DEAD MAZDA 2.2 DIESEL: Don’t let this happen to you! – Engine Problem Mazda

That’s that, the car is officially dead all right so that’s that the cars been
taken away I parked it up the other day seemed fine and then I went to start the
next day didn’t start called out a mechanic they did Diagnostics initially
they thought it was an immobilizer they did further stuff and it turned out
that there was no air suction going into the engine which meant that there’s a
timing belt slip which could have done a lot of damage to the engine and
obviously I didn’t want to spend out a lot of money just doing tests so it’s
been towed away and unfortunately I’ve just received information from the
garage that that was the case they quoted roughly between two to
two-and-a-half thousand to get this fixed which it’s not ideal
the cars worked about three and a half if that you know I could buy another identical
one for three thousand but then I’d have the same issue not really an ideal situation that said I shouldn’t complain I’ll have to
take the second car, it’s not as good in my opinion but there we go I’m just
a big phat Mazda fan, anyway I’m on my way to work so I thought I would give you
a quick update on what is going on in the life of the M.A.K.

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  1. Hope this video helps someone avoid this situation. Has this happened to you? Have you got a Mazda 2.2L Diesel? Please share with us your experience with the car.

  2. Mines has just done something similar, Currently in the garage having a new chain kit fitted, was running fine then went to start it and it sounded really rough

  3. I got 70 000 on a clock with mazda 6 2.2 diesel 180 bhp , got OBD 2 bluetooth with forscan, my timing chain i stretched in 8,5 degree so still can drive around 70 000- 100 000 miles…up to critical 11 degree

  4. Mine 09 plate 6 with 2.2 MZR-CD engine has now done 117k and after changing injector seals and cleaning EGR had no problems whatsoever.. Mine chain has currently 8 degrees stretch and I visit main dealer once a year to check it, they say until 10 degrees don't worry..

    The main thing is to change oil every 6k miles and best to use genuine Mazda DPF oil for those cars.. Shame they don't tell you that when you buy a car and you have to research things yourself..

    Mazda is not the only manufacturer that has problems with diesel engines.. read the April issue of Car Mechanics magazine and you'll see what had happened to their project Insignia..

    A lot depends on maintenance and frequency of oil changes but it also pays to know the achilles heels of particular engines to know what to look out for..

  5. It's a lovely engine the Skyactiv Diesel but all sorts of problems: avoid. I wouldn't have any new Diesel now: too complicated.

  6. I hope Mazda CEO sees this comment.
    Mazda you try to copy the big players but don't want to exceed your competitors best. Always lacking in engine options, models, and always behind in leadership.
    Get rid of the lame RX8 or put a decent reliable Sky- Active gas V6 or V8 in it. Expand your Sky-Active gas engine technology in your RX8 and shock the big boys in the game. As for the rotary engines it's wasting your company $$$$$$$$$$$$, brain power, and manpower.
    Build a urban mini pickup while all the competitions has none. By using the 3's engines and keep the price down to earth for all Janes and Joes. Made that user friendly for folks of all ages and health conditions. Lower the heights of entry and the cargo loading areas. Build it simple not just the fully dressed pricey models. Don't follow F-150, Ram, GMC, or the Trundra or its smaller sibling TACOMA.(Too Big, too wide, too long, too bad boy, too brute, too tall, too high entry & cargo lift height, use too much gas, too hard to wash & wax, too pricey for real work)
    Don't follow GM= Gross Management tries to build costly corporate butt hurt limited collectors vehicles regular folks don't buy it cause that giant to bankruptcy.
    Put a premium V6 in that 6 would bring more buyers plus a sport wagon too. Add a brand new full size MAZDA 8 sedan and sport wagon (not SUV) with a V8
    Put a simple light weight cheap to manufacture full time hard top on that Miata MX5 Come on, there are many parts of the world couldn't get warm sunny days all the time. Not everyone likes bird droppings, dirts, and cold wet weathers. Put at least another 75 – 175 HP into the weak Miata would help. That alone would put fears & envy eyes to the competitors in the sport car world.
    Stretch that already good Mazda 3 another 4-10 inches really helps the rear seating comfort and rear foot space areas. Then your 3 has matured to perfection to beat the competitions. Stay away the lame diesel engine business like VW. It's a waste of corporate 💰, reliable disgrace, and company effort.
    Stop just listen to your past loyal customers. They are too small for your company expansion plans. You need to build up your products and brand name to all buyers of all ages and income not just the wannabe premium brand segment.
    Too scare to step out of your comfort zones MAZDA ?
    Then stay small and keep shrinking in the global market.

  7. I have a Mazda 6 2.2 diesel with 180,000 KM and I have not had a problem so far.

  8. There's an excellent app you can download called "forscan". With this app you can calculate the stretch of the chain and whether you need to change it. The calculation should be less than 10.45 degrees.

  9. What about with the 2.2 skyactiv-d 150hp engines? Are these engines same as the older one?

  10. im buying a 2.2 2009 CD 16v Sport and it has problem with the power runing out … The engine is fine , what can be the problem ?

  11. I'm on my 2nd one hoped for better luck sadly not case am going to have 3rd chain on it then will sell no more mazda unless petrol

  12. These are consequences for pushing car on cold engine and believing your dealer to change oil every 20 K. All modern cars esp Germans suffer from this not only Mazda. Also Mazda issued a recall note, mine was checked for free and the chain was OK. Check this note out with your dealer.Always warm up your engine to build up proper oil pressure/temperature and change it every 10K. and your car will be fine.

  13. Hey mate! Did you had any strange noise from the engine before it blew up? Also what about dashboard lights? Have Mazda 3 2.2 185hp, and already worried about chain 😶😑😁

  14. My Mazda CX-5 2.2D Skyactive dead at 66k, Bought new and serviced at MAZDA dealer every year! Mazda Uk inspected and not accepting any responsibility. Sold for parts 3k, to expensive to fix. Mazda never again in my family!

  15. Did they fix it after 2015? My local garage told me about this because I am driving an Audi A3 but mentioned that i liked the newer Mazda 3 in red. He said don't do it, stay away. Said they had several of them in for engine rebuilds, and even had two in at the same time. Said it was mainly 2014-2015 2.2D models they were seeing. Didn't say exactly what the problem was but think it might be this.

  16. Im on my 2nd GH mazda 6. First being a 2009 140bhp 2.0d i got rid at 136k and apart from a lower control arm and a boost solenoid i had zero problems with excessive diesel dilution.

    Im now on a 180 2.2d with a remap and still zero issues.

    The key to avoiding this situation is looking out for typical signs its performing a regen.

    I.e it runs on momentarily after releasing the throttle. And youll notice the exhaust makes a good old whoosing noise if you plant the throttle whilst regenning and the insrant consumption will hold at 50 to 70mpg for a second or so even after letting off of the throttle.

    Keep the revs up above 2k and go on a good run on a dual carriageway or motorway for 10 to 15mins.

  17. shitting myself just brought a 2011 mazda 6 estate with 130000 on the clock 😒

  18. the mazda 6 1.8 petrol engine is build by Yamaha its bullet proof, just go with that engine if your getting a used mazda.

  19. I have a 2014 skyactiv 2.2d never had any issues. Oil and filter change every 8k and fuel filter change every 8k. Only use premium diesel. Run like a dream. Pulls like a train with 140,000 on the clock.

  20. thats why i dont buy diesel cars . petrol engines are far more better , easy to maintain and easy to run

  21. Marlon King
    Thanks for posting this video and thanks to everyone who shared some wisdom on the topic. I was thinking of buying a Mazda 6, this has made me think twice. I wondered if this problem was just limited to a batch of engines with a specific engine code or if all were affected.

  22. Sad to hear your story.

    I have a Mazda 6 2.2 185 SL 140k miles currently being looked at. Dpf light flashing EML light on and in limp mode.

    Any ideas anyone?

  23. shit I just bought a 2.2 Mazda 3 185bhp yesterday. it has had its timing chain replaced just over a year ago so I might get me a couple year out of it

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