DHS county offices come together for flood victim food drive

we were at lunch one day and we were
looking at pictures from the flood and our DHS office there was literally under
water so part of being a part of DHS is your willingness to help people and so
food seemed to be the way to go we started a food drive with cleaning
supplies and dry goods we had many many county offices helped us and we had
about five drops North Little Rock, Heber Springs, Conway, Lonoke, that we
picked up from we had corporate help which was Walmart. Walmart
distribution and then Walmart warehouse here in Searcy they both helped and we
had a great success of it.—I took a job with DHS because I spent ten years
volunteering with the military and I have a deep-seated need to find
something valuable in my life this job suits that. Our main goal with DHS is to
make their Arkansas lives better so working in this environment with these
kind of people makes it easy. I believe it giving back as a whole- food
drives, what you do in your life volunteering with your community it makes
Arkansas stronger as a whole it makes people stronger so it’s just
a mantra of life, you just give back give more than you take

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