Deluge Mountain: Unlocking Nightfall

“[grunt]…” “If anyone from RS gets this [cough].” “-Broke out…” “I’m doc- [grunt]” “I’m Doctor Tran.” “It went on a rampage…” “And it killed almost everyone.” “Me and the few survivors left, we-” “We managed to seal it back in the main chamber…” “…Kaleb,” “He gave his life so that we could stop it.” “-But the chamber…” “It’s badly damaged from the escape.” “I don’t know how much longer it can hold.” “Arg…” “I’m hurt bad…” “I’m not going to last much longer…” [Cough] “The others…” “They went for help.” “…It’s been several hours…” “I think they went east up river.” “Hopefully they get back soon.” (they didn’t) “LOW POWER.” Dr. Tran: “Power shortage again…” “Somebody was supposed to be here weeks ago to fix this.” “Don’t they realise how critical sustained power is!?” “If we lose power, even for a moment-” “-he could take advantage of that.” “We don’t need him breaking free.” “The Primary Chamber needs to stay powered on at all times.” “BACKUP GENERATOR ONLINE.” “IDENTITY VERIFIED.” “WELCOME BACK, DOCTOR.” Dr. Tran: “Oh, what a day…” “We burnt through another batch of test subjects, today.” “The Nightfall Serum does its work on resuscitating the cadavers-” “-but it never lasts long:” “They either drop dead again shortly afterwards-” “or lose all sense of self and become nothing more than wild animals.” “What am I missing here?” “Maybe we got lucky with him…” “MOVING TO FLOOR ONE.” Dr. Tran: “What do you mean he broke out-” “-Close the emergency shutters!” “He got through them!?” “We can’t let him free ANY of the test subjects!” “Purge cell one through six,-” “Get all essential staff out, and close the section seals!” [Thunk] “He’s here already!?” [Thunk] [Thunk] [Thunk] [Thunk] [THUD] “Go! GO!” “▂▂▃▃▅▅■■■■ーー!!” “MOVING TO FLOOR TWO.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 0409.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 0030.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 1120.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 0015.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 5150.” “NO LIFE SIGNS DETECTED IN SUBJECT 0111.” “CAUTION, PRIMARY CONTAINMENT CHAMBER OPENING-” “-PLEASE STAND CLEAR.” ▂▂▃▃▅▅■■■■ーー!! “CONTAINMENT BREACH DETECTED.”

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