Deadliest Journeys – Congo River

every day summer in the world
normal people risk their lives just getting from A to B in far-off countries
and isolated cotton villages our camera crews follow the journeys of those brave
enough to travel and the world’s toughest most dangerous and deadly roads buckle up for a hell ride this is
deadliest germs at a glance this place may look like a
shabby junkyard but it is in fact the port of Kinshasa one of the biggest
cities in Africa tons of rice palm oil and spices are
transported by hand since they crafted out harbour cranes have long since
stopped working amidst this chaos is that bear Marnie
the freighter that also crams on passengers for an extra buck there are
no cabins or seats and the passengers have to scramble for a decent perch for
their long journey everyone squeezed on board and the bear
Marnie soon resembles a floating slum there are 800 people on board people off
to visit their relatives attend a marriage or a funeral others dream of
making their fortune and a heading for the diamond mines on the other side of
the country what’s there for the reason they’re in for over a thousand miles of
misery as this old boat snakes its way through the heart of Africa
from Kinshasa all the way to kiss and Ghani the country’s third largest city before he set sail
the captain squeezes out quick prayer senior a similar proposition is about to
porno pasanda juicy j panty stood beside the diabla the Serta generator Poussin
up with and ajussi is a proposition sa back to core knowledge you see Jerry
posted to test three that Saddam as SPD more pleasantly Demi the two engines haven’t been started for
months anything goes from the port of Kinshasa
there are no rules and the boats weave in and out in total anarchy about ten other boats are hustling
around close to the bear Marnie Oh electron over my house one month behind schedule the bear
Marnie finally sets off along the river to the passengers great relief as it leaves the poor two barges come
alongside the ship to form a water convoy there are now 1700 people on
board the beurre manié has essentially become a floating town conditions on
board a cramp to say the least the first arrivals have set up camp in
the middle of the boat this is virtually first-class accommodation compared to
the others who will have to remain seated for the next three weeks with no
room to even stretch out were still summer perks just inches from the edge
of the deck there’s no water or electricity on this
based and each square inch of the ship is taking up as living quarters making
it difficult to move around on board this guy kindly gives us a tour of the
ship’s pseudo bathroom it takes balls of steel to even
contemplate going for a number two I seen the truth remember
Vasili our and when it is probability can be tactically the river Congo looks calm almost placid
but looks can be deceiving the crew are constantly on the lookout
for hidden dangers this river sweeps along debris and tree
trunks that could pierce the hull of the ship at any moment there are no markers and virtually no
navigation charts to help the crew but captain Rene knows his River well and is
the only person on board who knows exactly where the rocks and shipwrecks
are there is actually a chart on board but it hasn’t been updated since Belgian
colonial days more than 50 years ago Almudena de prueba for bandages consistency what about the bellezza
discipline mama is very there are no life vests or lifeboats on board this
ship in the Congo they are not mandatory even though many ships sink into the
depths of the river and hundreds of passengers drown every year after five days the ship is only covered
248 of the 1,000 miles to the final destination nobody on board really knows
when they’ll finally arrive it might be a week two weeks or even a month it’s
one reason why the passengers refused to buy a ticket they need the cash to feed
themselves everyday River traders climb on to sell supplies on today’s menu a
garden vegetables forest fruits and fresh fish but there is rarely enough
for everyone for a few extra Congolese francs you can
even see the most opponent treaty emphasis if you knew Kamali
before fighting against the strong current after week they’ve made only 310
miles the journey is turning into a long
tedious nightmare but the delays prove good business for
Marie, an unemployed nurse a combination of the weather the
worsening sanitary conditions starting to make people ill there’s no doctor and
no sick bay on board is the captain appoints her the ship’s doctor with her
limited medical knowledge Marie tours the ship looking for the
sick most on board have never seen let alone being treated by a doctor the
voyage is particularly hard on the children especially when the poorest
parents give them river water to drink – I am a passenger like any other person, but I studied nursing. I use a stethoscope to listen, The noise I know how to differentiate it. There is rage, you felt it as if you were typing: Boom boom.. I have to do this to avoid air bubbles.We look at the feet if we can prick there. It’s like war medicine, because the conditions so are terrible. nine days on the river and they are six
days behind schedule so late than those who are sick may not be able to wait for
proper medical treatment at the final destination captain Rene has just crossed into the
equator region an invisible border but one that worries him nonetheless this
potentially rich region is being constantly fought over by armed gangs
who want to control its gold and diamond mines several boats have been attacked
and passengers murdered on board the beurre manié
everyone is tense even more so when this human corpse floats down the river day 10 and this ratty old boat continues
its slow and tedious journey up River every evening captain rene makes the
rounds of his ship to check on his passengers and figure out how much cash
is going to make he receives a cut of the take and the sleeping passengers
piled on top of each other represent a considerable amount of money
when they eventually pay their fares at the end of the journey when I said the
commander on ass on summer Sophie the hydrogen acceptor proceeded to remodel
in present of it’s not a job it’s a sucky fucky for transporter discs I used
before just go I would use no platform it’s 3:00 in the morning the Murray the
nurse has been urgently summoned a passenger had his foot caught between
the two holes like a vise and his heel has been seriously injured Murray tries
to stitch the wound as best she can sitting in the middle saying saying Thomas we can borrow some money in
Manama Kunekune what have you got she managed to stitch him up pretty good
but she’s concerned she doesn’t have enough antibiotics to last the whole
trip her main fear is gangrene amidst all this blood and gore there is one
happy event one of the passengers has just given birth to a healthy baby boy say anger so we jump on something we dis
passenger helpful mother give birth like in a milk machine attack random and a
key typically goes on like tuna then I would
decide they studied the night as I require which but they were nobuta made
me say I’m gonna sit in the mother looks a little boost it’s
been a long hard journey just getting onto the ship music the birth spreads
quickly and so does the cootie during the course of the journey two more
babies will be born and even if they have seen it all before the sailors are
still touched by the births in an effort to make up for lost time
captain Renee rolls the dice and take some serious risks he’s decided to carry on sailing at
night Tyler along the most dangerous stretch of the river somewhere he
usually navigates only by day here the danger is constantly shifting always on
the move they head into the darkness with a large torch as their only source
of light despite the strong currents the pilot
has to keep the ship in deep waters in the middle of the river my messages let us say we go but the captain is about to make a big
mistake the pilot has lost this course and
without a more powerful beam to light the way the captain has no way of
knowing the ship’s position on the river the ship has just hit a sample recently based on operational military Sunday some similar muti attendee difference on
– yellow middle column has a value on the Ventus you do – Luciano commander
awesome and never policy the sailors are willing to try anything they’ll try to
separate the barges from the ship in an attempt to maneuver it’s a delicate operation if the water
isn’t deep enough the Bard’s could get stuck even more but daffodils way out punch aside that’s the never ending a long way the Tennessee Tennessee Maya is that
oriental gable okay
that I did go on the town of Bandar car is finally in
sight it marks the halfway stage of the
journey it’s taking captain Ren a 12 days to reach this far it’s about the
same time it should have taken to reach the final destination Gardevoir this is where we get off
fighting is still raging in the region and the captain fearful for our safety
asks us to disembark here the ship will take a month to reach kiss and garni a
few weeks later another ship won’t be so lucky
overloaded it sinks 140 of its passengers drown in the river Kongo

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