Deluge and Dysentery – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 8

>>MARY: So. Oregon rain. [spits] Not something I can say I am particularly
fond of, Dr. B. I never thought the day would come when I would miss million degree Georgia heat swells, and yet here we are. Phoebe sent me out here to take some pictures for my photography class, which would be all fine and dandy, if it had not immediately started pouring. I tried – I tried to channel my inner Taylor Swift and shake it off, but after five minutes, shaking turned to shivering and I was basically drowning standing up. So I go inside and what happens? It stops raining! Of course it does! Because the weather here is so insane, it’s like living inside a Twilight Zone episode. Or just Twilight. Everybody is creepy and
pale anyway. Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet:
the creek floods! Look at that! It’s literally up to my waist. I can’t get anywhere near the forest without the use of a boat. Hey Uncle Art! Maybe you could buy me one if you ever decide to come and visit. Seriously. Why anyone would choose to live in a place that is covered in water half of the time? Beyond me. I’m not Ariel. I can’t pull off that color red. Anyway, I should probably go inside before I catch pneumonia or dysentery or one of those other fun diseases you can catch on the Oregon Trail. Remember, doc: never ford those rivers. Always caulk your wagon and float. [outro music]

12 thoughts on “Deluge and Dysentery – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 8

  1. Literally the only thing I dislike about this series is the end screen music.  The acting by the lead is by far the best I've seen in webseries.  

  2. Everything about this web series is so well done, I love all the different angles and locations that we get to see to get a more well rounded picture of the story

  3. Or pay the extra money to take the ferry! Who cares if you're broke by the time you get there? At least you're alive!

  4. Honestly, I check multiple times a day every day for a new vid. #fangirlprobs #vlogprobs

  5. The dialogue in this series is brilliant. Kudos to whoever writes the script. 🙂

  6. So excited I found another web series adaption!! I've always loved the Secret Garden and the quality and acting of this production is incredible! Already know what I'm going to spending my time binge watching today ; )

  7. I can't handle any of this. Why is this so tragically underrated?! Quippy, beautiful, believable. ahhhhh

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