Disaster assistance from the Small Business Administration

There is assistance available for businesses
for all sizes that experience physical loss in this disaster or any presidentially
declared disaster. So we encourage any business that was effected by this to
apply, complete their SBA application and get it back to us just as soon as possible.
First of all, for SBA you do not need to have your insurance settled. Second of
all you do not need estimates of what it’s going to cost you to repair your property,
we’ll work all that out later whenever you complete that application and there is
no obligation to take a loan if we offer it. Certainly anybody who had physical
damage we consider for economic injury which is basically “stay in business”
funds that we would consider them for. If your landlord still expects to be paid;
your insurance company still expects to be paid; you may have key employees that
you need to retain in the business; all of those kind of things could possibly
be covered by SBA disaster assistance loan. Now there may be somebody
that had no physical damage at all, but customers couldn’t get to me,
they couldn’t get gasoline for their trucks; whatever, so their business suffered
during the time of this disaster. Again we can help them stay in
business by possibly loaning them some funds, so they can cover their
operating costs until things return to normal. Whenever you complete
that application, just know that we are going to do everything that we can to get you
the funds so that you can be back where you were the day before the disaster
and we’re going to use all the tools we have to make that recovery
affordable to you.

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