92 thoughts on “Desperate Search For Survivors After Indonesia Earthquake And Tsunami | NBC Nightly News

  1. United States doesn’t know what to do with its old aircraft carriers. They make excellent disaster response ships. Too bad all they think about is cutting them up.

  2. This is why I'm more into science, logic and technology rather than religion(islam). Where's Allah now? "He" wants you dead.

  3. Wow, what a tragedy!!!!
    1 Peter 5:7 When dealing with difficulties, throw your anxiety upon God because he cares for you.

    Never blame God for these bad things as many do. James 1:13 states, When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone….pray to God for comfort….
    2 Corinthians 1:3,4
    Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, 4. who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.

    May Jehovah God be with you..

  4. By surprise? It was interesting to find that this is the only earthquake that was not registered by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

  5. O boy here we go again, only letting the news channels have the videos. Wonder how many people posted there video from there, and found it on a news channel, only to find out that google gave it to the news station ?

  6. Weather warfare. All part of the plan to have the population down by 2030, who will suffer the most? The poor of course.

  7. #prayForIndonesia #WeloveIndonesia
    Mangsa yang sempat merekam video-Tsunami Indonesia 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OmVR8gFarQ

  8. condolences to the bereaved family. may they rest in peace. be strong. God bless you all. praying for you all from the Philippines.

  9. Att: Indonesia, Australia will NOT be helping you, you're on your own with this one. We have our own problems in Australia and you've never helped us in the past with anything. Call donald trump or vladimir putin for help

  10. in na lilahi wa inna ilaihi wa rajiun. May Allah SWT give them the higest place in paradise and keep the survivors safe.

  11. This is my country!!! My cousins are in Indonesia. God, plz help those ppl. ???

  12. Remember, readers, God love any body but a lot of indonesian are muslin…but may the mercy of God be with them.

  13. Who's a student wishing their school wouod be destroyed by quake or tsunami?


  14. god answer the prayers of West Papuans last week at UN Indonesia denied the genocide by indo military at Papua. Medeka Papua. More disaster yet to hit indo.

  15. even when i watch the news i feel so sad.. i dont know how they can face it..

  16. all those atrocities to the sea creatures.the sea has spoken……………

  17. we are not any better than any living creature on this planet……take note of mum nature….she gives a guide plain and simple….bye for now

  18. Look up PROJECT SEAL. Imagine what type of evil technology they have now? ???
    The TSUNAMI BOMB was an attempt during World War II to develop a tectonic weapon that could create destructive tsunamis. The project commenced after US Navy officer E.A. Gibson noticed small waves generated by explosions used to clear coral reefs. The idea was developed by the United States and New Zealand military in a programme code named Project Seal. The weapons concept was deemed feasible, but the weapons themselves were never fully developed or used. A related concept, the bouncing bomb was developed and used in World War II, to be dropped into water as a means to destroy German dams and cause loss of industrial capacity and widespread flooding.

  19. Not saying this was done on purpose, that some covert organization caused this to happen, but, the science was there in like 1944 and you can look it up and draw your own conclusion. I don't put it past these evil, greedy, lunatics to have something way more sofisticated now, then they had back then. "Project Seal" was a very real experiment. And as such, the "Manhatten Project" I think it's very naive and foolish to NOT consider this type of possibility. But weather it be natural, or "man made", I'm so deeply sorry for Indonesia and their loss. May God help them all. ???

  20. The strange part is: I live at manado, north sulawesi, Indonesia and I was watching news (not about earthquake) and breaking news 7.5 earthquake at donggala (near palu) and NO POTENTIAL TSUNAMI by MCGA Indonesia (Meteorological, climatological and geophysical agency). So WTF happen with MCGA? (BMKG)

  21. So proud many international news covering Indonesia. Indonesia is beautiful country. I'm from Indonesia

  22. Tantas tragédias acontecendo já estou perdendo a fé de Deus

  23. Its about time these so called 'geologists' learn that the Almighty is doing EXACTLY what He said He would do. But of course, nearly all of them are pagans/unbelievers. He is angry at the nations for their idolatry and false deity worship..ie muslims, buddhists and all other so called 'religions' along with governments who pertetually try and force Israel to give away HIS land to pagans. This is the 'Beginning of Sorrows' – we will witness incrementally worse 'natural' disasters which will increase in magnitude and frequency.
    Those who follow false cults/religion are about to be 'awakened' in a way they will not like.
    The Bible, and ONLY the Bible shows the truth of these events and the timeline of such events. All else is garbage and lies.

  24. God help those poor people. We must all come together and find ways to help them also.

  25. Watching this broke my heart ??
    Praying for Indonesia.
    Berdoa bagi Indonesia ?? ?

  26. Support Everybody! To Medicine and Food for victims! https://www.gofundme.com/support-indonesia

  27. THIS JUST IN: Muslim factions are pushing for the declaration of Shariah Law, so the surviving victims can be executed.

  28. the left well go nut over Trump not responding and giving them aid, rebuild, money, medicine and then blame him for causing earthquake and tsunami?lunatic left.

  29. Turn to GOD ALMIGHTY the creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, turn away from prasing false idols, and all sinful behavior for as revealed in the HOLY BIBLE, the wrath of GOD ALMIGHTY is like no other, for what has transpired so far have only been brief and very small acts of GODS WRATH, so please turn to GOD ALMIGHTY, and study the teachings of JESUS CHRIST in the HOLY BIBLE, BECAUSE BEFORE GOD ALMIGHTY THERE WERE NO OTHER GODS, and there will never be any other GOD FOR ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY IS THE KING OF KINGS AND HOST OF HOSTS, AND THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, as revealed in the HOLY BIBLE, May you find the Peace of JESUS CHRIST, for the world has lived in deception for far to long, the HOLY BIBLE reveals all truth and GOD ALMIGHTYS REVOLATIONS.

  30. I remembered when we had massive earthquake on nepal. God bless them all.

  31. Please help us we need food and aid verry quick i lost 20 family in palu i cant do anything except begging for help

  32. I am pschic. I predicted there will be strong earthquake in coming Indonesia on Sept 28 but I been ignored. There will be another very powerful earthquake coming this month of October 2018 in Indonesia. But I will be again ignored again as a crazy person. The next quake will be 8.1 close to 8.3.

  33. The Tsunami bouys are not everywhere and you could not put them everywhere. And If the earth quake is close you would only have a few minutes . The best procedure would be if there is a good size earthquake head to high ground immediately , if you can feel a decent earthquake start moving inland or get too a reinforced concrete structure that has 4 floors at least

  34. CNN just reported 1,234 dead. They FAILED to add “seven ate nine”. Why?
    But seriously folks, let China, Japan and North Korea spearhead the relief efforts. We can toss them a little something-something but that’s it.

  35. Believe what you want to believe, say what you want to say, pray to who you want to pray to, as it will all be for naught, for when the "end" comes, "every knee", WILL BOW DOWN!!!

  36. That is what you deserve for prosecuting and killing minorities. Your God is false and the gods of true religion will continue to reign death on you infidels

  37. when the earthquake happen, i was in the mosque, just after taking wudhu
    at that time it's about 6pm, and muadzin reached the word "hayyaalssolah". then the ground start to shake, all of muslims shout allahuakbar, or la ilaha illalh . I tried to move and seek somewhere safe, but even to stand i can't, i tried 3 times to stand but i failed, so i stayed in my place, till i see a kid be pinned under concrete, someone came to help the kid but the concrete too heavy so i helped by push the concrete, then i pulled the kid to out and found somewhere safe,
    After pray maghrib i went to my home to see my family, on the way i got so many crash, i see the road and bridge has split, towers and their cables fell, luxurious houses collapsed, i guessed that it was doomsday, but i have not heard a trumpet yet,
    When i arrived on Tjunction, the road was broken, so i should continue it by walking, i walked to my house with hope that my family is well, yes i found them with well condition, i stayed with them while i collected their necessaries, isha is came, i went to the mosque which is broke to pray
    After pray i went to see arround, i see perumnas in serious condition, you guys can't imagine what happen at there, i heard so many screams there,
    Perumnas is a place was densely populated, and just 20% of population safe, and it so wide,
    Just because so many cars burned and i scare too much, so i can't help many people,
    At that night all people look same, i mean rich or poor, beautyfull or ugly, they all just same all of them slept beside the road ,and bewilderment, where they should go,.
    Finance was stoped, peoples got hungry, market and supermarket closed, the situation make peoples looting shops and supermarket
    Untill aids were came, peoples fight for food, it because they and their family was hungry
    Now the earthquake still left few houses and buildings but almost all of that need rebuildings

  38. Dutchsinse said this was going to happen but your Government kept the information from you. NBC SCUM

  39. All you poor people heart felt payers out to you all.
    And pls try to remember this is not an act of god and you have not been targeted by said bein it is just natrue.
    We see so many people destroy themselves mentally believing god had a bad plan for them.
    I really am sorry if you have lost someone xxxxx

  40. When we got Hurricane Sandy, Iran said God was punishing the USA. Now, that this has happened to a Muslim country, are they going to say that Allah is punishing an Islamic country? We don't say this because we're not religious freaks, like the Mullahs in Iran, but we now that world disasters can happen any where without putting a religious reason for them. The world will help but we must always be prepared for one in our country. Tijuana is going through a disaster too.

  41. There was a time America would deploy to help after a disaster like the one in Indonesia. We now cause disasters like those in the Middle East. My how times have changed. Sad.

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