‘Dead’ tsunami girl reunited with family 10 years on

A 14-year-old girl who was thought to have
died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has been found alive and reunited with her family. Video footage broadcast by Indonesian television
on Thursday shows Raudhatul Jannah, also known as Wenni, being brought home by her biological
mother Jamaliah. Wenni was born in western Indonesia and is
said to have been swept away by the tsunami when she was four-years-old. Indonesian local media reports that she was
later found nearly 80 miles south and raised by an elderly woman. I prayed everyday and night that if this little
girl is safe, please let us find her. Even just one month ago, her father has been contacting
everyone he knows and kept saying that ‘my sweet child must be alive’ every day after
he came back from work. Wenni’s brother also disappeared with her
when the tsunami struck, but is still missing. The family has no plan to take a DNA test
to verify the girl’s identity, but her mother told local media that she is ready to do so
if necessary.

16 thoughts on “‘Dead’ tsunami girl reunited with family 10 years on

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  2. How could they possibly know it's the girl? GET HER ON JEZZA FOR A DNA TEST!

  3. Tf did she jst say its IIIndooneasia lemme say it to ur face lady Gawd learn how to speak English properly stupid euro watever..Russian lady Indonesia..sheesh

  4. OMG, i just looked up tsunami and saw this, plus is was uploaded today also, cool beanz!

  5. maybe ITN should have waited for DNA results before running this story.

  6. What's really sad, is no dna tests have every been done, and now the woman claims to have found her son too! Maybe finding one, but highly unlikely to have found two alive.. 🙁 I hate to say it but I think this is the mother having a need to find her children.. if you look the father looks detached. Like not believing it… and the fact two years later in 2016, she found her son, and has now moved him back home too.. Umm well any way!

  7. so If I found a little girl, and looked after her for 10yrs, then one day I take her to the police, and say … I found this girl 10yrs ago, and she is lost, but I looked after her every needs, and my needs … I'd be locked up for kidnapping.

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