So basically this holiday season for
the students in my boss Graham Academy, I am actually filming videos for them, personalized
videos, um, that’s going to be sent to their inbox. And then in those videos we are going
to be giving all of my students a Starbucks gift card, at least for the North American
students. We weren’t able to do it for our European and Asia students because Starbucks
doesn’t let us issue gift cards internationally. I have no idea of 500 students in the program.
And I’ve done about a hundred videos already and I have until the 23rd so today’s the 18th.
I haven’t told the 23rd is my cutoff day to get all these videos done. But basically every student is getting a video
from me so I’ll show you behind the scenes of that. It’s been a crazy, uh, crazy project.
All right, so this is BombBomb. We are using this application to do the videos. I’ve done
122 to date. Um, and this is kind of what it looks like. Every student of mine is getting
a personal video and Starbucks gift card if they live in North America because we weren’t
able to send to everyone due to um, I guess geographical constraints. But this, I’ll show
you kind of what it looks like. It’s super cute. So when the students get the email,
they’re actually going to be greeted with this animation, with their name on it and
everything like that. And each student gets a video that’s about like a minute long or
so, like 30 to a minute long. And depending on what I’m saying in the video, cause everything
is ultra personalized. Um, and yeah, it’s super cool to be able to
do this small gesture for our students. I feel like when you are a course creator or
you are an influencer or you are a digital, you know, entrepreneur with a community, these
are things that are so important that a lot of people forget about. And even for me, when
I first started, um, I really spent a lot of time doing these little small gestures,
even if they’re time consuming, they’re still so, so important. Um, in just cultivating
a strong community, cultivating a tribe, cultivating just good energy and good vibes. But anyways,
yeah, so in the beginning I used to always, um, do voice notes for everyone that went
through my DMS and everything like that. Now my DM situation is a little bit crazy. So,
um, I don’t have opportunities to do that a lot, but I still try my best to get to everyone
through DMS. But when it comes to scaling, these things
kind of fall through the cracks. And so I’m really excited to be doing something like
this for my paid students and people in my paid programs because it just reminds me of
my humble beginnings of how I started. And I just can’t wait for the results of what
people’s reactions are going to be when they get this email on Christmas morning. But here’s
a little snippet of the meeting that I had with Sebastian. I forgot to film it. So right
now it’s actually 5:00 PM. I don’t know if you guys can see that. It’s 5:00 PM. So the
day is pretty much done. Um, and I forgot to fill my meeting with Sebastian. So I’ll
show you a little snippet of my meeting with Sebastian and what really well and yeah, keep
an eye out in January for a collab that I’m doing with bench because we are going to talk
all about taxes and how to prepare for taxes for new online entrepreneurs. You could just
kind of be like, what to expect in your first tax season or how to prepare for your taxes
as you’re like, as your first year. I’ll get you a couple blog articles. Um, it
might be, uh, I should be able to get them to you this evening. I won’t be able to get
them to you right after this. I got jet. Yeah, I already kind of saw like a couple
on your website goes. Oh, that’s interesting. So do you choose which ones and then I’ll
put something together and show you after. Okay. So right now I am about to film the
videos for our [inaudible] campaign, which is basically thinking our students in yellow
are the ones that I’ve already done. And then I’ve just highlighted in gray where I need
to stop now this is a spreadsheet of all of our students. So we’ve got about like, you
know, a decent amount of students that I still need to go through as I go through them. Angela,
our admin slash customer support will actually delete the ones that I’ve already done. So
I guess she just hasn’t gotten a chance to delete these ones yet. Um, but yeah, like
I said, I’ve already done about a hundred. I have about 300 left. I think. So wish me
look. [inaudible] all right guys. So right now it is 9:00 PM. I am almost done the videos.
I’m still got a lot to go, but I got sidetracked with everything else. But now it’s time for
dinner. My boyfriend came back from the gym and he cooked us a meal. So usually when my
boyfriend and I ate dinner, we watched Netflix together. And then after that, um, usually
we just go back to work or he plays video games or he either goes back to work, I don’t
know. But anyways, I’ll show you guys what he made. So this is what my boyfriend cooks for us
for dinner. He did some veggies, some rice, and apparently there’s fish in the oven. Oh,
right. So this is the fish. This is, is this chicken. Okay. And this is the chicken. I
don’t eat meat. I only eat seafood. So that’s mine. That’s his and yeah, while he’s, I’m making or preparing dinner,
I am going to set up our Netflix and we’re going to eat dinner right here. And after
we’re done eating dinner, I’m going to finish up my BombBomb videos for my students, um,
and hopefully sleep before midnight. Okay. My mistake, we’re not watching Netflix. We’re
actually watching Amazon prime video and we are watching a show called the expanse. It’s
like this solar system, galaxy space themed type of show. But yeah, this is the show that
we’re currently watching right now. Good morning guys. It is the next day of this vlog. I guess
I’m, I slept really late last night, so I woke up really late today and woke up at 10
and now it’s 11. Um, but that’s a really big misconception. I know that Nina asked me a
really great question here on Facebook and she asked me, you know, or she didn’t really
ask, but she was like, Oh, I’m interested to see like how you set your boundaries, how
you set up your day. And for me, I don’t start my day until after
10 and I also don’t start any like impro like face to face meetings or video calls till
after 12 and that’s because that’s just what works for me. I wake up usually around nine.
Okay. And I know some people are like, Oh, you should wake up at five, you should wake
up at six. You should get your day started early. But I’m like, that’s exactly what I
hated what I worked in the nine to five. Like I hated waking up at like seven or like six
to get to my job by nine. And like my philosophy is like I didn’t leave that life to replicate
that life in my own business. And yeah, there’s times where I do start my day early, but lately
I haven’t and that’s, I don’t see what the problem is. Anyways, we have a pretty full day today.
So today I’ll show you my calendar later. But the first thing that we’ve got going on
today is going to be at 1:00 PM. So I have a group coaching call with some of my students
in the boss’ Graham Academy. And then after that is just like back to back or like flood
of, um, meetings all the way until 7:30 PM. So my last meetings at seven 30 with one of
’em are amazing copywriters. I actually outsource some copywriting to this amazing, amazing
company called content East row. Um, and she is in India so that we have like time differences
and stuff. So our meeting is later on in the evening. But anyways, let’s get the day started.
I’m going to make my coffee and luckily for me, I have no morning meetings and I have
some time between now and 1:00 PM. So I can actually like chill out this morning and do
some, I dunno saging or like burn some palace onto or something. But anyways. Okay, let’s
get started. Woo. All right. We’re back to looking at this calendar.
So today is December 19th and generally in the mornings if I woke up early enough, I
do a daily check in with my students just to see what’s going on in the Facebook group.
Sometimes I don’t get to this. So then it gets bumped down to the evening. Kind of like
what happened last night. I’m at 1:00 PM I’ve got a group coaching call with my students.
Three 30, I’ve got, um, a guest expert interview. So my friend Dannika was interested in potentially
doing a training in my, um, Facebook group for my students and I think she’s going to
do a training on selling. Then I’ve got a meeting with Joyce. Okay guys. So right now
we are kick-starting the day. Um, I’ve got my coffee, I’m now back in my office. And
generally what I like to do after I check my Google calendar is the very first thing
is I check my Slack channels with my team. Usually my team wakes up earlier than me,
so when I wake up there’s always these notifications and stuff and questions and updates and everything
like that. And so I check that first and then afterwards I kind of just follow my Google
calendar. So, because there’s time in between now and the group coaching call that I have
with my students in the Boston Academy, I’m going to spend some time in our Facebook group
to answer a couple of questions that the students had. So that’s kind of what I’m doing right
now and answering, um, a student’s question about narrowing down his niche, um, and everything
like that. And I’m just walking him through the steps and asking him some questions there
because he can’t make it to our group coaching call. But anyways, enough black room for me.
Let’s cue the B roll. All right. So we are literally seven minutes
away from our group coaching call with the boss, grab Academy students and I have just
prepared a couple of notes. So generally what I like to do is I like to prepare a slide
deck, give them an agenda of the students that were selected, oops. Sorry. The students
that were selected and what we’re going to cover on the call. So generally the students,
um, what they do is we collect them in a spreadsheet and then highlight the ones that we are going
to take. And then the ones that we don’t, I end up responding to in our Facebook group.
But yeah, with marketing. Okay. Or with all of you guys, like when you guys are talking
about what you offer and everything you have to meet your, keeps your team, maybe your
people at the level that they’re at right now. And that’s like, even for me, like if
you, I don’t love talking about Instagram all the time, but for a lot of you guys that
joined, it was because I talked about Instagram, because at that time that was the level of
knowledge that you had. But for many of you, after joining the program, it’s like, I want
to start a coaching business. Whoa. I’ve got some like skills that I could monetize, you
know, forget about Instagram. I can like make money off of my expertise. Hey, so right now I am catching up with joy,
the joy who I love so much. Yes. Okay, let’s chat. I’m going to turn this off
now. All right. I am back everyone. It is now 5:41 PM and my camera died while I was
filming the B roll for the group coaching thing. I forgot that this was even on. Then
my camera died. And then I had my meeting with Joyce, um, and everything like that.
So now what I’m doing is I have another meeting today with our copywriter and hopefully I
can also show you and introduce you to our copywriter. She’s amazing. Um, and, uh, but
until then I’m going to be filming more BombBomb videos for my students. So this is, like I
said, a huge project. Um, that is a little bit time consuming, but I know it’s going
to be worth it. And I just think that it’s so important as a business owner to still
have these, you know, small but important touch points with your students or audience
and everything like that. So last night I was doing BombBomb videos,
like until I went to bed, I was not efficient with them. So this time I’m very focused on
staying efficient with my BombBomb videos. So right now we have done 168 videos. So I’m
like, you know, not even halfway there, but you know, I got some time still. So wish me
luck with these BombBomb videos. But I kind of mentioned this in my story right here.
I feel bad. I feel like this blog isn’t super exciting, but I do hope that you guys are
getting value from it because this is as real as it gets. I didn’t like, I don’t make up
these meetings and I don’t try to make my life interesting. This is just really what
it looks like in my day to day of meetings, group coaching, checking in with my students,
um, and everything like that. And then just these one off projects that might happen if
I’m not doing BombBomb videos, I might be doing YouTube. Um, yeah, so that’s kind of my day in the
life slash my two days that have happened. Um, but yeah, I’m to be filming bottom on
videos and I will see you guys in a bit. Okay guys. So it is dinner time and we decided
to eat a really quick dinner because I have a meeting later, but I want to show you guys
my instant noodle stash from my Bali trip. This is like all the Bali noodles that we
got. There’s more in the back, there’s more there. We loved eating this stuff in Bali.
It was so good. Negro rang and we got all these different flavors from Bali because
we don’t, we can’t find those flavors in Vancouver. Anyways, just want to show you guys our, um,
instant noodle stash that we’re going to be eating tonight. Okay. So right now it is 7:00 PM almost. And
I’ve decided to eat at my desk tonight. I usually don’t, don’t do this at all, but because
I’ve got my meeting in half an hour with our copywriter Prerna who is amazing, like I’ve
said so many times, um, I decided to eat at my desk, but hopefully, well this is never
a normal occurrence, but the one odd time I decided to blow you kind of see this happening,
but this doesn’t happen all the time. I generally finish my day around six or seven and then
I eat dinner and then I watch Netflix and then that’s the end of the day. Um, but it’s
the holiday season, so it’s kind of busy with all the meetings and just catching up with
people. So you might notice that, Hey, you know, you’re catching up with a lot of people
and stuff and yada, yada, yada. But for me it’s really important to have those
types of relationships and to keep in touch with people who either used to work with me
as a client or even as someone who actually worked for me in my business, like Joyce,
uh, these things really, really matter for me. And so I tried to make time for that.
Um, and then some things that you guys didn’t see offscreen today is I had a mini meeting
with my business manager, Jen. So here’s her Instagram or her plural per picture here.
She’s like the behind the scenes person of my business who is all operations and everything
so that I can stay in my zone of genius of creating and coaching and all these things.
Um, and yeah, so I’m just gonna eat, watch some YouTube, kind of catch up on some stuff
with my students and everything and engage with you guys on Instagram and then, um, have
my meeting with pronoun. All right, so right now I am hopping on the call with Perona.
How do you want to be in my blog for you to just a little piece. I am logging right. This is, I’m content bistro and she’s amazing.
So a link her website and everything here for you guys to check her out. But she is
amazing. Okay, I’m going to turn this off so we have our actual meeting. Sure. Maybe
he’s successful, but the fact is that your writer, the Pintrist he kind of questioned
me about as well and we’ll share a handful that we just want to make it, you know, it
makes boss grime a more powerful than a lot of other programs out there because you’re
just saying, okay just how to find your hashtags or here’s how to go create like a file that’s
like part of it. You know, like rather than go, Hey, Facebook could have the kind of insights
someplace, just people sharing, it’s not just right is the wins that they share or spreads
like very holistic. Yeah. Okay. I think I’m waiting to change the name. Okay
guys, it is 9:16 PM and I am going through a dilemma and I cannot believe we’re catching
this. Like in vlog style, I’m thinking of changing my program’s name. So my program’s
name is the boss Graham Academy. And after talking to Perona on our meeting and everything
like that. Um, cause she did a lot of interviews, like very intensive interviews with my audience
to understand how we can better our copywriting, better our emails, better our funnel and everything
like that. And she brought up a really good point about my program and it’s been something
I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. But this was the first time someone actually
like mentioned it to me and brought it up. And I’m not sure if I’m gonna if I want to
change my program name. And it’s like really scary thought because for so long, well for
so long, for this entire year, like I’ve mentioned the boss Graham Academy, my program in so
many videos, you know, I have so many screenshots of people talking about it. I have just put so much in it. I even trademark
the name and now I’m questioning it and now I’m thinking should I change the name? And
the reason why is because my program, it’s um, people think it’s like a full on Instagram
course but it’s not, I think that’s because the name is called boss Graham Academy, but
it’s actually a program for coaches to come up with or offer to learn how to package their
offer to figure out their niche trigger, who exactly they’re selling to and how to pitch
and sell their offers so that by the end of the program they get their first client paid.
And I feel like the name doesn’t do it justice and it can be a little bit confusing to people.
And so I asked my own students just now of what to do. I’m like, Hey guys, I really want
to, you know, think about potentially changing the name of the program and everything like
that. So I’m asking my own students for advice because
I that my students can help me the best. And I think it’s always cool to, you know, I never
understand when people are like, Oh, I don’t like to ask my own clients for help or my
own students for help or ask for help in general. Because then I’m not an expert, I’m not, you
know, whatever. But you should, you should always ask your audience and your own students
and your own pain clients for feedback on your business. You know, I would never change
the name and just guess it and just like change it and not get any feedback or work off with
any data. So I’m really looking forward to the feedback that I’m going to get from my
own students about whether or not I should change the program name and what name to call
it and everything. But basically that’s the situation today or
right now that I’m going through thinking a lot about the things that I want to do in
2020. Um, and yeah, really thinking deep about all these things. But anyways, aside from
the point, like I said, it is now almost 9:30 PM I still need to do those BombBomb videos.
I haven’t gone through all of them yet. So I’m going to set a deadline to finish by 10
30 get in bed before midnight this time, not when an I’m going to breeze through these
videos. And yeah, that’s kind of a look at my day guys. Like I think I’m going to end
the vlog here cause there’s nothing else that’s exciting for me to show you, but I’ve got,
I pretty much given you and walked through a lot of the meetings that I go to, um, and
kind of giving you exactly how unglamorous my day is. But hopefully there’ll be more opportunities
for me to blog. And if you want me to blog more comment below and let me know, I’ll try
to make them a little bit more different every time. So I guess the theme of this blog is
just a real look at what it’s like, you know, in a day or two days of my life, lots of meetings,
lots of different mini projects that I put myself through and lots of coaching. And these
are the things that I love doing. I love building relationships. I love my students. I love
coaching. I love what I do. Um, and maybe next time I’ll kind of take you guys behind
the scenes of me filming a YouTube video or something. I batched a lot of them already,
so I’m not going to be filming videos anytime soon. So yeah. Anyways, guys, I hope you guys
enjoyed this vlog and I hope it didn’t bore you to deck and I’ll talk to you soon. I hope
you guys have a great day, a great week, and a great life, and I will see you in the next
video. Bye guys.

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