Death toll continues to rise from devastating tsunami in Indonesia

Over in Indonesia, the death toll from a tsunami
on the islands of Java and Sumatra has jumped to at least 4-hundred-29 people. According to the nation’s disaster mitigation
agency, one-thousand-4-hundred-85 people are injured and 154 are still missing
The numbers could increase once authorities hear from all the stricken areas along the
coastlines of western Java and southern Sumatra. Rescue workers have been using their bare
hands as well as heavy machinery to clear the remains of buildings, and hundreds of
people have searched the beaches along the Sunda Strait for more victims. Aid workers say many children are sick with
fever and lack clean water… and they warn that more deadly waves could hit. This while torrential rain hampers rescue
efforts The tsunami hit the Indonesian strait on Saturday,
smashing into buildings and sweeping people into the sea, following an eruption and possible
landslide on Anak Krakatoa, a volcanic island that emerged from the sea in the 1920s.

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