Deep Impact (8/10) Movie CLIP – The Comet Hits Earth (1998) HD

Daddy… (people screaming) Hold on. (bangs street)

100 thoughts on “Deep Impact (8/10) Movie CLIP – The Comet Hits Earth (1998) HD

  1. Thug Life: New York keeps getting plummeted over the decades but it just keeps coming back.

  2. That's a little too exaggerating. I'm an astronomist that has to be one hell of a comet

  3. The clouds disappearing from an entire hemisphere in half a second is inaccurate. No blast wave moves that fast. That was like 80,000 km an hour cloud dispersion. A supernova burst moves at 8 miles per second. How many miles get covered in a second in this video ?

  4. يارب احفض العراق والعراقيين بحق محمد وال محمد

  5. How to survive :

    Take a chopper and go as high as possible

    Wear a water tube and a scuba gear

  6. But… the scene when the asteroid hits the earth, the clouds are being wiped out by the wind …
    but when the tsunami scene, the weather like it will rain.

    Hmmm, interesting. . .

  7. I don’t know why but this scares me… Because who knows maybe there is a comet on it’s way to Earth! ?

  8. À volta de Jesus Cristo está voltando vamos amar ao próximo como a ti mesmo à paz de Deus irmãos ccb Deus

  9. Man, the scary thing is those waves have happened in real life before, when dams collapse

  10. The music at the end of the video reminds me of wii music when you first turn the game on

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