So welcome back! I’m Viktor from Green Aqua, And this is a short preview of the current LED lights that we have in our Showroom. The reason I did this video, is that it’s very hard to compare the lights… Regarding the colors, and also the light intensity. Color is probably a personal taste. Light intensity is a different story. We are using usually very high light. The plants in the reference aquarium were grown under the ADA Solar RGB for the last 3 months. So we use this as a reference point when we compare it to the other lights. It has 130W power, which I think is the most powerful of all. The Lumen intensity is around 3000-3500 lm. When I am skipping through the different shots of the lights we tested… One of them looks probably stronger, others are weeker. I use the same settings on my camera. 1/50 of a second. And the aperture is 6.3, ISO is 400. I used the same with balance for all shots. The first light in this category is the AquaSky G LED, which is the latest AquaSky from ADA. This is a kind-of-a-green version of the AquaSky. As you can see on the reference-shot, they changed the LED light to highlight the green tones better than the previous model. This light is a 30W light, with 1800 and 2100 Lumen. Here on the side-by-side shot the green looks good. Not as good in my preference as under Solar RGB (in the left), but some people find the Solar RGB a little cold, so the green is kind of a warm green here (on the right). The red of the Rotala H’ra has an orange tone here. Anubias looks great and – on the screen – it has a bit of a yellowish tone. All right! Next one is the AquaSky Moon! It’s not a new light, but it was a stronger light after the “normal” AquaSky. It is 1.5x stronger than the original one. It’s a 50W lighting unit, 4200 Lumen lighting power. It’s really a powerful light for almost all purposes. So how do the color-tones look like? It was a previous model to AquaSky G, so here you will see even more kind-of yellowish colors. On the carpet, on the green plants. You also will see more yellow on the wood parts and on the other plants. The color difference – compared to the Solar RGB (left) – is much more significant. Solar RGB has more of a blueish color. And the Solar Moon has more of a yellowish color tone (right). You can see the difference. The last one is the Twinstar’s latest light, the 600S. It’s a really powerful lighting unit. It is 45W, and 3100 Lumen on the lighing intesity side. It highlights a lot the reddish colors. You will see that on the comparison shots. It’s also one of the widest lighting units, so it covers more area on the small aquarium. On the closeup shots you can see that green is of course different to what we’ve seen. It is less yellow I would say. More brownish, more red in overall – with the Twinstar (right). I found the same in our Showroom – there are more brownish colors, even with the carpeting plants. We’we seen this on the Riccardia moss. But because your eye is just adapting so quickly to these lights, this is really hard to compare in real-life situations. OK! So the 4 lights next to each other – on one screen. As you can see the difference is much more significant between these. On the top left is the Solar RGB. And the AquaSky G, AquaSky Moon and finally, the Twinstar light in the bottom right corner. I hope you found this clip really useful. All of these lights are capable to grow almost anything here – in the aquarium. Of course CO2 and good care are also required to have the healthiest aquariums at home. All right, thank you Guys, for your attention, and see you in our next video!


  1. Whish there were 4 seperate tanks with the same plants.Than we can compare the light better.

  2. Thank you for the comparison ! I've got the twinstar RGB but the first time i saw the Ada solar RGB in real life i couldn't believe it. This unit has the most beautiful colors i ever seen ! So stunning !

  3. Finally a good comparison of LEDs out in the market. Would be amazing if you guys could follow up with other LED fixtures as well! Anyways keep up the great work!

  4. This is just what I was hoping to see on youtube! a great comparison of all the lights I have a hard time deciding with!

  5. ADA Solar RGB has beautiful reds and deep greens but the extraneous light diffusing into the surrounding is my biggest issue with the light. I prefer the Twinstar 600S for focused lighting and colour rendition. Great scape and the comparison was very much appreciated.

  6. Nice comparison, interesting one. Unfortunately music in the background is nightmare. It's harde to focus on voice, because of this music. Maybe next time something slower, quieter.

  7. hi I'm using in my 96L tank ,36w power led DIY lamp and is absolutely fine, the plants are growing fine and of course there is no problem with algae. Regards mate great job ?

  8. The ADA RGB is crushing these competitors in the quality of light spectrum. Greens should look vibrant green not yellowish.
    Would love to see more of these side by side comparisons with different LED fixtures. Really helpful. Maybe also have them in two different tanks, one classic nature aquarium with mostly green and brown plants and one Dutch-ish with colourful stems.

  9. We can see here differences between High CRI and Low. Very attractive light with high contrast is developed by ada RGB and looks very attractive, but not really natural. Most natural view gives picture on right top photo, but everything depends on our preferences and effect which we need in layout. Very good, short and helping video

  10. I like the RGB, but Twinstar seemed more balanced. Thanks Viktor. The tanks are looking sweet as usual.

  11. thanks a lot for this video. you can search and google so much, but this video is what i was looking for. My fav. is the twinstar. One last thing…..the video would be PERFECT if you add the Chihiros RGB to the comparison, it also has nice colors and it says 3500 lumen, the Twinstar S should be 3100 lumen, i would like to know which one is in fact the brighter one (not on the paper)

  12. I'm really liking the look of the Solar RGB – expensive for sure – but I really like the "clean" whitish light that the ADA LED lighting puts out. I've got a Satellite Pro+ on my 60P and an Aquasky 361 on my Mini M and much prefer the ADA light. The light is more "white" but even so, colours just seem to pop better and the plants grow extremely well. I do wish the ADA lights were dimmable though…

  13. incredibly difficult to follow which light is which maybe add some captions, it's great info otherwise I wouldn't comment

  14. The aquasky g looks the best in its price range to me. It’s obviously not a good choice for tanks with a lot of red but for green it’s great. I’m not a fan of yellow carpets.

  15. This could be most professional aqua light comparison ever. So clear. Also best one is of course ada lighting. Its awesome clarity, balanced color wide with seperate gammas. Won der ful.

  16. more light maker with best quality , thing should be less price, not with nonsense price

  17. Jeese. Turn the music down.
    Great comparison otherwise ?

    The ADA solar seems to blow the others away.

  18. Using the twinstar 600s myself. The solar one truly is the best, but then again. At that price you'd expect somethinf truly unique.. Which it is 😉
    Can you do a feature on this scape one day? I would love to see a bit more of it. Layout, dosing regime etc : )

  19. The first- going by how natural and close to white of the Venetian blinds is the winner. Most intense light also. The last is much more like my Gro Lux florescent lights. I like it and sometimes mix a daylight bulb for extra lumens.

  20. Great tank! What's the distance between the ADA solar RGB to water surface? I'm so confusing on my setup due to the plant not so well.

  21. Hello really great video, any chance to see ONF flat one on the next comparison video ? 🙂

  22. Hi, Would you recommend the Twinstar 450ES for 45X35X35 cms heavily planted tank? Thank you.

  23. that is why ou use many colours and not one.a mixture is best. make your own, easy and I am no elec trician
    And look at those prices! edit = spelling errors

  24. This video is very, very interesting! Viktor Can you make this comparison with the ONF LEDs? I think that ONF is a good product! Thank you…

  25. many thanks for your test! and beautiful gallery, have to pay a visit 🙂 a reason to visit Budapest for me! 🙂 could you please add ADA Aquasky 601 (without G) to test. Considering it. I was comparing Aquasky 601 and Twinstar 600S and both make great light, for me a little better green under ADA, but it is older design, only white LEDs and smaller size/covered area. Twinstar is newer, bigger, RGB-W LEDs, better red color rendition, but I would need to dim it I think… hard to pick 🙂 (now I am on cheap Chihiros A401, 60cm tank)

  26. ive seen your tank on google image and was amaze at those red plants and that glass stand …what are those red plants?

  27. I have an RGB and cant get these plants to look like this. Same plants under same light, with same nutrients, and I get green when they get red. I dont get it.

  28. Looking at the actual light unit physical look.
    The Aquasky Moon with its frotsted legs and the miror thing looks so cleannnn.
    I want a mirror on my chihiros lights xD

  29. guys whats your opinion overall about the 900 SA twinstar rgb LED for a 200 liter and 100cm aquarium?

  30. Hey! Do you ship any of these led light to Finland? Does it cost more or something?

  31. I think this aquascape is so beauitful, do you maybe have more content or a layout?

  32. Sziasztok! A Twinstar Light ES és az S között vacillálok. 60x30x30-as akvárium, jelenleg egy Odyssea LED 400+ (60cm) teljesít szolgálatot, de szeretném lecserélni. Megéri az S az árkülönbséget?

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