Denvr – Populate (Official Video) Ft. Ralphy River

Yeah Yeah Denvr It’s Denvr Aye Aye Aye Aye Mmm Aye Where did everybody go? Where did everybody go? See, I just wanna know
(I just wanna know) Does anybody know?
(Does anybody know) Mmm Hmm Aye, I just wanna say
(Yeah, tell me) I think that you’re great
(Yeah, Yeah) I think you’re so great We should populate Yeah All of these people are fake But none of these people can stop me (Can’t stop we ain’t got no breaks) Aye, where did all my friends go?
(Where?) I’m just tryna know
(Why you leave?) All of my friends are gone
(They’re dead) It’s got me feeling so low Aye, they gone away, everybody they’re all the same I’m 20 now, almost 21
(May 4th) Sipping codeine but I don’t do it for fun I’m in pain, not insane
(No, No) So don’t say that, It’s not a nice name
(Not nice) I’m quite low, but no psycho Tell me
(Yeah, aye, yeah) My life’s becoming a mess, trying my best not to stress Tryna pretend that I’m blessed
(Blessed) Only got with me the best
(Best) I need a rest, a batty looking like Kimberly West’s
(Check the back) I’m so deep when a girl gets pressed
(Deep so deep) 5:30 on a Friday
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Come on down my way
(Follow me, yeah) Start your weekend off the right way
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) All’s popping until I say
(Say) *Ralphy River*
I’ll be waiting for you at the end of the road When the journey’s over and we’re perfect for eachother Learnt every lesson, nothing matters anymore I wanna hold you and not worry bout’ who’s looking That ocean look, we look beautiful together You make the weight of the world feel like a feather I’m familiar with the pain you’ve been feeling You’re feeling lost, I know, I’m finna love you though I see the life, I wanna go for it Heaven never holds me back Keep the love and hold it within The devil once told me that… All this indecisiveness Was born from a place of fear Forgive my absent-mindedness I can promise I’ll always be here

15 thoughts on “Denvr – Populate (Official Video) Ft. Ralphy River

  1. Really??? We waited so long for this… why are you doing an american accent?! Be yourself denvr! So disappointed, but well done

  2. More trash UK music wanting to be from here in the states, Thought you would different!!! Garbage

  3. You’re good looking but this is not the one… really hoped for better from you!
    I think you need to be yourself and stop trying to be an americxan artist, you have let your followers down here in my opinion

  4. Go back to twitch i like you there
    I do not like this music denvr. Not good sound

  5. Fucksake man you drop a song every 10 years and it always lets me down you need to rap better and stop trying to sound like these americans!!!! your from england so act like it jheeez

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