Dirt River Radio – Black Eyed Mondays

* Orange Grey Matter
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prohibited. creepin up through the weekend my dirty
window the star come closer Mon Cheri
we’ll be dancing cheek-to-cheek I’ll take you down Asajj Mundi the black eyed Monday
Wow transcoded shadows old friends God
have you know it’s you yeah
water runs homey like you’re never gonna leave

11 thoughts on “Dirt River Radio – Black Eyed Mondays

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  2. I Love the black Limo
    and the Dancers Stance
    for the photographer!
    Very Italian ❤️🦋🦋🦋🍀👏🎩🕴

  3. La


    Tango & blues

    Sonido BLUES
    Estrés i nervios

    Orange grey matter

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