2 thoughts on “DC’s only hospital east of the river doesn’t have a trauma center

  1. 6months ago my son was coming home from work at 1am in the morning when he was jumped at gunpoint in an attempted robbery by 4 young men. 3 of which had guns and beat him to the skull with the guns and split my sons head open, shot at my son as my son attempted to flee, they missed him. Thank God,but, as the blood fell heavily from his skull, he made it to the curbside on Southern Avenue after fleeing, but, couldn't see to cross the street. Then a female saw him struggling and grabbed him by his hand and guided him over to that very same hospital and as soon as he got to the door of the e.r he collapsed after loosing so much blood. A DC police sat at the desk that night and he called for a nurse and others. My son was immediately rushed to the back were he was treated with meds, his skull had to be stapled back together. Although the perps were never caught as of this day, I thank God that my son was helped that night, but, if that hospital wasn't there, my son could've blead to death. In 2016, my middle son was shot right down the road in Parkland. Because that hospital didn't have a trauma center my son was taken to P.G. hospital were he died from his gunshots. If that hospital had a trauma center, it's possible that my son could've gotten treatment much faster and still may be alive today. If this one closes, it will devastate that part of DC because there is no other trauma unit that's close enough to help people with trauma. I will be calling these politicians and rallying for this to be considered. Don't turn your head community. We need this hospital to stay open and have a trauma team and center put together. Pickup the phones and rally this message. People are dying because of the absense of a trauma center at UMC. Unfortunately, the violence has escalated out of control and unfortunately, others will suffer the lose of a love one. Stop the violence people. It's hurtibg us bad!!!

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