Delhi to Dam Dama Lake | Bike Ride | Royal Enfield | MotoVlog 2018 | #WhereDoWeGoNow

Hello people ! Today we are heading Dam Dama Lake In the afternoon Its 2 ‘o’ clock Lets catch you on the trip. Hello people!!! Today we are going to Dam Dama Lake Which is 21 kms from Gurugram Let’s go! Lets catch you on the trip. And we are going there to capture the sunset If we are able to! As we left the city, And while entering the village, We felt a little different, We could feel things closer, The skies were becoming more blue, The roads felt narrower, But the stars were more twinkling in the sky, It was more greener, Could see sweat and blood of farmers , We thought – What will be there to see in a village? But when we saw, We loved the route, and the destination too. Shit man! This is good! This is it. 10 Rs for the parking please. Is there any place to eat? There is one restaurant ahead. Thank you! So here we are! But the roads were a mess and we had difficulties finding this place Oh shit! There’s something in my shirt! So as we told earlier about reaching Dam Dam and the roads First we doubted if there is any Dam Dama Lake Because the lake is all dry at the side of the entry Hey camel! strike a pose Its too cold. we are on the verge of completing our ride We have reached Gurugram And now we are standing right in front of our favorite place McDONALD’s We really like McDonald’s Now we are going to have tasty Mc spicy. My favorite is Mc spicy chicken. And my favorite is strawberry ice-cream Mine too.Its because of me that now she likes strawberry ice-cream hahaahhhahahahahahahahahah…….. Hello guys! and welcome to our YouTube channel MILES ON BIKE This is Randhir Pratap Singh and I am Komal Singh Sira So on this time we went to Dam Dama Lake Which is a 45 mins to 1 hr drive The ride was really beautiful. The first route that we took while going to the lake by the help of google maps was okay because the roads were not well maintained but while coming back we took a different route by google maps which was fine So we have 2 google maps 1 that rake us to the place and the other which brings us back to home We did not had food at the restaurant because the restaurant was average but next to the lake there was one maggie point we had maggie there a really tasty one! They were selling chips, cold drinks, water bottles There were some little rides for children too If you are going with the kids, they will like it There was boating, camel riding On entering Dam Dama, after the restaurant – on the left is little adventure sports area it is a part of the restaurant and behind the restaurant on the right hand side are all the rides and maggie point camel rides boating too and from there further you go is when you reach nearest to the lake where you can relax where we did our photoshoot So while we were planning Dam Dama we did not have any high expectations from this place But when we reached there, we felt the beauty of that place The part of the lake you see while entering Dam Dama area is all dried out so we thought there is nothing to see but going a bit further changed our mind and the lake is between the hills it is surrounded by hills it is a quite area you will majorly see the people of the village who are there for selling chips and cold drinks you will see some youngsters too it is not some elite place to think of A quite place like this near gurugram city is hard to find A small lake surrounded by hills which is on an hour drive from the city and the route while coming back was also beautiful it is safe for couples also a family was also there at dam dama it is a homely area beacause dam dama lake is in a village and villagers live around dam dama but the route in night is not that safe prefer not to go at night get notified whenever we post a new video so hit the bell icon and get notified and contribute!

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