69 thoughts on “Democrats hoping for blue tsunami in battleground elections

  1. By the time that we have two more elections the democratic party will no longer exist.

  2. Richard thinks that wage increases for educators is going to help Democrats in states where teachers already making as much as 3x more than the average workers income in the same states…

  3. We have just had our equivalent of this over here in the UK, with our 'local elections'. All the Marxist left wing morons were claiming the same thing, saying that there was going to be a huge wave of lefty victories. Guess what? It came to fuck all. They gained next to nothing, and suffered losses nationally. All the left in western Europe has is false rhetoric about 'massive success' that is supposedly coming their way, even though this has never materialised, and on the contrary, they keep losing. Stay strong America, and keep those Democrat scum out of office. Trump is your last shot.

  4. Blue and red work for the fed.
    Donkey and the elephant tag team the sheeple in the middle.

  5. why do we have , juan , crazy cathy, and this guy??? is it so hard to get someone who can actually debate facts, instead of just twisting dodgeing and lying? Is the left so short of talent, this is all we can field?

  6. Not going to happen. They can only hope we center a little and not drift further right. But we ARE the majority and we've had enough! Never again will emotion override logic, and minorities both pressure and shame the American majority. The ride is over. Best relax and behave while we clean up!

  7. Those teachers will remember that they are part of a teachers union who insists you vote democrat. They don't care who marches with them, they don't care about your kids, they care about their money. Teachers vote as a block. Their union knows that only Democrats will try and raise the minimum wage, which means a pay raise for them and the administrators. It's all political. Teacher unions all wantt you to believe teachers are underpaid. I'm a teacher and have two nice cars and a cabin, I'm not underpaid and 95% of us aren't, but I bet you believe we are.

  8. Democrats are America-hating cunts, and Richard Fowler is their demented mouthpiece.

  9. If intelligent people get out and vote. The blue tsunami will be a ripple that hits a red wall.

  10. Yeh republicans promising to solve all the problems that the democrats caused.

  11. Yeah, Not all the water in the world will clean the smell of bullshit from you Democraps.

  12. Richard flowers your party did lower the cost of prescription drugs when you guys flooded our country with illegal drug dealers

  13. Ill have to admit, Dems have been winning a lot lately, ny hats off to them. Interesting to see how it'll turn out.

  14. The blue wave, yea ok, tidy bowl wave as they swirl down the drain

  15. Good, I hope they win and bring an end to this Trump Madness.

  16. Democrat voting hours are from 9pm to 5am. Republican hours are from 7am to 7pm.

  17. I think were looking at a red tsunami in Nov. The dems have no real message, just hatred for Trump, and that's all.

  18. Blue wave, import illegal aliens put them on welfare and their kids in school, give them free health care, drive down the wages of Americans competiting for jobs, pass regulations to drive business out of blue wave states. God save the United States from liberals.

  19. Time to go vote for Mark Meadows in the NC Primaries. (11th District)
    Then Ill go to breakfast.
    Vote first!
    Let Freedom ring!
    (Freedom Caucus chairman)

  20. Soros funded groups within states aren't concerned about Votes. Their focus is on the Voting Machines. MORE VOTES ARE ACQUIRED ILLEGALLY.

  21. The only blue wave Californians are going to see is when they head down to the beach watching the waves after voting Republican, because their taxes will be lowered and thus they'll be able to afford more leisure time with their friends and family…

  22. Ron, IF Republicans can learn…that is the question.

  23. The democrat party is the party of hate, abortion and ever increasing taxes.

  24. All Democratic’s will need crying closets. Deplorable two will drive them totally insane.

  25. Life long Democrat here and will NEVER vote Democrat again! They owe me $$$ that they stole from the Sanders campaign. ?

  26. I wonder if Young going to try the race card again here in Michigan. Didn't work for him in a Mayoral race in a city his father ran into the ground.

  27. Democrats caused the opioid crisis in West Virginia. All our problems now started in the 70s 80s and 90s when this was a blue state. We need to get rid of gun grab Joe, the last relic of that awful past and go full Republican.

  28. Wonder how many illegals are in those states voting right now and where is homeland security on this

  29. There shouldn't even BE a democratic party! Nothing but a bunch of criminals! If the current government would prosecute all the corrupt dems, there wouldn't be enough left to even run!

  30. Democrats voting against tax cut will get them a tsunami alright.

  31. Americans that vote for neo-fascist leftist elitists embedded in the Democrat-rat Party are like cows cheering the butchers that will someday cut their throats.

  32. Democrats …the Party of desparation and negativity. They're a huge zero.

  33. Marxist Richard always about having that conversation, so he can call you a racist, question you're motives, and claim that core conservative principles are "problematic".

  34. Richard Fowler the dumbest demoncrat on earth. Someone better have Kanye go talk to the dumbass he may wake up. The DemonCrat party is you slave master Richard Fowler………

  35. Today is  a primary election day that has nothing to do with blue wave. The other fact is the democrat always vote for the democrat as the republicans vote for the republican, the independent voters are the key voters who will make the decision.

  36. Lol the blue wave worked awsome during the presidential election. Good luck losers.

  37. Blue wave? There isn't one. Lol. It died to Kane's choke slam. It was more like a ripple.

  38. People in Hell are hoping for ICE WATER too !!! Including fowler and his myopic fake predictions ….he's hoping …hahaha

  39. The blue wave is going to turn into a brown stain for them.

  40. We can only hope its a blood bath of red from the politically dead Democrats.

  41. Whatever are they going to do without their imported illegal votes and voting machine rigging?

  42. Tough conversation? Democrats didn't give a crap about prescription prices, lowering education costs, lowering taxes, raising wages or the then non-existent opioid crises until Trump ran on those issues. So, I don't believe them. When they run on anything, they don't deliver but to the lobbyists who pays for their campaigns.

  43. Yeah Democrats who support slavery, Democrats who caused the secede of the 11 States, and a party who support illegal immigrant.

  44. Keep telling yourself that values is more important that America………really? Get ready to cry again libtards.


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