Debunking Evolution (Full Video)

[Music] I am evolution I am random chance accidents the brainless purposeless nothing which somehow leads to everything I am creation I show order and completion I had to break a few scientific laws to get here the law conservation of mass energy which says new matter of energy can never be created nor destroyed the law of causality which says that every effect must have an equal or greater cause yet I ask you to believe that everything came from nothing not to mention the law of biogenesis which says that life always comes from life yet I teach that life came from nonliving matter I never go against these scientific laws because I am created by the one who made the energy the great cause that made all the effects the Living God who created life matter the laws of nature and all things I am marked by an invisible past fossils show none of my expected in-between forms I am witnessed in the book that tells how I came about the Bible I am talked about in almost every science textbook their information often changes in disagrees but it’s all the truth at least for today my book has stood the test of time like the God that revealed it my truth never changes I am clever storytelling if what you see doesn’t fit with what I’m saying we’ll make it fit I only need a small amount of evidence to be considered true because everyone wants to believe me I am the search for truth the narrow path even when you’re given amazing evidence I was made by the creator of all most will not acknowledge me you’ll be popular if you believe in me even if I’m wrong which of course I’ll cleverly cover you will be ridiculed if you believe in Jesus the Creator but in him there is hope and purpose I’m a fingerprint of the eternal God and you are a reflection of his image I am freedom I free you from having to be responsible to anyone but yourself freedom to die I point to the one who gives freedom to live freedom to be loved by the one who knows you inside and out forever I reflect a society that declares we don’t need God we are our own gods if you must use that word I reflect the designer of everything from this vast universe to the smallest particle his ways are far beyond our ways he doesn’t need us but yet he calls will you Here I am heard the loudest voices rock stars movie stars even many of your teachers even powerful religious leaders I’m the still small voice calling you to follow the Creator and submit to him as a savior I call a a glob of tissue a choice I call it a masterpiece of the Creator from the very first cell with a lifetime of choices to make I am millions of years of death death yes all the death through natural selection brought about life millions of years of death to get here death is my champion and time and chance are his allies yes I the creation grown in pain because of sin and death but death was the payment for the wrongs we commit not a way to advance the world yet within me it’s also evidence of new life the way I am sustained the miracle of a tree growing from a tiny seed all point to my Creator Jesus Christ the one who stretched out the universe and allowed his human hands to be stretched out and nailed to a cross to pay off that death sentence for me and for you it’s free for anyone willing to admit their wrongs and believe that he died and rose again amazing eternal life believe in me and you can have your own way today and die tomorrow and I will be served but when you die there will be no reason for your random existence believe in God and you will find ultimate purpose the plan he had for you since the very foundation of the earth because he loves you stop choose me just accept it nod your head agreement move on oh man I’ve claimed the lives of so many today you believe a me a little tomorrow you believe in your myth a little less no think don’t just believe because everybody else does because if you look really look at me and the words he revealed you’ll see him find him and you will find life eternal life it’s your choice I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death blessing and cursing therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live I hope I really hope it makes you think Is it just me or this dating rocks not all it’s cracked up to be [Music] he’s late again I’m sorry I am late okay no problem oh you’ve been jogging yeah I’m trying to get down to weight for the wrestling match this weekend okay well we’d better get studying I got one more thing to do I gotta weigh in right now yes right now I got to get down below 230 before this weekend otherwise I’ll get kicked up to the next week division and have to face Jimmy the Python Peretti Jimmy the Python yeah he got his nickname after he squeezed the kids so hard that he was crawling to class for three days oh yeah I think I remember that pork neck don’t drink the water You’ll gain water weight oh no I’ll be fine oh no what’s wrong 245 245 do you know what that means no you know what you’ll be able to get down do not worry about it by Saturday give me the Python here I come I’m sorry John hey you know maybe if you just grease yourself down you’ll just slip right out of his hands that’s okay let’s just get back to studying so I can go work out you sure yeah okay you know huh I’m gonna do it a little uh healthy eating myself well if you want to get on the scale be my guest in front of you I don’t think so all right Yeah right just offering phone call I gotta take this one hello this is John sorry about that we’re working on radiometric dating right yep yep yeah mm-hmm radiometric dating Jane oh yeah sure I’ve noticed this is one of the most heated battles this whole dating issue well that’s because time is that the foundation for everything evolutionary theory teaches look just read this section right here evolution takes a long time if I was evolved in earth must be very fast I mean old yeah yeah says old okay and down here yeah yeah hmm geologists now use radioactivity to establish the age of certain rocks and fossils this kind of data could have shown that the earth is young if that had happened Darwin’s ideas would have been refuted and abandoned instead radioactive dating indicates the earth is about 4.5 billion years old plenty of time for evolution and natural selection to take place Wow it seems that the foundation of evolutionary theory sure depends on radiometric dating radiometric dating is used to support the belief that millions of years exist for evolution to happen yep and like they said the entire age of the earth rests upon radiometric dating it sure seems that they’re putting a lot of faith in something that they can’t actually test through direct observation after all plenty of assumptions go into these calculations if it were to be disproved their whole worldview would seem to collapse without billions of years you can’t have biological evolution or geological evolution on earth pretty epic eh so based on their dating methods they’ve come up with an age for each section of the geologic column that we find on the very next page and based on that they determine the age of the earth to be about 4.5 billion years old actually the age of the earth is based on the dating of certain meteorites they assume these meteorites formed at the same time as the earth and that dating the meteorites will give us the age of the earth with that as a start they then construct the ages of the layers in the column based primarily on the layers of volcanic ash and igneous rock cookie I’m not gonna be thanks you don’t hear about class so for the tests could you remind me about how or any metric dating works sure can you hand me my water bottle wow this thing’s still half frozen mm-hmm no pretend the water bottle is a rock Jane what are you doing pretending it’s rock okay well rocks contain radioactive material called the parent element or isotope which decays into a non radioactive stable product known as the daughter ailment or isotope okay I remember now so it’s like the ice that slowly melts into the water yeah and in the biology book there’s a chart here that shows potassium-40 decaying into argon-40 okay I see so based on how we can measure it today we assume that every 1.3 billion years the amount of potassium-40 decreases by half right a radioactive half-life so when they discover a rock they can measure the amount of parent material and the amount of daughter product and using a chart like this determine how old it is so what’s wrong with this method well methods measure only the amounts of isotopes in the rock this is good science because it is observable and repeatable it just gives the ratio of one element to another but the age is an interpretation of those measurements not an observation and that interpretation assumes answers to all kinds of untested questions what if the rock already had a daughter isotope in it from the very beginning or what if the rock gets contaminated or what if the rate of decay was rattled at some point in the past what was the original ratio of parent to daughter isotope one must assume no parent or daughter material was added or removed from the rock and that the rate of decay has always been constant over millions in millions of years are those assumptions wrong I mean if you start with false assumptions you could get really bad dates well many scientists think they are and our textbooks don’t even tell us about all the assumptions required to date the rock but the most convincing evidence is all the crazy dates they get with radioisotope methods I wonder if our teacher even knows all the assumptions behind radiometric dating to be fair there are lots of gates that agree with one another but there are many examples of different mineral components of a rock giving very different radiometric dates and very often different isotope systems give different ages for the same rock so how can you know which one is the right age if any and then there are rocks we know the age of where we watched it cool from lava that give radically older dates really yeah a lava flow in a volcano of the North Island of New Zealand that happened in 1954 was dated to be 3.5 million years old wow that’s really off a volcanic bomb that blew out of Mount Stromboli in Italy in 1963 was dated to 2.4 million years old and that dated much older than it really was a 10 year old rock from Mount st. Helens lava dome dated to 350,000 years and older if we can’t trust radiometric dating on rocks that we can see formed then how can we trust radiometric dating on rocks that we can see formed rocks that supposedly formed a million years ago I know right and there are so many other examples check this out ok what’s this you carry rocks in your backpack while you’re jogging hey hardcore okay this rock was taken from the Ohno formation near Redding California where millions of sea fossils have been felled this lower cretaceous rock is supposed to be about 112 million years old but the marine fossils stuck inside the mud rock an ammonite showed 36,000 radiocarbon years how can a rock be 112 million years old if it holds a fossil of only 36,000 years using a different method I wonder if either date is meaningful seems kind of suspicious to me the evidence isn’t seeming to rock solid hmm funny let me see your diamond ring you mean a purity ring it’s got a diamond on it doesn’t it sure I mean check out aren’t they brilliant hey at the jewelry store the science of diamonds take billions of years to form deep beneath the earth I doubt that researchers find carbon-14 in diamonds why is that important radiocarbon decays quickly it has a half-life of only about fifty seven hundred and thirty years so it’s maximum shelf life is only about a hundred thousand years before it becomes undetectable and it might be impossible to contaminate an old diamond with young carbon Wow so those diamonds must be younger than they think so here’s the real question why aren’t any of these examples in our textbook well I should get back to working out and what this scale is reading an extra 15 pounds on it what this scale is miles calm down it just wasn’t calibrated okay see okay all right 229 safe hey that’s kind of like radiometric dating maybe everyone’s been trusting that it’s accurate but it’s been giving them false numbers with all the overwhelming evidence that it doesn’t work consistently I’m surprised that they present it with such confidence in our textbooks Jane it goes back to the original quote we read in the book if they’re wrong about dating rocks then the entire evolutionary theory crumbles to pieces that’s true none of us were there to verify the assumptions but God has provided a written account of history and if you tally up all the chronologies and time cues in the Bible there’s about six thousand years old so we trust God’s word instead of man’s fallible dating methods it’s like it says in job 38 for where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth tell me if you have understanding it’s like God saying you weren’t there kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or can things that evolutionists claim take long amounts of time actually happen very quickly [Music] good as new Jane Jane I got the new case I got the heavy-duty one the heaviest Duty one on the market you could roll a truck over this baby I’ve always wanted to do this had it well done yet had not put it on yet oh no oh oh you didn’t oops oh man what normal person throws a phone well I never said I was normal okay I’m so sorry hello guys well you know I’m not like upset upset I was expecting a call from the scholarship board today the process takes months and if they can’t contact me it’s just gonna be that much longer we can do this we can fix this we just have to put the pieces back on the screen and then use this shipping tape to put it all back together not gonna work yes it will yes it will who knew a phone could shatter so completely huh this is a nightmare no one is No look we can do this we can do this we almost got it done see look Wow here’s Australia huh okay look that can go there and then look we already have Africa North America yes see now look soon enough we’ll have Pangaea and then your phone will be able to work Pangaea you mean the supercontinent yeah I was just reading about it for this week’s homework it was page 162 now right here they believe all the continents were together to form Pangaea 225 million years ago but not everyone agrees right true thousands of scientists believed in fast continental sprint rather than slow continental drift one famous scientist by the name of dr. John Baumgardner created a computer model for plate tectonics that thousands of geophysicists used to investigate earth processes his model has given us an understanding of how the continents split apart thousands not millions of years ago oh yeah is he he the creator of Terra yep in 1997 the US News and World Report reported Terra was created by a Los Alamos lab scientist the world’s pre-eminent expert in the design of computer models for geophysical convection the process by which the earth creates volcanoes earthquakes and the movement of the continental plates didn’t he show that they can also move very quickly right but because the theory of evolution takes a long period of time to supposedly happen many only accept uniformitarian ideas uniform a who oh it defines it right here geologists make inferences based on the principle of uniformitarianism this principle states that the same process is the operate today operated in the past so they can determine the rate at which a river is currently cutting through a canyon and then use that to determine how old it is correct but what this principle refuses to take into account is the major catastrophic events of the past even many evolutionary geologists are starting to recognize the importance of regional catastrophes in understanding the geologic features on earth I think this might be the scholarship board quick Henry South America here all right here we go ready done hello yes what I said you’ve got the wrong number so I’m guessing that wasn’t the scholarship board nope I probably missed their call now I’m not gonna hear back from them for weeks or months well at least your phone works okay so our textbooks say that rock layers take a long time to form have you heard about Mount st. Helens hmm okay well during the 1980s eruptions at Mount st. Helens 200 layers of rock were deposited in three hours entire river systems were carved in a matter of months right through 700 feet of hard rock examples like this cause geologists to rethink some of their previous ideas and give biblical creationists great models for the flood of Noah’s day so imagine what a worldwide flood would do exactly so here it says these rock layers in the Grand Canyon were laid down over millions of years and were then slowly washed away by the river forming a channel that’s uniformitarian thinking again isn’t it yep if these rock layers took millions of years to form then the bottom rock layers would be hard and brittle by the time the ones at the top would be deposited but near Grand Canyon all the layers are bent together if they were bent together while they were hard snap the rocks shudder like they should have they must have been bent together while they were soft and pliable the whole stack that means they were all deposited about same time not over millions of years so what about the canyon itself well if the river slowly carved the canyon then we should see all the material piled up in a river delta but it’s completely missing in fact about 1,000 cubic miles has been eroded to form the Grand Canyon and where did it all go if the canyon was slowly eroded by the Colorado River and enormous Delta should be found at the mouth of the river where it empties into the Gulf of California but the Delta only contains about 1% of the eroded material we would expect if the evolutionary explanation were true unless it was carved by a massive catastrophe which carried all the material away that’s what I think check out what it says about fossils In our biology book if an organism lives in an environment where fossils can form the chances are slim that it’s dead body will be buried in sediment before it decays so animals have to be quickly buried in sediment so it’s cells can be preserved and then replaced by the surrounding minerals okay so check out this fossilized clam you have fossilized clams in your purse yeah they hurt my pocket anyways so what happens to a clam when it dies no more homework no they open up and their two shall separate but this clam was fossilized before it had a chance to fall open or be pulled open by a scavenger we’ve also found fossils of a fish coming out of another’s mouth how quickly did that get fossilized not fast enough or what about marine reptile giving birth awkward yeah and we found many dinosaur bones with red blood cells soft tissue proteins and even DNA how quickly would that have to be buried before it deteriorated and have it last for 70 million years there’s no way but all of these could have been fossilized during the worldwide flood right Noah’s Flood would create many of the rock layers that stretch over entire continents and millions of creatures for us to find as fossils today it doesn’t take millions of years to form fossils it can happen rapidly under the right conditions I guess it all comes down to what it says in 2nd Peter chapter 3 that scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lusts and saying where is the promise of his coming for since the father’s fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation for this they will willfully forget that by the Word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of water and in the water by which the world that then existed perished being flooded with water they denied the worldwide flood [Music] yes this is John really really really all right well thank you very much yeah I’ll talk to you then can’t see that one yes I got the scholarship I thought I was gonna have months of paperwork and I just got it just like that Oh congratulations John yeah I guess things you think are gonna take a really long time can sometimes happen very rapidly yep kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] is it just me or does the evolutionary story keep changing [Music] oh hey where’d this dresser come from up in the attic I was cleaning it out earlier and I found it and it’s got a whole bunch of junk in here but some of it is actually helping me with our science homework hey check this out oh man Oh was this your Grandpa’s old year book yeah must have been look how out of date everyone looks was this really in style back then do you think our kids are gonna look at our yearbooks and say the same things so how’d you say this trunk up to well I’m starting to get the picture on human evolution this book was published in 1925 by Sir Arthur Keith and now he was the president of the Royal anthropological Society of Great Britain and the skull it was found in 1912 now its called Piltdown man the find of the 20th century I think it was the New York Times said that it proves the theory of evolution there were like five hundred articles published when they first found this then in 1953 they discovered that the skull was a fake are you serious oh yeah they took chemicals and they aged the skull that made it look like it was really really old and then the jaw is actually from an orangutan and the guy who discovered it he actually filed the teeth down and made it look real what the heck were scientists thinking have you ever heard of Nebraska man Nebraska man was the first American ape man fossil to be discovered and Harold Cook found just a tooth but that made for us some news a museum display yeah well it was big enough for the New York Times okay and it went viral for back then and the London News did a whole drawing on it from a single tooth there’s still a picture of him on Wikipedia they drew all that based on a tooth yeah but ten years later they discovered out that that tooth was actually from an extinct Pig no way yeah so Piltdown man was the popular proof for evolution for 40 years and Nebraska man was the popular proof for 10 makes you wonder about what they’re teaching us today I’m Way ahead of you take a look at my little brother’s sixth-grade history book really your brothers book you have way too much time on your hands well some of these eight men look familiar relatives of yours no I’m just kidding but no it’s because they’re in our book as well oh well in our book they say Australopithecus afarensis evolved 3.8 to 3 million years ago but in the sixth grade book Australopithecus evolved during four to five million years ago uh-huh no look at this this is an old 1951 Life magazine publication according to this Australopithecus lived a million to five hundred thousand years ago Wow that’s different by a few million years these dates are all over the place yeah well it gets worse so this is our biology the whole biology book okay and it shows Homo habilis as living 1.6 to 1.9 million years ago but in the sixth grade one its 2.4 million years ago so which one’s true I guess it depends on which class you’re in so what I’m wondering is if any of these dates are correct it looks like today’s truth is just tomorrow’s fiction if you look back at all the textbooks they’re all published at about the same time take a look at my little brother’s sixth grade book now this book shows all of the popular fossils today okay so here we are Homo sapiens right but check what came before us Homo erectus right and while he had a human body evolutionists like to point out that he had a different skull at least a modern humans go now the journal science back in October of 2013 they reported they found skulls in Georgia like Russia it shows how different the Homo erectus skulls can look wow they are so different Homo erectus in human skulls can be very similar in fact they did a study on 202 modern-day Aborigines like Australians on the shape of their skulls and they found that 14 of the 17 traits were the same on the Aborigines as on the Homo erectus skulls so it looks like Homo erectus wasn’t becoming human but was already human exactly the next ape man back is Homo habilis Homo means human so they’re trying to make him look more human-like than he really is the Richard Leakey is a famous evolutionist and he said of the several dozen specimens that have been said at one time or another to belong to Homo habilis at least half of them don’t but there is no consensus as to which 50% should be excluded no one anthropologist 50% is quite the same as another’s so they can’t even really classify which fossils are supposed to go into which category in fact some scientists are fighting to have Homo habilis reclassified as Australopithecus which one Australopithecus is Lucy oh yeah I’ve heard of her now Donald Johanson 1973 discovered just the shin and the leg bone now the way they lined up makes scientists think that she could walk up right there’s a picture Wow there’s a lot of her missing at least it’s more than a tooth hmm you want to see the fragments of the skull that they found sure all right wait for it booyah Wow that’s what they found not much man there’s a lot of skulls in here where’s your grandpa a witch doctor no it was a yard sale er now looky what we have here we have here a modern bonobo monkey skull and we have Lucy so the brown pieces are the actual fragments of Lucy’s skull that they found well they look so alike her brain is only 1/3 the size of a modern humans about the average chimp brain size and she only stood about three and a half feet tall take a look at the way that Lucy has been portrayed and like the media like books and films online Wow everywhere there way to make her look human link take a look in our other biology book oh wow Hey look at the whites of those eyes you know I’ve been to a lot of different zoos and I’ve seen a lot of different apes and each of them have completely brown eyes and not the eye whites that us humans have man it even looks like she’s thinking about something yeah bananas I don’t think they found any eyeball fossils but if you wanted to make an 8-man look more human changing the colors of the eye whites and pictures is a good way to do it that’s true here’s a picture of what she probably looked like man what a difference yeah well they do say they have found several complete skeletons of the Australopithecus though not specifically Lucy they found around 360 362 actual specimens from the species Australopithecus specifically Lucy however Charles Oxnard said the australopithecines known over the last several decades are now irrevocably removed from a place in the evolution of human bipedalism all this should make us wonder about the usual presentation of human evolution in introductory textbooks now you understand what I’ve been digging through this chest I mean really the way it looks is that Lucy’s just an extinct ape I’m kind of angry like I’ve been duped same thing with Neanderthals check out these illustrations that came out after they started finding the other fossils check this one out this was published in the Illustrated London News about a hundred years ago Wow okay that’s pretty brutish now do you want to know what they think he looks like now sure how just recently scientists have discovered that Neanderthals buried their dead they worked with tools they wore makeup they controlled fire and they even found in a cave in Israel that Neanderthals and humans were living together and building families together and in other places as well okay well okay you know what that settles it that settles it if they can live together and if they have children together then the end result are just humans but the difference is is that their appearance varies just like different people groups today can vary so either these fossils are completely human or completely ape with nothing in between now a specimen is basically any piece of bone including teeth that they find all the specimens from all the different ape men that they’ve actually found you can fit them in the back of a small pickup truck are you serious dead serious now if our textbooks won’t address the new evidence what does the Bible say man was created on the sixth day in God’s image out of dirt and God breathed life into him and first Corinthians 15 39 says all flesh is not the same kind of flesh but there is one kind of flesh of man another flesh of animals another a fish in another of birds that sums it up pretty nicely so would you think of grandpas chest I thought it was amazing me too and we learned that just like a style can go out of fashion the popular ape men theories and their fossils do the same thing and while their theory keeps changing God’s Word never does kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] is it just me or is it kind of creepy that evolutionists say were made up of spare parts [Music] working on your car I can’t hear you can you shut it I can’t hear you cuz the cars on what’s in the back oh you know my car’s leftover parts I always have a few of them left over when I’m done working on it parts you don’t need pretty sure are you sure you don’t need these or you know this not really but I started the engine and it runs without this junk you know all this reminds me about what our textbook says about vestigial structures can you only grab it out of my backpack how do you not know what’s in your car oh no no no no but hey why don’t you look it up for us oh yeah right okay there it is right there vestigial structures are inherited from ancestors but have lost much or all of their original function due to different selection pressures acting on the descendant so they’re saying that animals and people have leftovers in their bodies that once served a function in our evolutionary ancestors Hey just like the parts for my car exactly the example they give here is the Dolphins hip bones they’re saying its ancestor used to walk on land but once the dolphin evolved to live in water it has useless leftover hip bones what’s funny is scientists recently discovered that marine animals like whales need these bones during mating season this study was published in a 2014 article in the science journal evolution boy the name of the journal is evolution yep the one that claims they’ve discovered a purpose for these bones which goes against the whole idea that these bones are mere evolutionary leftovers that there’s the definition of irony isn’t it so in the textbook they called them useless but in reality these bones help the dolphin reproduce and survive exactly and they say the same thing about humans then we have dolphin hips not exactly but close they point out that our coccyx the tailbone is left over from when we had tails they think we used to have tails yeah but it’s just the end of our backbone I mean it has to end somewhere right true it’s also the anchor for a bunch of muscles right yes tiny muscles tendons and ligaments connect to it and it supports something called the pelvic diaphragm this whole system holds a bunch of muscles and organs in place like the bladder so what other things that they say are leftovers the tonsils of course lots of people had their tonsils removed great way to get ice cream for dinner you’d seriously let them cut out your tonsils just so you can have ice cream well it depends on what kind of ice cream we’re talking about here okay not really but people survive just fine without tonsils right uh studies now show that in some cases removing your tonsils can be worse in the long run and especially for young children so what’s their purpose tonsils are placed at the back of the throat so they trap germs when we breathe proteins called antibodies produced by immune cells in the tonsils help kill germs and prevent throat and lung infections they actually manufacture antibodies against disease they’re basically the first line of defense against inhaled or ingested viruses so what about the appendix it’s not to be vestigial right I’m not even sure I know what it is it’s a tube shaped sac attached to the lower end of the large intestine it’s part of your digestive system and kind of it but they also have purpose yes it’s the storehouse for beneficial bacteria when you fight an intestinal disease your body gets rid of bacteria both good and bad but then the appendix can quickly resupply your system with good bacteria sounds pretty helpful yep it also plays a role in our body’s immune system especially when were younger sounds pretty important Charles Darwin thought vestigial structures were a winning argument for evolution and he believed there were lots of vestigial structures yeah and a German anatomist by the name of Robert Swedishstein made a list of eighty-six vestigial structures in the human body and later evolutionists expanded the list to about a hundred eighty but modern science has shown that every one of them has a purpose so they didn’t know about these organs functions in the body no they assumed that since people could survive without them that these were totally useless then they reasoned in a circle arguing that since they were useless leftovers of an evolutionary past they demonstrate our evolutionary past so reasoning in a circle is bad yeah it’s when we assume our conclusion then use that assumption to prove our conclusion it’s crazy so what do modern evolutionists say about these organs now that science has discovered that every one of them have functions after all they now claim that vestigial organs can have functions after all and those functions may have evolved after the organ spent time being useless wow talk about imagination it’s kind of sad that they think were made up of useless parts instead of acknowledging the design by Jesus the Creator it kind of reminds me of Psalm 139 14 yeah yeah it says I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well God has a purpose for everything even if we aren’t sure of what it is I guess that could be true of my leftover box of parts huh uh yeah by the way this is the air cleaner that filters air going to the engine the EGR valve regulates is us and the EVAP canister prevents gas from leaking into the atmosphere whoa you know about all this stuff my dad’s a mechanic okay well well can you show me where they go sure all right one less thought the fact that evolutionists can’t find any useless organs really destroys the idea that were made up of spare parts yeah kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or has the evolution from one kind of animal into another never been seen [Music] so Darwin’s finches left South America traveled to the Galapagos Islands and over time each Island developed its own species but is that really evolution Jane Jane Jane look at it got a new app for my phone flashlight I love this phone it’s got like everything you need on it it’s got GPS it’s got constellations what did people do before smart phones their homework dude watch this nice now can we turn the lights back on so we can study yeah it sure you and yourself I know right this phone and me we’re gonna take over the world can it make me a puppy yeah oops wrong icon I’ll have them on and just a second Jane Jane how do you how does that even and I guess those extra gigabytes really paid off Henrietta Henrietta Jane there you are since the lights went out again I went to make sure they didn’t run out of water oh come here babies oh well don’t we look cute together yeah the resemblance is frightening oh you didn’t think I was you said make me a puppy uh your smartphone is pretty amazing but it can only do things it’s programmed to do hey that’s it that’s the difference what what’s the difference um I’ve been reading through a textbook and they keep giving great examples of how creatures changed like Darwin’s finches or these tortoises but this isn’t evolution by natural forces if these animals were programmed to adapt like that I see what you’re saying many evolutionists consider any change as evolution which makes it seem like we’re always evolving upward but not all changes come from accidental errors through mutation some pre-programmed variation helps animals adapt through genetic recombining now look at this our book lists the sources of genetic variation this page lists the two main sources of change as mutation and genetic recombination so mutations would be accidents errors right mutations are usually caused when there’s an error copying a creatures genetic information which is founded in its DNA it could lose duplicate or even copy letters in the genetic code but if I delete scramble or duplicate letters won’t I eventually get a new word sure but a new word doesn’t necessarily mean anything so if I scramble the letters in puppy it just means gibberish exactly mutations might be able to create a new combination of letters but it needs to have a meaning for the cell to use as a blueprint later on in other words a code isn’t really a code without some assigned meaning gibberish can’t create anything so mutations are always bad yeah look at what it says some mutations such as those that cause genetic diseases may be lethal other mutations may lower Fitness by decreasing an individual’s ability to survive and reproduce still other mutations may improve an individual’s ability to survive and reproduce it looks like the agree that mutations are bad but then why do they say some may improve an individual they give you an example right here over the past 20 years mutations in the mosquito genome have made many African mosquitos resistant to the chemical pesticides once to use to control them okay so it looks like the mosquitos are better off because of mutation yes but what they don’t tell you is that resistance actually came from a loss of information in the mosquitos genetic code the mosquitos ability to control its enzyme production is now messed up and one of the strange side effects of too many enzymes is increased pesticide resistance however normal mosquitoes without the disease are much healthier in the wild where there is no pesticide so it was a loss of information but it was a benefit for those mosquitoes right well they only benefit by being more resistant to the pesticide the point is by losing information they lost control of an enzymes production now evolution needs to explain gains of information over time and the same goes for other examples they give like bacteria becoming more resistant bone-density humans becoming more resistant to HIV but if a population of creatures continues to lose information could it be deadly for them bingo but here’s the real problem people count on that loss of information from mutations to create the genetic blueprint for every living creature on earth out of nothing that’s crazy no way that’s so impossible it destroys evolution right okay so what about the other changes program change or you you called it genetic recombination look at what it says here most heritable differences are due not to mutations but to genetic recombination so God not only created all the animals he also packed them with enough genetic information that would allow them to adapt to different environments and varieties we see today so adaptation is real yeah I saw an explanation of it in the focus on Earth Science individuals with characteristics that are poorly suited to the environment are less likely to survive and reproduce over time poorly suited characteristics may disappear from the species so a population of animals can adapt by expressing variety over time but there are limits to how much they can change in what way think about rolling dice if you had two dice you could roll anything between two and 12 the variety is programmed into the dice but you can’t roll anything higher or lower I get what you’re saying likewise animals can express a lot of variety but there’s a limit because the finite genetic information they have exactly and when we’ve seen some pretty amazing varieties within the kinds God created like in dogs one basic kind of animal can never change into another and that fits with all the examples we see in these text books although they like to point out the differences in Finch beaks and tortoises it’s just adaptation within the genetic limits of that kind right but then they pass it off as evolution and you know I used to think that all these arguments really showed evolution but then I got to thinking studying changes in a beak shape like Darwin’s finches won’t show you where that beat came from and despite the minor changes a Finch is still just a Finch but the truth is what we read in Genesis 125 and God made the beasts of the earth according to its kind cattle according to its kind and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind and God saw that it was good so adaptations are kind of like the apps on your phone yeah I can’t change a person into a puppy but I can run the programming that’s already on my phone oh that it makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or is natural selection kind of blind when it comes to evolution [Music] John where is he let’s see here hmm messing with my privacy huh ow John are you okay yeah no I’m fine are you sure you’re okay yeah no I I just got back from the eye doctors they dilated my pupils um getting here was a little dicey but I’m starting to see a lot better now uh why are you talking to a coat rack I thought you were looking a little taller I was gonna get your help deciding on what swatches to pick out but I think this is a really bad time no I can do it give me a try okay well I started out by liking this one yeah this one but then I figure I’d tone it back a bit what do you think I like this one yeah mm no I think we’re gonna work on this a little later whatever we better get to studying what are we studying today natural selection I’ve already started reading it there’s a great definition in our biology textbook so natural selection is the process by which organisms with variation most suited to their local environment survive and leave more offspring so evolutionary theory holds that natural selection is one of the forces that drives evolution how’s that work well evolutionists say a mutation happens in the sex cells of a creature and its offspring exhibits the resulting trait difference like a new feather color or something the trait can give it an advantage or a disadvantage a beneficial mutation would cause it to become a little better at surviving in an environment than the non mutants so it’s descendants and thus the trait eventually outnumber the others then the scenario repeats with another very supposedly driving evolution forward but rather than this process producing just the varieties we see among animal kinds they believe this process built those animals from completely different ones and can eventually lead to one kind of animal turning into another but this is never been observed fish are still fish and finches are still finches and here in the biology textbook they point out that the polar bear had the advantage as a predator in the snow because of its white coat and it also shows that if you start with yellow and green grasshoppers two different traits inherited from the parents the green may outnumber the yellow in a green environment because they are harder for birds to see and catch so did the grasshoppers think through how other animals would avoid it if it looked more camouflage didn’t know how to genetically engineer itself to express those colors did a polar bear engineer its own white coat no but that’s not a version asleep they think that these changes happen randomly in the DNA influencing an individual survivability evolution is a blind process no offense intelligent choices supposedly have nothing to do with it evolutionists believe natural selection figured out how to design an eye but how it would have to build and preserve over who knows how many generations hundreds of complicated interacting eye parts including proteins that were all useless until the whole package was eventually assembled how did it know to engineer animals for flight our navigation system so tiny it can fit in the head of a monarch butterfly which is smaller than a pin how’d it wire a human brain that’s far more complicated than our best computer’s if it is a totally blind process with no goal or purpose in view you’re right natural selection is just a process it doesn’t have a brain it can’t think or design it had no foreknowledge of what I was trying to accomplish and yet coupled with mutations it’s been assigned godlike powers to create things way beyond man’s understanding yes it’s like they’ve replaced God’s power with random mutations and natural selection as the textbook points out it favors a creatures overall ability to survive but the actual changes are happening deep down in the creature on a microscopic level inside the genes whoo so you’re saying that when certain individuals die all their genes just go away meaning that natural selection has no power in selecting individual genes well it can’t see genes just whole organisms kind of like me trying to help you pick out swatches that I can’t even see what it looks like you’re doing better now I am so how about this one or maybe not [Music] also natural selections supposed to mean survival of the fittest but what if someone nobody in particular you know have their eyes dilated and was leaving when they knocked over the fish tank in the waiting room do you did anyway if exactly half of them died because I did they didn’t get them in the water was it survival of the fittest no it would survive a little luckiest yeah well here’s a picture of two mutant flies and a normal one which one do you think is the most likely to survive in a particular environment none of them when I hit him with my fly swatter all right all right all right the normal one would probably survive best but it depends on the environment right yeah so evolution that turns a simpler organism into a fruit fly relies on mutants becoming better able to survive as new genetic information is added and then surviving to pass their genes on work mutants are usually worse off since most mutations are harmful and natural selection actually cleanses the population by killing the less fit mutants this might help keep the most effective traits within a population so the real world works exactly opposite of what evolution requires bingo and while lots of small mutations can give a survival advantage in specific environments virtually all the real-life examples show a loss of genetic information not a game evolutionists have tried to propose various genetic explanations like gene duplication but they’re putting their faith in a process that has never actually been observed whats gene duplication so when a whole gene accidentally gets copied and then it mutates to become enough new gene nice story have scientists ever seen that happen nope never and most examples of supposed evolution in action involve things like chemical pathways and small changes in proteins but how do you get a fin to turn into a limb and then a human hand they tell interesting stories about how it must’ve just happened but I can’t find any evidence it actually happened so a typical mutation removes information but only a mutation that can add information really explain how philosophers came from fish and if you think about it natural selection can’t create anything it can only deselect by killing whole individuals with traits that are already present in a population wow you’re right you can only select something that is already present how could nature ever add information to some DNA by subtracting some of what is already there great question and speaking of information here’s another question evolutionists have not even come close to answering how could chemicals from early Earth spontaneously form molecules with information that’s a stretch so natural selection can’t do anything without mutations mutations can’t even happen unless DNA forms from some muddy puddle billions of years ago you got it there’s no known mechanism for creating information like we find in DNA from simple matter information always comes from a mind and God is the mind behind creating the DNA in the first place yeah but the biggest problem I have with natural selection being able to create new kinds of animals is found right here in our biology textbook let me see if I can find it you’re starting to see really well I am now Charles Darwin is credited for discovering natural selection and describing how it led to the evolution of different animals and plants right here it tells the story after reading Malthus Darwin realized that if more individuals are produced than can survive members of a population must compete to obtain food living space and other limited necessities of life Darwin described this as this struggle for existence Malthus oh I remember him from history he believed much of the world’s problems were due to people reproducing faster than our food supply right evolution claims that a never-ending chain of struggle and death is what created life but the Bible paints a different picture Genesis 3 says that death pain and suffering came from man’s rebellion against God and Romans 8 is clear that earth is under a curse because of our sin but God didn’t leave it there 1st Corinthians 15 says that one day death will be conquered Oh death where is thy sting o grave where is thy victory the sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ so death is a horrible thing the Bible calls death punishment for our sins and the last enemy because Jesus Christ took that penalty in our place we beat death by getting to spend an eternity with God evolutionary history says death of the unfit over eons change fish into humans but biblical history says that death changed already created humans and fish and the whole universe into a place with problems that Jesus will one day solve Wow it seems so strange that the things aren’t our textbook says could have so much to do with what we believe about the past and about reality ok speaking of beliefs how would you define religion I know this from class it’s basically defined as a system of beliefs right so would evolution qualify as a religion well ok the struggle for survival over millions of years of death is what supposedly created the different kinds of life on Earth including humans the Bible tells us death is an enemy not the hero but Jesus the creator promises us life if we choose to follow him he’s overcome death by rising from the grave so natural selection has no intelligence and can’t even select what’s happening on the genetic level it can only subtract from what is already present in DNA and it relies on death to create new kinds of life Wow you know I’m really starting to see that natural selection really doesn’t have the power that evolution needs you know to turn fish into Apes and then people kind of makes do you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or does the evolutionary tree seemed more like an orchard [Music] all right let’s see if we can do this nope that doesn’t stay up nope you’ve got a stay stay hey Jane so I’ve got to be honest I haven’t really had a chance to study too much uh-huh Jane sorry I was just taking a break I got this new makeup case and I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put everything now I put this lipstick here or no no no no I’ll handle this so we could organize it as simplest to most complex or by color uh-huh see organization just is not my thing once my little sister asked me to organize all her in little tiny plastic animals it took me two days organizing animals like Carl Linnaeus who’s that yeah he was the first guy to classify animals oh yeah I remember him now his model was God created Linnaeus ordered yeah his work is the basis for the classification system we still used today yeah later Charles Darwin sketched a diagram to show how life started simple and then branched out to every creature on earth he said the different branches represent the different levels of classification a tree of life if you will oh yeah I keep seeing this over and over again in our textbooks really yeah here we go check out this one a researchers still trying to figure out how it happened there are a lot more of these diagrams I think they change as different researchers grouped them based on different features these charts show groups of organisms they believe share a common ancestor yeah a group like that is called a clade and these diagrams are called cladograms mm-hmm man and I thought organizing my makeup was hard so do they well tonight your makeup classifying animals okay so remember that modern evolutionary classification is a rapidly changing signs with a difficult goal to present all life on a single evolutionary tree as evolutionary biologists study relationships among taxa they regularly change not only the way organisms are grouped but also sometimes the name of groups remember that cladograms are visual presentations of hypothesis about relationships and not hard and fast facts whoa whoa you’re saying our textbooks say that cladograms are based off hypotheses not facts yeah I’ll show you why flip forward a page that’s because they only have living animals or fossils for certain places on the branches these are real animals or fossils we’ve actually discovered but these branching points are just imaginary lines that represent the hypotheses about which animals evolved from a common ancestor no facts support them that can’t also support different links or no links the transitional fossils they represent have never been found if they were well we’d see their pictures here right though evolutionists point to a few examples there should be thousands Genesis 1:21 says so God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves with which the waters abounded according to their kind and every winged bird according to its kind and God saw that it was good from the beginning God created fully formed kinds of animals so it isn’t a tree like Darwin thought instead it’s an orchard God created the different kinds of animals and then they expressed all types of amazing variety as they bred within their kind and recombining genetic possibilities that God packed into the original kinds produced that variety exactly we see variation happening all the time but we’ve never seen the evolutionary process of mutations and selection creating new kinds so dogs apes and people can show variety but can never morph into a new kind yep just like the orchard one basic tree kind can never become another scientist seemed to name something a new species even if there’s only a minor change and in the fossils the smallest variation is classified as a different species even though we see lots of variety with some species today like what like in ducks just think about all the variety in the breeds of dog kinds Canis familiaris in the last 200 years if future paleontologists dug up the bones of a bulldog a chihuahua and a Great Dane they would surely classify them as three different species but they are all the same kind whether beaks of a Finch change shape or a color of a moth the changes are limited when it’s just expressing variety within the created kind yep so evolutionists consider adjustments to existing traits evidence that evolution made those traits in the first place so what if God made each basic kind with potential to change some of its traits but no potential to morph into a different kind dogs can breed with coyotes and coyotes can breed with wolves they called a kite wolf so they must all be part of the same created kind so they have a common ancestor but it was the original dog kind that God created not the transition between a reptile and a mammal likely show in these textbooks so fossils the classification of animals and the Bible are all in harmony that’s what it looks like well all that gives me an idea what if we organize your makeup by kind all the nail polish in one spot all the eye stuff in another and all the lip things elsewhere we do an orchard not a tree kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or is it impossible to line up animals in the way they evolved [Music] What’s Wrong Jane I had the weirdest experience last night was your dog wearing lipstick again yes but that’s not the point I went to my friend Kerry’s house oh that is weird no see that’s not the part he says she’s living in my house does your mom know no I mean her house looks just like mine her doors are alike maybe it’s a parallel universe and Kerry is your alternate maybe and you know what I went inside and I went into the living room and it’s the exact same shape and size as mine even the stairs are in the exact same place and the stairs were going up in exactly the same way by the top was a hallway and there were two bedrooms straight ahead you didn’t go in did you yes and Kerrys room was to the right with her bed under the exact same window now let me guess on top of the bed was a bear it was such a freaky experience Jane it’s because you live in tract housing huh they only make a few different house plans that they repeat throughout the whole neighborhood okay I never knew that yeah it reminds me of homologous structures of course me too what are you talking about sorry I was just studying it in our textbook so what’s the term homo mean homo means same right and logos means relation so homologous means having the same relation and that was in our textbook yeah no it says right here in the biology book gracias de nada homogolous structures are structures that share a common ancestry that is a similar structure in two organisms can be found in the common ancestor of the organisms Hah not sure I got all that which part well all of it okay look at the diagram so they say the penguin alligator bat and human all evolved from a common vertebrate ancestor because they have similar bones in their forelegs that’s quite a family so imagine the job evolutionists have they must take the entire animal kingdom and try to determine which creatures evolved from others okay so they look for these homologous structures to show an evolutionary relationship you got it and they would look convincing but look at the definition of homologous homologous structures are structures that share a common ancestry sometimes we see structures with similar functions and creatures that don’t come from a supposed common ancestor got an example I do a human and a squid I what both humans and squid have a lens that projects an image onto a retina the problem is the evolutionary theory holds that the closest ancestor to both didn’t have eyes but only a patch of light sensitive skin cells that means that a very similar eye had to evolve twice completely independent from each other they call this convergent evolution and believe that the same process of random mutations happening over millions of years built similar structures no wait an eye is so amazing it seems impossible that it could have evolved in the first place but now they believe it happened twice yep that would be impossible times two are there other examples of similar looking organs that don’t fit evolutionary trees oh yeah lots think about flight man with all his intelligence just figured out how to fly less than 200 years ago but flight supposedly evolved at least four different times birds insects mammals you know like bats and reptilian flight like pterodactyls now that makes it four times impossible so going back to the human and squid I would they be called homologous structures since they look similar nope when similar structures are found on creatures that aren’t considered closely related they’re called convergent so they involved completely independent from each other yeah evolution supposedly built the same basic organ more than one time but it sounds more like a rescuing device you know like A make-believe story than a scientific concept so how do you know the difference between one similar structures are homologous and when they’re analogous I’m not sure it says here homologous structures are structures that share a common ancestry but how can anyone be sure that structures actually shared a common ancestry when similarities fit evolution there are homologous structures but when they don’t fit they claim the structure evolved more than once wow that’s circular reasoning how so their evolutionary theory decides what is homologous and then they say homologous structures prove evolution hey that’s right that’s really messed up so how do creationists explain similar structures simple they share the same master designer God God built similarly designed features into his creatures making sure each feature was precisely tailored to fit that creature systems it’s like airplanes skateboards cars and motorcycles they all need wheels and tires but designers made them different to tailor them to each vehicles unique specifications it’s also like the similarities between yours and Kerry’s house they were designed by the same architect for the same purpose that sounds like Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 6 you alone are the Lord you have made heaven the heaven of heavens with all their hosts the earth and everything on it the season all that is in them and you preserve them all the hosts of heaven worships you so similar structures point back to a creative and intelligent God not to the circular reasoning or random coincidences of evolution kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] you is it just me or does it seem like the fossil record strikes out when it comes to evolution [Music] practicing for the big game this weekend yep you’re looking pretty good just remember keep your eye on the ball and your swing will just naturally follow through Thanks good advice so do up to I need to practice with the Speech and Debate tournament this weekend oh yeah the big debate over the fossil record yeah you could say I’m a little nervous yeah you’ll do great it’s just like baseball keep your eye on the topic in your presentation will naturally flow hold John John Oh John John yeah oh gosh I killed him no John are you okay yep I’m gonna knock this one over the fence as I take a swing at it with ancestral forms what do you mean by that evolution predicts that we should have fossils of the simplest creatures at the bottom of the rock layers showing a time when life supposedly started evolving on earth okay you ready all right what kind of a pitch was that nothing special it’s just that some of the lowest rock layers with fossils called Cambrian reveal incredibly complicated creatures right at the start if evolution were true we would expect to see single-celled organisms down there then basic looking multi-celled creatures above them instead we see Cambrian layers full of very complex sea creatures with no clear ancestors in the lower rocks the Cambrian presents a dramatic explosion in animal varieties including an example from every one of today’s major groups plus more besides look at this trilobite for example its vision system was more complicated than yours or mine each eye had over 15,000 individual lenses so there are no simple creatures gradually leading up to them sorry they just appear suddenly in the layers okay well you got me with that one but I’m gonna nail it with this one I’m swinging with transitional fossils this time okay here comes the pitch whoa that’s came back what kind of a pitch was that I use my fastball since you’re trying to pull a fast one the expected transitional fossils are missing what’s good talk with you time out is there an echo in here okay what do you mean there are no transitional fossils well in Charles Darwin’s book on the origin of species he wrote why if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms Darwin’s on the problem yeah and he hoped future fossil digs would reveal the transitional forms since then for more than a hundred and fifty years mankind has been collecting fossils we have over 200 million in museums so in other words most animals that have lived on earth have been fossilized and discovered right and if evolution were true we should have millions of fossils that show us the evolution between all these animals since evolution is a gradual process but in our high school textbooks they show some transitional fossils how did you do that dream sequence well in that case not bad look right here in both of these textbooks they showed pictures of the Archaeopteryx fossil supposedly half dinosaur and half bird yeah it was discovered in 1861 Allan fiducia a paleontologist who led studies in the origins of birds said this back in 1993 paleontologists have tried to turn Archaeopteryx into an earthbound feathered dinosaur but it’s not it’s a bird a perching bird no amount of paleo babel is going to change that since making that statement there has been a constant battle in the evolutionary camp about whether Archaeopteryx should be even considered an ancestor to birds and many are making the case that it should be thrown out of the evolutionary lineup going from being a bird to a dinosaur and then back to a bird archeopteryx was even further disqualified as an evolutionary ancestor for birds when scientists found what appears to be a crow sized bird and extinct four winged birds and rock layers designated to be below those containing Archaeopteryx talk about throwing a wild pitch wild pitches happen often in the game of evolution like the fossil called Tiktaalik it quickly became the missing link between fish and four-legged creatures that first walked on land oh yeah I heard of that it was kind of the star of transitional fossils but then in 2010 scientists announced in the journal Nature that they had found footprints of a four-legged land creature in Poland that are supposedly 10 million years older than Tiktaalik so there goes Tiktaalik is a clear transitional fossil and yet here it is still in our textbook like I said there should be millions of transitional fossils so if evolutionary theory can only suggest a few and those few have major problems it discredits the theory okay so that last one was definitely a strike but I’m ready for one more pitch what are you swinging with this time evolution theory holds that Darwin’s evolution tree started simple and then branched out to all the amazing animals we have today okay yes you can give it a try yes I can that was a curveball yep we see that there are many more kinds of animals than we have today and many of those went extinct opposite of evolution okay well you’re up to bat I’m gonna slug it out of the park that the fossil record confirms a worldwide flood really [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Wow a idea but the fossil record shows a worldwide flood it was a home run yep fossil graveyards containing animals from land sea and air all jumbled together and in many cases the destruction was so powerful that fossilized creatures were ripped apart and very quickly in mud and 95% of the entire record is marine fossils buried mostly in land rocks not ocean bottom sediments many layers that contain fossils are so large that they stretch over many states and sometimes cross continents that definitely sounds like a lot of water water a lot of water too much water [Music] [Music] really I was dreaming I was pitching for creation you were batting for evolution okay that’s it if I was batting for evolution that means I’m calling a doctor no no no I I I’m okay so you dream that evolution lost the game yeah no the fossil record didn’t support it but the evidence was in line with the Biblical Flood and behold I even I do bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life from under heaven and everything that is in the earth shall die Genesis 6:17 and Genesis 7 19 through 20 says and the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered the waters prevailed 15 cubits upward and the mountains were covered so after a hundred and fifty years Darwin’s theory still hasn’t been proven true so I guess when it comes to the fossil record evolution strikes out I’m calling the doctor kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or does a hundred-pound wolf-like creature turning into a 360 thousand pound blue whale seem a little hard to believe [Music] who’s got you covered oh you got burgers aw man I love you yeah well I figured since we’re gonna be studying anyways oh yeah pretty much all right let’s see what you got we got the old macaroni fries for burgers I don’t know the girl who is given all this stuff out was like a zombie yeah so you know what’s gonna be on this test right yeah well evolution can you imagine what it would take for a wolf-like creature to turn into a whale little tail would have to turn into a gigantic fluke and the four limbs would have to turn into flippers they would need to evolve a brand new respiratory system I mean that’s not easy and then they would have to evolve a blowhole and then their teeth will have to evolve into baleen and that’s not all [Music] there are way too many changes that would have to be made including growing several hundred times bigger yeah like aunt Majid during Christmas yeah so we’re gonna have to study I mean if we don’t this test is gonna be an epic fail hey you know what I’m thinking that we’re really living on a snowflake in Whoville no but cramming all these facts into our heads makes me feel like we’re some sort of contestants on Jeopardy [Music] welcome to evolutionary jeopardy the game will you never know how things will turn out Jane pick your category I’m gonna go for well that’s how 4-500 okay this category focuses on different animals that supposedly evolved into modern whales from the high school biology textbook we see the first animal believed to begin evolving into whales it says Missoni kids are one hypothesis link between modern whales and certain hoofed animals Oh what does the imagined category of animals that includes sheep Camels pigs cows deer animals thought to be the possible ancestors of whales wait the entire evolutionary ancestry of whales is based on an imaginary creature yeah that’s true Jane okay um let’s see here oh I know I’m gonna go with howling for the sea for 1,000 your biology textbook also shows a diagram of a whale evolving it depicts the next creature in the lineup which was discovered in the 1980s they only discovered partial fragments with the wolf-like skull and since they didn’t have the rest of the body they imagined that it was an intermediate between a land animal and a whale and textbooks included illustrations of its swimming in the ocean but then more fossils were discovered showing it to be nothing more than a land animal Yetta still appears in your textbook as an ancestor of the well yes Jane oh there was a fly on my buzzer sorry that was not stated as a question John what is pakicetus corrects your pick John same category it’s time for the Daily Double if you answer this right John you’ll get double the amount they’re only two fossils ever found of this next creature on your chart in your biology textbook it says the limb structure of this creature called walking whale suggests that these animals could both swim in shallow water and walk on land however it appears to be nothing more than a land animal in other words it was defined as a walking whale not because it had a whale’s tail or flippers or a blowhole but simply because they believed it to be in fact they didn’t even find the part of the skull that would have a blowhole but they still add a blowhole using drawings and since it was a land animal with four legs it was then called a walking whale what is ambulocetus you are correct wow that’s some serious circular reasoning John uh I’ll go with whale tail for 3,000 this creature is often depicted in Museum and textbooks with a tail fluke however they never found the fossil bones for their tail also this creature was often portrayed with front flippers until they found fossils to show it actually had front legs moving on this creature seems to be nothing more than an extinct sea creature what appears to be leftover legs from evolution actually turns out to be claspers used during mating season this is true in many current species of whales what is Blaciasourus [Applause] last one this creature appears to be nothing more than an extinct a whale John what is derdon and the last terminating names mistoces and odontocetes are just modern whales baleen and toothed whales respectively well John it looks like a grand prize it’s a car no a cold hamburger what a cold hamburger hamburger John John John hello John your burgers getting cold what’s up with the silverware your perfectionism kickin it again no no these are arranged in an evolutionary story see we start with the knife that eventually evolves around end to become a spoon and then over time some not just form into it and it becomes a spork and eventually a fork I believe a spork may actually be a transitional fossil it’s just not right I know what you mean you can’t spear a salad and soup just drizzles through no anyway I think your problem is that each of these utensils is designed for a very specific purpose exactly and just like the whale chart each of these animals were created by God to be exactly what it is and Genesis 1:21 says so God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves with which the waters abounded according to their kind and every winged bird according to its kind and God saw that it was good so when you line up a theoretical ancestor a couple of extinct land animals an extinct sea creature an extinct whale and a couple of modern whales you can tell a pretty good story about how a hundred-pound wolf-like creature turned into a 360 thousand pound blue whale that don’t make it true sure kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] is it just me or is the explanation for mass extinctions kind of missing the explanation part [Music] hey John hmm what you doing I’m just looking at this picture of a dodo bird they’re totally awesome okay that’s random you know they’re extinct right yes I know they’re extinct just they give them a little respect are you defending yeah maybe I’m just tired of everybody beating up on the little guy what do you mean well they went extinct and now everyone just wants to make fun of how stupid they were you gonna start a fan club or something I already have I should have asked soon I’ll have caps pens paper weights all sorts of official name-brand dodo products it’s gonna be big right somehow I feel that this is all going to go the way of the dodo bird do you see what you just did there you instantly connected failure to the dodo bird okay sorry I just didn’t realize this was such a passion of yours yeah it honestly you just got me thinking about extinction you know I’m already started reading about that many evolutionists believe there are probably five different massive extinctions in Earth’s history you can see them right here they date these extinctions by where they believe they see them in the geologic column so the most famous one is the huge asteroid right yeah right here it says evidence shows that at the end of the Cretaceous period a huge asteroid crashed into Earth and then about that same time dinosaurs and many other species went extinct about that time oh well this theory has had some problems first some scientists dated the dinosaur extinction 300,000 years after they say the asteroid hit a little delayed action there another study suggested that the asteroid was too wimpy to cause the mass extinction another team claims that they found dinosaur fossils that live past the impact so it’s far from settled is the same thing true for other mass extinctions right here it says until recently researchers looked for a single cause each mass extinction then it continues many mass extinctions however will probably caused by several factors working in combination volcanic eruptions moving continents and changing sea levels you mean they only have several different ideas about what caused mass extinctions right but they just listed everything that would be taking place during the worldwide flood Wow you’re right you know Genesis 723 says so he destroyed all living things which were on the face of the ground both Man and cattle creeping thing and bird of the air they were destroyed from the earth only Noah and those who are with him in the ark remained alive this fits perfectly with all the massive fossil graveyards we find all around the world for example at the Lance Creek Formation in Wyoming found lots of species of dinosaurs mixed with birds fish crocodiles lizards snakes turtles frogs salamanders and small mammals all laid down by water catastrophe in sedimentary layers you know I’ve heard that almost every dinosaur graveyard in the world shows fossils deposited by or in watery mud or sand and even more incredible many dinosaur fossils are found in a classic death pose with their necks arced back possibly from choking exactly so if you take their geologic column and squeeze it down into one event the worldwide flood that does better explain what we see right and there’s a lot of volcanic material mixed into these layers vast amounts of molten material entered the ocean that’s what makes up sea floors around the world and that relates to the ice age storm tracking models show that warm oceans would cost severe storms and lead to massive snowfall wait you’re saying hotter oceans make colder continents sounds weird weird but sure today’s snowstorms begin as ocean water hotter water increases evaporation plus volcanic dust and debris would have blocked out the Sun during the summer so the fallen snow would not have melted now that makes sense and I can see how the flood connects to the Ice Age but why do you think volcanoes were part of the flood it was just 40 days of rain right the rain didn’t begin until after the Fountains of the great deep burst forth according to Genesis 7:11 meaning that molten material plus water came up through Earth’s crust most of what comes out of today’s volcano is still water as steam okay so that explains one Ice Age weren’t there like four or five well evolutionists don’t have a satisfactory explanation for one Ice Age let alone four or five but the flood gives enough calamity in a short amount of time to actually make an ice age there was only one that happened a few hundred years after the flood which would explain many of the Ice Age fossils we find near the surface of the earth not deep down in the flood layers lake saber-toothed cats and woolly mammoths and higher kathiria impressive thank you also the book of Job was written just about that time I mentioned snow ice and cold more than any other book in the Bible so when scientists try to stretch five extinctions in five different ice ages over the evolutionary view of the geologic column they’re not sure how they happen but when you compress the geologic column down into a biblical time frame it’s all explained by a worldwide flood followed by an ice age yep kind of makes you think doesn’t it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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