Deluge (1933) – Felix E. Feist

The same, sir. – What about the humidity?
– No change’ sir. That barometer’s been falling steadily
all night long. I can’t understand it. Can’t be the barometer. All stations
report the same conditions. Nothing’s happened so far.
It’s impossible. – Never saw anything like it.
– Neither has anybody else. – Has the Coast Guard been advised?
– Yes, sir. Have them broadcast another
warning at once. Hurry. Hurry! Attention’ all shipping.
Attention’ all shipping. All shipping will remain in port. All boats at sea
head for nearest shelter. Violent storms expected.
United States Coast Guard speaking. Attention’ all shipping.
Attention’ all shipping. All shipping will remain in port. All boats at sea
head for nearest shelter. Violent storms expected. Attention’ all shipping.
Attention’ all shipping. All shipping will remain in port. All boats at sea
head for nearest shelter. Violent storms expected.
United States Coast Guard speaking. Attention’ all shipping.
Attention’ all shipping. All shipping will remain in port. All boats at sea
head for nearest shelter. Violent storms expected.
United States Coast Guard speaking. Attention’ all shipping.
Attention’ all shipping. All shipping will remain in port. All boats at sea
head for nearest shelter. Violent storms expected.
United States Coast Guard speaking. Cancel all clearance papers. See that every ship in port
is tied securely to the docks. Yes, sir. What about that swimmer, sir? Ridiculous.
She’ll have to cut out the swim. We’re apt to have a terrific storm. We can’t be bothered with
some fool trying to break a record. – Have the police clear the docks.
– Yes’ sir. Sorry’ Miss Arlington.
You’ll have to postpone your swim. – Why?
– Orders from the office. – What’s the matter now?
– The barometer’s steadily dropping. The office is really worried. Normally
there would’ve been a storm already. They’re not even allowing
any shipping to clear. Well’ orders are orders. Oh’ I’m so sorry. – No swim?
– No, it’s all off. Would you like to spend a couple
days with us until the weather clears? – I’d love to.
– Grand. – I’ll call the folks.
– And me up since 5:00 this morning! Attention’ all aircraft. Attention,
all aircraft. Absolutely imperative. All aircraft, private and government’
land at nearest available airport. Absolutely imperative. Attention’ all aircraft.
Attention’ all aircraft. All aircraft, private and government’
land at nearest available airport. Absolutely imperative. USSMacon,USSMacon
return to your base immediately. USSMacon,USSMacon
return to your base immediately. USSMacon,USSMacon
return to your base immediately. Something’s got to happen. Nobody knows what it’ll be
when it does break loose. – Do you think–
– Don’t ask any more silly questions! I don’t know what it’s all about
any more than you do. I’m going out to the university. What’s happened? It’s an eclipse. – Can’t be.
– Maybe it can’t, but there it is. “Rome, Italy. Barometer still falling. Fourth day of
unceasing earthquakes as yet. Imperceptible
except through instruments. Greenwich, England.
Tremors continue. Public alarmed. Word that the end of world
is at hand terrifying millions. Send any word
of encouragement you can.” Give me my money!
I wanna leave town! “I will destroy man’ whom I created’ from the face of the ground, both man and beast’ and creeping
things’ and the birds of heaven, for it repenteth me
that I have made them.” Have peace. We are his children. He will protect us. He will keep us from all evil and from all harm. Put yourselves into his keeping and rejoice in his love. Let us pray. It’s a tremendous quake. I think it’s in the west. Get Mount Wilson Observatory’s
low wave station.Terrible earthquake. Ocean
pouring into the valley below us.
It looks like the end–Gentlemen’ we are fortunate
we’re here instead of there. The International
Broadcasting Company at this time brings you
definite confirmation of the fact that the entire
western coast of the United States has been demolished
and submerged. At this time we have no way
of knowing definitely the extent of damage to Europe because all means of communication
have been destroyed. Even though this international disaster has wrought inconceivable
havoc elsewhere’ as yet we believe there is no
cause for general alarm here.However, take immediate steps
to control provisions.
Evacuate all unstable buildings.
Shut of fall gas.
Panicked movements of population
could end only in disaster.
That’s all now. Stand by.– If I should die…
– If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. – God bless…
– God bless Mama’ Papa and Sister. – And Brother.
– And Brother. That’s right’ darling. Into bed.
Hurry up, darling. – There’s your daddy.
– Yes, come on’ Mary Ann. It’s time you were in bed’ darling. – Good night, darling.
– Good night. Go to sleep now. – Good night, darling.
– Good night, Mama. – Good night.
– Good night, Daddy. Good night, sweetheart. Now’ go right to sleep. Martin, I’m so frightened. Don’t’ don’t’ darling. I don’t think
anything will really happen. Why don’t you go in
and try and get some rest? I couldn’t.
I want to stay here with them. All right, dear. I’ll go down
and listen for the latest reports. The quake center is moving eastward. It must be
in the Mississippi Valley now. What an upheaval! “Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Louisiana sinking.
Gulf of Mexico flooding entire state. New Orleans wiped out.” Gentlemen… I’m afraid there’s no escape.Because of the magnitude of this
disaster, it is becoming more difficult
to verify our information.However, reports from Chicago
and the Northwest
indicate that the Arctic Ocean
is rushing from Hudson Bay
and overflowing the Great Lakes.Chicago is doomed.Other broken messages indicate
entire Mississippi Basin sinking.
What happened, Mama? Shh. Look’ Mary Ann’ look. Why’ Louise isn’t a bit frightened. – There, there.
– The chimney just crashed. The whole house
is liable to go any minute. I think we’d all be safer
in the stone quarry. – I’ll take the children.
– Shall we dress them? No, there isn’t time’ dear.
Bring whatever clothing you can find. – All right.
– Meet me there. – Hurry, darling.
– Go to your daddy. That’s it’ sweetheart.
I’ll be right there. Helen! Helen. – The children.
– They’re safe. Can you move if I lift this? I’ll try. I’m going back
to the house again’ dear. Looks as though we might
be able to stay there tonight. Anyway’ I have to get more food
and clothing for the children. Will you be all right? Continuing our information
and instructions. The quake center is shifting eastward. Slight shocks
have been felt in this area. The populace again warned
to evacuate all buildings. If possible, leave the city. All East River bridges
declared unsafe. Give me that can. How do we know this land won’t sink?
What’ll become of us? We’ll worry about that
when it happens. But how long can we last? How do we know we’re not the only
two persons left in the world? If you don’t stop shaking like a scared
rabbit and do some work around here’ there’ll only be one person
left in the world. Now get that fire going. – Is she alive?
– Just about. – Where did you find her?
– Just outside the cabin. She must have been there
for some time. Open the door. I told you before’ this place is mine. I was here first. Then you came’ and I let you stay. But everything here belongs to me. It’s not natural, two men to live a month
in the same house with a woman and not want her. Sure’ it ain’t. But I’ll do all the wantin’
there is done around here. If you don’t like it’ you can get out. Maybe you know where you’re going.
I don’t. But I’ll take care of the girl myself. – Good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning. Norwood here was worrying about
who was gonna take care of you. I told him I’d tend to everything. I think I can take
very good care of myself. You hear that’ don’t you’ Norwood? Well’ I guess I’ll go out
and work on the boat. Come on. I’ll probably end up
by killing that swine. You’ll have to bury him
without any help from me if you do. No, Jephson, don’t. You can have her. I don’t want– Don’t! I told you she was mine. Hello! It was about 200 of ’em run us out. Said we was too tough. – Where are they? Where is this place?
– Oh’ about 20 miles south of here. Wait a minute. Who are you? My name’s Jephson. – What are you doing here?
– I’m looking for a woman. Who isn’t? From what I saw back there’
looks like you had a woman here. – Well, what about it?
– Nothing. Only if I find the one I’m looking for,
that won’t happen to her. I’ll keep her for myself. I hope you find her. – Yeah.
– Lotsa luck. Good morning. Have you had enough rest? Anything I can do for you? Well, since your baggage
hasn’t arrived as yet’ I took the liberty of digging you up
a few things to wear. I hope they’ll do. Thank you. When you’re dressed’ help yourself
to something to eat. I’ll be outside. All right? Oh! You look charming’
Miss… Miss Aphrodite. I’ll admit I wasn’t any more modest. Sit down. – Feeling better?
– Oh’ much. Well’ you should. Far as I can figure it,
you slept 17 hours. I guess I must have needed it. – I was in the water that long.
– Really? No wonder you’re exhausted. I was on an island
somewhere south of here. I left there when conditions
became impossible. Oh? Were there others there? – Two men.
– Oh’ I see. Is this an island?
Do you know where we are? Well’ I don’t know exactly. We’re about 40 miles
from where New York was. I used to know this territory pretty well. Before all this happened’
we had a summer place near here. “We”? My wife and two children. Were they lost? Oh’ I’m so sorry. You started to tell me
about the neighborhood. Well, there isn’t a great deal to tell. I’ve been so busy gathering provisions that I’ve only had time to explore
a mile or so in each direction. You seem to have collected
quite a supply. Yes. I have a great deal more
in a cache in the tunnel. – I hope I can do as well.
– You’re welcome to anything I’ve got. Thanks. I’ll take these clothes.
I’m likely to need them. – Well’ you’re not thinking of leaving.
– Mm-hmm. Where would you go? To see what’s left of the world. Well’ of course you…
you’re free to go if you like. But I think there are
a few things you should know first. – What?
– Sit down. I thought that I was all alone here. Then a man arrived nearby
in a small boat. – What did he look like?
– Big, curly-haired’ ugly as the devil. – Jephson.
– Who? – One of the men from the island.
– Oh’ I see. Well, I followed him. He joined
a gang a mile or so south of here. – Very tough-looking bunch.
– Well’ he’s in good company. But while I was trailing him I stumbled
upon the body of a young girl who evidently had been with them. Don’t you think you’d better stay here? I’ll stay. Today. Money. Boys! Look what I found.
And there’s bales of it. Why, that’s no good to us now. Let’s keep on digging.
We might find some gold. That’s no good either,
except to a dentist. – Say “ahh.”
– Ahh! – Uh-huh. Where do you live’ dear?
-over there. I think we’d better go. I sure wish I was on that sofa! There you are, Jack. – Give me a close shave.
– It’ll be close, all right. Thanks’ Bud. That’s a good shave. Glad you liked it. Sure good to hear somebody laugh
in this place. Take a look at this. “The peace and quiet
of the majestic mountains. Nature unspoiled.” And take a look at the place. Yeah, but unspoiled or not,
I’m glad I brought the family. I didn’t want to come up here.
I wanted to go to the beach. I never did fall
for that “wonders of nature” stuff. Believe me though, this is one time
I’m glad I listened to the missus. You certainly picked the right time
to come up here. All the stenographers
and bookkeepers in this town oughta be glad they decided to take
a vacation here when they did. They’re plenty lucky. It would do us more good though if we had some people
that are used to hard work. This bunch seem to think
they’re still on a vacation. Yeah, what they need here
is somebody to take ’em in hand and knock some sense
into their heads. Yeah’ that’s right. Well’ if there is any part of the world
above water, it hasn’t any sending equipment. – Can you get the fire chief?
– I’ll try. You can’t get anything,
the way you got this thing hooked up. – Hello, Tom.
– How is she? Better. She was up a while today. Good. Get the fire going.
We have chicken tonight. Ooh, good. Come in. – Oh, hello, Tom.
– Hello’ Helen. – Hello’ Uncle Tom.
– Hello’ Ronny. Hello’ Mary Ann. How are you? Ronny, you take Mary Ann outside
and play. Don’t go too far. Yeah. Mrs. Wittel tells me
you were up today. Yes. It seems as if it were
the first time in years. It has been a long time. – Any news?
– No. Helen’ you’ve asked me that same
question every day for the past month. He is not alive. I know he is’ Tom. I feel it. You have great faith’ Helen.
I admire you for it. Thank you’ Tom. But the conditions have changed. There’s only a few of us left,
and we must carry on. – I don’t understand.
– We’ve had to pass a few laws. One of them is that every woman
of marriageable age must marry. Oh. Oh, but I couldn’t, Tom. I’m sure Martin will come back. If you remain in the settlement’
you’ll have to choose someone. I couldn’t prevent it. I was hoping it might be me. We’re pretty much alone
in the world’ aren’t we? I don’t know any more about you
than I did when I first met you. Except, of course’
that your name is Claire. What shall I tell you? Would you like to know
that I went through Wellesley or that my name is Arlington? That doesn’t mean much anymore. Nothing means much anymore. Once I wanted to be a flier
and cross the Atlantic. Then I wanted to be a swimmer. Well’ that’s why I’m here. For which I’m very grateful. You can’t imagine how lonely I was
until you came. You may be lonely again. I haven’t promised to stay. Are you afraid of me? You’re very good at asking questions. Well’ that was part of my business.
I was a lawyer. Jephson! That’s what the Bellamy gang did
to Hollister’s daughter. As long as that gang’s in existence,
none of us are safe. That could happen
to any one of our women. There’s no law to protect us anymore. We’ve got to take things
into our own hands. We drove them out, didn’t we? That’s not enough.
We must wipe them out. Now, you fellows listen to me. I know where this guy’s cabin is’ and he’s got plenty of food
and supplies. And you need ’em. But that dame belongs to me. I found her on the other island’
and she’s mine. Well, you won’t get away
this time, baby. May I have some food? Sure. Give me some food, boys.
The little girl is hungry. You’ll have to untie my hands. How about a little kiss first’ huh? No! – What’s that?
– The girl! I’m all right. Go after ’em. – Which way did they go?
– Over there. We’ve lost them. Let’s split up and make a circle. Half of you go that way’
and we’ll go this. All right? Now’ keep a sharp lookout. – See anything?
– No. – Must have passed ’em.
– I’m going back. What’s that? – I didn’t hear nothin’.
– Come on. Let’s go. Well’ it’s too dark to find ’em.
Let’s go back. Well, they couldn’t have gone very far. Jephson knows where they hang out.
We’ll go after them in the morning. Come on. They’ll probably come after us
in the morning. Yes, I’m afraid we’ll have to leave
our fine home. It’s been a happy home. We’d better stay in the tunnel tonight.
It’ll be safer. Sorry there are no windows
in your bedroom. Oh, it’ll do nicely’ thank you. Perhaps tomorrow’ we can find
better accommodations. But this is at least safe. – Comfortable?
– Mm-hmm. – Are you cold?
– No. You’re sure you’re not hurt? I’m all right. Lucky for me’ you knew
where they were camping. And lucky for me,
you saw Jephson’s shadow. That makes us even. You’re a courageous girl, aren’t you? You’re no coward yourself. Claire. Claire, I found out
that you mean much more to me than a cure for loneliness. We’ll have another home’ a finer one. We’ll be happier than ever. Please. Claire, we can’t go on
like this any longer. You’ve got to decide now. All that I loved in life
was taken from me. But that’s all passed. You’re all that I have,
all that I care about. Don’t you understand? How ’bout you? I don’t trust a guy
that’s staying behind. We’re going to clear out
this Bellamy gang if we can. If there’s any looting or molesting
of women while we’re away, you’ll answer to us when we get back. Now’ you men know
what we’re setting out to do. Some of us may come back.
All of us may come back. Or none of us may come back. But if you think
it’s going to be a cinch’ you better back out right now. What are you going to do
with that knife’ Red? I wanna go too’ Tom. You better take it home
to your mother. Come on. Let’s go. The back way. – Good-bye.
– Bye. Here you are. That’s enough’ dear. – Well, how about the rifle?
– Oh’ we’ll take it next trip. You two fellas get around there and
guard the other end of that tunnel. Right. You see anybody in that cabin? No. They must be in the tunnel. Look out! Get around them so they
can’t get by us. Come on. Hadn’t we better go out
the other end of the tunnel? They’re probably guarding it.
We’re better off here. Keep out of sight. Say’ if they had guns’
why didn’t they use them before? You think they’ve given up? They’re probably surprised
that we had a gun, but they’ll never give up. It’s a fine honeymoon. How do you like
those wedding guests? – Have we plenty of cartridges?
– About a dozen. Why not wait till they try
to make a dash for it? They can’t stay in there forever. Okay, we’ll give them
a chance to cool off. As long as it’s daylight outside’
they’ve got the advantage of us. We’d better build up this barricade. Pile those things in front of you.
Keep down. Let’s burn this. What’ and get bumped off doing it?
Not a chance. I’ll build it. They can’t see us
from in there anyway. I don’t think they’d shoot you. When it gets dark’ I think
you’d better make a break for it. Not without you. They’ve built a fire in the other end.
I’m afraid we’re in for it. What did you find? They’re all in a tunnel
about three miles from here. Some are in the tunnel, the others
are trying to drive them out. – They’re fighting among themselves.
– Good. Are both ends guarded? Most of the gang
are at the north entrance. – There’s only two on this side.
– Your job is to get those two. – Right.
– We’ll go in by the north. – Come on.
– Come on’ Bill. I’m going around the other entrance
and get in behind them. Give me about ten minutes’
then go in. You understand? Yeah. – How is everything?
– Nothing doing at this end. – We’ve been watching every minute.
– All right. Keep your eyes open. I’m going in behind ’em. Okay, fellas.
I guess he’s had time enough now. Now’ when we get to the tunnel,
we’ll split. You fellas stay on the right’
and we’ll take the left. And don’t make any more noise
than you can help. They’re coming down both sides. We haven’t got a chance.
Let’s clear out of here. – No dame’s worth it.
– Bellamy, we’re clearin’ out of here. Yeah, that sounds like a bright idea. Let’s go. – Can you get them both from here?
– Yes. – Get the man with the gun first.
– Right. Quick! – What do you say we rush ’em?
– Okay. Hold it! Martin’
there are more of them coming. – That’s not a gang.
– It’s a girl. – Who are they?
– A man and a woman. Keep me covered, boys. I’m going in to meet them. Hello. Looks as though
you had a pleasant evening. Indeed’ we did.
I’m not sorry it’s over. How do you happen to be here? We’re from the settlement
ten miles from here. We came to wipe out this gang,
but we’re a little late. – Are they all dead?
– All but three or four, I think. They found it so unpleasantly hot
in here’ they ran out for air. Who are you? I’ve been living here for some time.
I didn’t know there was a settlement. My name is Webster. Martin Webster. This is my– my wife. – Mike! Mike!
– Wait up. This is quite a place’ isn’t it? Oh’ it’s marvelous. I suppose that’s the Ritz on the left. – I hope you wired for reservations.
– Oh’ of course’ darling. Hiya’ boys. All right, boys. Hold it. Jack’ pile the stuff
down by the Hollister house. We’ll divide it up later.
I’ve got a job to do. Right. Come on’ boys.
Let’s go on down the street with it. Will you folks come this way? Of course, we’ll have to have
a blue tile bathroom. – And a piano.
– And a radio. Do you mind? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! – Where you been’ Daddy?
– Where you been’ Daddy? Is your mother here? Yes’ Dad. She’s right in that house. Is there someplace
I can go for a while? I’ve told her everything about us. I think she understands. It seems a miracle
that she was saved. Had I dreamed that she were living’ this wouldn’t have happened to you. I want you to believe that. I can’t explain my feelings
toward both of you, any more than I can compare
Helen and you. My feelings are different, yet the same. All I know is… that I love you and I love her. The happiest hour of my life was when I learned that Helen
and the children were living. The saddest is this. Then you mean it’s good-bye. – Helen is my wife.
– Your wife! What am I? If there’d been a church’
wouldn’t I be your wife? Claire. Please. I see. What we meant to each other
doesn’t matter now. You’ve come back to your wife’
and compared to her, I’m just a companion of a tunnel fight’
I’m just a woman that– Claire’ Claire. You’re a great deal more than that. Please try to understand. Then it’s a question
of a choice between us. Darling’ I can’t make that choice. All right. I’ll work it out some way. Fellas, come on.
Let’s not fight over this stuff. Lay off, will you? Here! Cut it out! What’s the matter? We’re having a little trouble
splitting up this stuff’ Tom. Now’ you fellas take it easy. – I’ll be back in a minute.
– All right. I was just coming for you. There’s
trouble about that stuff we brought. – What sort of trouble?
– The boys are fighting over it. We tried to divide it up even’
but it’s impossible to satisfy everyone. – Why not try an auction?
– They’ve got nothing. – Money’s no good anymore.
– That doesn’t matter. Money’s credit. We’ll give each of your men
$100 credit as payment for the trip. The rest of the people
will get ten dollars. They can bid on anything they like. When the credit’s gone,
the bid’s no good. – That’s a good idea if it works.
– Why’ of course it’ll work. – What am I bid for this blanket?
– A half a dollar. – Half a dollar.
– Seventy-five cents. – Seventy-five.
-one dollar. One dollar. One dollar’ one dollar’
one dollar. Do I hear two? – Dollar and a half.
– A dollar and a half. Going once’ twice, three times.
Sold for a dollar and a half. – There you are.
– What’s the name? Ah! What am I bid for the little lady?
The Venus de Milo. I bids two bits’ sir. Only two bits? Yes, sir. Her arms is broke. – Do I hear any more?
– Two dollars. Two dollars?
I’m afraid the young lady’s insulted. Well, make it two and a half. Two and a half.
Sold for two and a half. Laugh, you bozos. I know what I’m doing.
Winter’s coming. You got no imagination. How did it come out? A couple of them
didn’t use up all their credit. Well, they can use it some other time.
So long, Jack. So long. Martin. We think it’s time we elected a leader. – I thought you were the leader.
– Well’ I was’ in a way. – But we think we found a better man.
– Yeah? We need organization.
The boys won’t work together. They keep fighting
among themselves. Look at the town.
Nothing’s been done to rebuild it. Everyone’s too busy
trying to get something for himself. We think you’re straight. We saw how you handled
that Bellamy gang. And we like the way
you handled this auction. You’re the best man for the job’ and we’ll do as you say if you’ll take it. Thanks, old man’ but we can’t
settle this among ourselves. Why not? Everyone in this community should
have something to say about it. Well, we’ll get them all together
and have a vote. Come in. I’m sorry if I disturbed you. I’m– I know. You’re Helen. I hope you don’t mind my coming. No’ I don’t mind. You couldn’t
have picked a better time. I’d give anything in the world if I knew
how to start what I have to say. Don’t bother to say it prettily.
That’s what you came here for, isn’t it? Why are you angry with me? I suppose it’s because
you met Martin first. I hate you for that
just as much as you must hate me. Well’ I– I don’t hate you. It isn’t as if you’d stolen my husband. I thought perhaps you could help me
and I could help you. I thought we could decide
what’s best for us. I don’t want to know what’s best.
I only know that I love Martin. He’s the only person I’ve ever loved. You can’t understand that because you can’t understand
what we’ve been through together. For a time’ we were
the only two people in the world. You don’t have to tell me that. He’s told me everything. He’s even told me that–
that he loves you. That’s why I’m here. – To ask me to give him up?
– No. No’ to see if we couldn’t come
to some sort of honest decision. If you mean talk it over calmly, then you’ve picked the wrong time
and the wrong woman. I’m used to fighting for what I want. If we’d been unhappy together,
if we hadn’t loved each other’ if we didn’t love each other now,
believe me’ I’d step out of the way. That’s where you and I differ.
I wouldn’t. You lost Martin. You thought he
was dead. You went right on living. If I lost him’ I wouldn’t go on living. I wouldn’t want to. You’re forgetting something. – Children.
– I’ve been waiting for that. I knew sooner or later
you’d mention the children. Your children. Yours and his. Does that mean his love for you
is any greater? I suppose next
you’ll be telling me I’m an intruder. – No. I don’t think that.
– I won’t listen to you! You’ve got all the arguments
on your side and all the rights. Right or wrong, you might as well
know that I won’t give him up– not for you, not for the children’
not for anyone. Now you’d better get out.
Go on. Get out. Leave me alone. Leave me alone! You have offered me
the greatest honor that it is possible
for a group of people to give. You have asked me to lead you. Thank you. I accept. It might have been wiser
had you chosen someone else. I shall probably make
a great many mistakes. But that’s natural. That’s human. But I pledge myself to give you
the best that there is in me. All I ask of you is your help, your enthusiasm’ your confidence. We were ruled by laws before’
some of them good’ some of them pretty bad. But they’ve all been washed away.
We’re starting fresh. But we have behind us
the experience of thousands of years. Let’s use it. Let’s give to our children
and to our children’s children a finer’ cleaner civilization, a more lawful community
than that which was given to us. Let’s pull together. Congratulations. Thanks’ Tom. Darling. I’m so proud of you, Martin. You go to the house and wait there.
I’ll be with you in a minute. All right. Claire.

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