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welcome to Discover Fall River a program
focusing on the variety of activities found right here in Fall River
Massachusetts. Located in the southeastern part of the state, Fall River
dates back to the 18th century and is just 50 miles south of Boston and
minutes from Newport, Providence, and Cape Cod making it an ideal destination for a
day trip. Fall River home to a wide range of engaging museums historic gems and
other places of interest, and every year people come from far and wide to visit.
Today we’ll show you around nine Fall River attractions three of which have earned
the coveted certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor and two are listed on
the national register of historic places. Let’s start here on the Fall River
waterfront home to three attractions including Battleship Cove, the World’s largest collection of
the US World War two naval vessels, five of which are national historic landmarks.
battleship cove is a very unique museum i think when you think about museums
people think things under a glass case and battleship cove is so wonderfully
different from that because our things are actually ships that fought in
different Wars throughout our history the battleship started the whole museum
and it arrived in Fall River in June of 1965 so if this last summer we just
celebrated 50 years, 50 year anniversary of the battle ship arriving she was saved by her crew. This
battleship was destined to be scrapped she was no longer needed by the Navy she
had been decommissioned for several years and her former crew basically said
no way we want her to be preserved as a museum so we have the battleship Massachusetts, a
world war two battleship, a destroyer Joseph P Kennedy jr., submarine lionfish,
2 PT boats, and then our odd boat out is the Hiddensee, which is a Russian
missile Corvette from the nineteen eighties in the cold war and so all of
these ships you come here you’re not looking at anything under case you’re
actually able to walk around these ships explore. So many of the spaces are open
and you really get a feel for what it was like to be a sailor on one of these
ships and not only that we have several exhibits on the ships that will teach
you about an aspect of history whether that’s our women’s exhibit and how women
served in the Armed Forces whether that’s our crew members exhibits you get
a chance to learn about what life was like for the crew members on this
ship we have a lot to offer and in that way I
think Battleship Cove is extremely unique as a museum so the most popular program here at
Battleship Cove is our overnight camping program we were one of the pioneers in
bringing scout groups and family groups to sleep over at a museum. The program started in
1972 so it’s been going 42 years and
going at this point and so that’s an opportunity to come really sleep over on
the ship you’re sleeping in the racks four high you will not get a good night’s sleep
but however you will get the authentic experience of a navy sailor. Vietnam
History Day which we have in August celebrates our Vietnam history and
collections here at Battleship Cove we have a Pacific island day in February
that teaches folks about the different pacific island cultures the PT boaters
encountered during World War Two. Space Saturday is a nod to the Destroyers role
in the space capsule recovery missions in the nineteen sixties so we offer these type of theme
programming we also have special guided tours given by a lot of are very
enthusiastic volunteers there behind the scene tours and then we also offer
special events like our Navy Christmas dinner our Battleship Brewfest and our
Halloween boo bash. Hours here at battleship cove we’re open seven days a week april first
to December 31st and then from january first to march 31st we’re open friday
saturday and sunday you can get more information by checking our website we also have a very active Facebook page
so please friend us. a short walk away from battleship cove you’ll find
maritime artifacts memorabilia and more at the Marine Museum at Fall River I’m Maria Vann and the director of the
Marine Museum at Fall River I’m also the director of collections at
Battleship Cove the museum was founded in nineteen sixty
eight by a whole group of local citizens who thought the local and
regional history of maritime culture needed to be preserved and those things
included the Fall River Line a local connection to the Titanic tragedy as
well as the whaling culture of the region. The museum been in existence for
almost 50 years now and we tell you know some local like i said in regional
stories but in addition there’s some national and international stories that
we can tell through our hundred and fifty plus ship models, Our collection of
prints and paintings objects that came right off of boats and ships so our main gallery exhibit is entitled
Sails, Paddles, and Screws – the history of maritime travel and culture. With what
we’ve done is divided the museum into three forms of vessel propulsion so in the first area we talk about
sailing ships and then we tell some stories within that area we talk about
the bounty for instance which is a really a great story about i guess one
of the most you know fascinating mutinies of all time but it’s also
important to fall river history because she was birth here that the replica ship
for many many years after and then tragically lost in hurricane sandy our
second areas about Paddleships and so we talk about steam technology growing middle-class tourism very much focused
around the Fall River Line and we you know have an opportunity here at the
Museum to tell students and the general public alike about technology in the
growth of Technology and commerce and then our third section is about screw
technology or propellers as most people know it and then that’s actually talk
about ocean liners and warships and merchant vessels so our merchant vessel
section for instance has objects from the United Fruit Company which was a
great importer here to Fall River and basically brought bananas once unknown fruit to New England and so
we tell stories like that or we tell stories about the Titanic and and a
local resident of Fall River who was the last Massachusetts survivor of that
tragedy the marine museum is located right on
the waterfront down the street from Battleship Cove. We are at 70 water street we are in what was once an old part of
the ironworks Factory and we basically you know reimagine this building as a
museum We have a website that you can
check out at that has a list of like events and opportunities
that are going on here at the Museum including lectures by maritime
historians family days and art workshops that are tied to maritime themes we have
all sorts of things happening here the marine museum has a research library
on the second floor of our facility it’s open by appointment only at this
point what we have in the library is over 3000 texts ship logs ephemeral
newspapers a whole photographic collection so some rich history up there that
researchers and just enthusiasts would maybe like to check out and recently
we’ve expanded so now Battleship Cove has brought their research library over
in our space so if anyone’s interested in finding out more are they can contact the museum the
marine museum is open now for the season and we’re open on tuesdays through
saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. visitors can come and enjoy themselves
here now through the end of december also here on the waterfront a collection
of railroad equipment and memorabilia at the Old Colony and Fall River railroad
museum my name is Jay Chatterton, i’m the president
of the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad museum We started this museum myself another
gentleman in april of nineteen eighty-six the museum is unique first of all in fact that it’s in
rail road cars, we’re preserving the history of the Fall River area
concentrating mostly on Fall River but we’ve got some stuff from Somerset area
and going towards the north like most of the boat trains they originated here
went up to Boston and came back with an overnight trip you left Boston at five
o’clock in the evening you come down and Fall River by seven o’clock you’re on the
ship headed down to newport and then from there you went right into New York
City back in 1888 was two dollars and eighty five cents you know we had the steam ships and we
had a lot of cotton mills but the cotton raw cotton came into the
city a little bit by rail and a lot by the steamships but a lot of the product
left here by rail this rail helped develop this entire city, you know there was city there was different ways in the city by rail it wasn’t just on
the waterfront where we are now they they used to be a rail line it came in
from New Bedford all the way through right into the heart of the city up on
Plymouth Avenue so there was and it was rail yard all
over this area at one point there was 54 trains that either came through or
originated this city in this city in a 24-hour
period you know some of the old-timers it’s looking at all the nostalgic
pictures that we have and you know oh I was down here when the boats left I
was too young to go on the boats but i can remember my parents singing on the Fall River Line that young kids it’s where we are right now in a caboose
they love being in a caboose we also have that small area and its
kind of geared so young children have some tactical things to do with trains
wooden trains and stuff like that while you look in the display cases to
see what we’ve got in there we’re open every weekend saturdays and
sundays from 12pm to 3pm we can also open up for appointment if a group wants to come
down easiest way to get a hold of the museum is on our facebook page Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Museum before you leave the waterfront take the kids to the
Fall River carousel at Battleship Cove, a colorful antique wooden ride built in the
early 20th century. and now we have two and now we are at the Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River featuring Legos
and an interactive game floor my name is Jo-Anne Sbrega I am happy to serve as the executive
director of The Children’s Museum of greater Fall River located at 441
north main street right here in Fall River the museum with walls was founded
in 2012 when we signed the lease for this
wonderful building the former Superior courthouse we’re proud to have eight exhibits on
the first floor and now we’re beginning the second floor which we’re really
excited about our most popular dinosaur and violets music room the new train room is almost ready to go
again and water is always popular with the kids and Legos so we have lots of
interesting things on the first floor and then on the second floor virtual gaming floor is the most popular
upstairs and our idea behind this we’re calling it a wing for healthy living
healthy lifestyle and the idea is kids like technology but we want to keep the
moving so instead of sitting with iPads they’re using gross motor skills and
dancing and jumping around so we’re really happy about that say
from one year of age up to about nine years old is our core age group so it’s education and in the most
basic ways a lot of our exhibits are STEM related or we like to say steam
because we have the art component as well so it’s hands-on learning for
children today kids lives are so organized
everything is organized sports and art lessons and music lessons and we
know recess is being taken away more and more in school so it’s just a
wonderful venue for children to be themselves to find what they like to do
to explore discover and grow as one of our tag lines we will be having some
special programming one in particular I’m very excited about is we’re bringing a
storyteller in for a stories telling series we’ll be doing our free fun
friday again in August animal instincts will be partnering with us on that day
and some other projects throughout the summer so we’ll be putting a calendar up
on facebook as well as on the web they’ll be a monthly calendar for summer
activities we will also be open an extra day we will be opening on tuesdays instead of
sundays for the summer so we’ll give field trips and groups on vacation
more opportunity during the week we have our website
or facebook you can like us on facebook and be friends with us on facebook.
those are certainly two good ways to keep up with it also in the neighborhood is the
children’s aquarium exploration Center of Greater Fall River with the touch
tank where kids can hold starfish urchins and other sea creatures I started the aquarium out of noticing a
deficit in the city in terms of what there is to do for children specifically
hands-on learning I figured we would create a place that
people would be drawn to for the fact that their children won’t just be
standing there listening to words being spoken they’re actually touching everything and
and they know how it feels and what it sounds like sometimes, for instance
our mantis shrimp you know the kids get a kick out of the sounds that that makes
so it’s using all of their senses including creativity where they
can dress up as a sea creature or a pirate or a mermaid an act out what
they’ve experienced we have this 16-foot touch tank system three tanks of
tropical specimens as well as three tanks of native saltwater specimens that
you would find here in New England throughout our marine waterways here in
our Taunton River as well a few of the other sections in house
are our cichlid section which houses Central and South American cichlids we also have an African display so
african cichlids part of our unique ability is that we not only have what’s
native here in New England but we also specialize and what’s around the world
that you can see in different places and we try to bring in particular specimens
that have a unique characteristics or great talking points or interesting
adaptations really it’s a community public aquarium
and it’s because of the community that is here it was a need and we filled it
and i really think it’s a super positive addition to the already existing great
things that are here in fall river so if you are interested in visiting the
Children’s Aquarium, we certainly would love to have you stop by and check us out and
bring the kids and have them become inspired learn about what’s in the sea we’re open Saturdays and Sundays
Saturdays from 10 to five and sundays from 12 to five. In 1892 one of the
most famous crimes of all time took place and Fall River, the murders of
Andrew and Abby Borden. Allegedly at the hands of Andrews daughter Lizzie Borden today students of both the crime and
paranormal come to Fall River to tour the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum hello my name is Richard Bertoldo, I’m a tour
guide here at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum located at well historically it’s a 92 second
street address but the addresses were changed in the
early nineteen hundreds so it’s actually two 30-second street
now but it’s the same house has never been moved built here in 1845 by mrs.
southard Miller for mr. Charles Traft originally. Andrew bought the property
in eighteen seventy two and they lived here thru 1892 unfortunately when the
tragedy occurred here and in the house in August fourth 1892 It’s a fascinating
house we have tours every day from 11am to 3pm
last tour is at 3, overnight guests check in after four and it’s an amazing
experience being here in the house where all this happened the furniture in the house none of its
original to the board’s unfortunately moved out in 1893 the girls and we had
to use a black and white photos and documentation replicate what the house
looked like back then but as you go through the house and you can some of
the crime scene photos are available to look at you take a look notice of the furniture that’s in
the pictures you see that they did an incredible job with the house not too many places in the entire world
that you can go to and see a crime scene still intact and they didn’t such a
marvelous job here that we’ve had we have schools they come here forensics
classes, law classes. from what I’m told it’s one of the most studied murder
trials in US history and it’s a quite an amazing story in itself we have 6 bedrooms in the house 8 beds
if you put two people in each bed that’s sixteen people plus we have 4 roll out cots so we can actually accommodate up to 20 people night and if you want to you could rent out the entire house for the evening you wanted to, and a lot of groups that do
that but we generally you tell people that if they get that plan something
like that it’s going to be a family reunion let us know one of the advance so that
we can hide all the sharp instruments in the house it’s an amazing place you have to come
to check it out are you curious to learn more you’ll
find a wide range of material about Lizzie Borden’s life and trial including
the original crime scene photos across town in the historical highland
district at Fall River Historical Society hi my name is Michael Martins I’m the
curator of the Fall River Historical Society. We are the oldest organization in
Fall River dedicated to preserving artifacts pertaining to the city’s
history we were found in 1921 we are housed in a
beautiful structure which is a unique combination of the Greek Revival
style in the French Second Empire style and we are a national register listed
property the house has magnificent period interiors
and large collections of primarily pertaining to local history
everything in the collection has some relationship to Fall River history but it
is a magnificent and very diverse collection. The Fall River Historical
Society has spent years on restoring the property and the interiors especially
have been restored and and we brought them back as much as possible so that
the original period detail really shines now i’m in addition we have a number of
items in the house that are original to the structure so that when people visit they’re confronted with two things, a
house museum because we are historic House Museum but also a museum
of local history so there are galleries with a number of exhibits as well every year the Historical Society
conducts a holiday open house and we’re now drawing visitors from outside the
region it really has become a destination attraction for the holiday
season the house is really resplendent during the
holiday season in fact our trees are decorated trees have won awards in
international tree decorating competitions we even did a Marie Antoinette tree, we do an upside-down christmas tree every year so the trees are really
spectacular I’m in addition at that time of the year
we have a very well-stocked museum shop now a museum shop is open year round but
during the holiday season it really is a boutique-style shop with a number of
rooms on several floors very wide range of merchandise so the holiday season is
really wonderful at the Historical Society. The Fall River Historical
Society is recognized worldwide as the central repository for material
pertaining to the infamous 1892 Borden murder case in our collections are any
of the extant original evidence and a number of materials that have been
donated to the Historical Society or required by the Historical Society
worldwide over a number of years. The collection is used by scholars and
researchers that certainly anyone working on books or documentaries and of
course there are people with a passing interest so we have lots of tourists to
visit the historical society if one is coming to Fall River with an interest in
Lizzy Borden it is really essential to visit the historical society because all
of the extant material is contained in our collections everything here is documented so many
people know about the legend they know about the myth but very few
people know the facts of the case and that’s something that we try to bring
forward in addition to the museum the historical
society operates the Charlton Library of Fall River history and contained in the
archive and library are a large number of volumes pertaining to local history
in regional history in many ways we also have a very large collection of
periodicals pertaining to local history so we have newspapers here going back to
the 1840s and an extensive collection of manuscripts and photographs for example
the photograph collection is in excess of 20,000 images and the archive and
library open to the public we do recommend appointments but we have
a number of people who come here researching local history genealogy things like that i would certainly
encourage anyone interested in local history or Lizzie Borden history or
architectural history to visit the historical society we’ve often been likened
to the hidden gem of southeastern Massachusetts and I think that’s really
the case people get much more than they expect
when they visit the historical society it’s an incredible structure and
well worth visiting starting next year in 2017 visitors will
be able to tour Maplecroft the stately victorian house where Lizzie Borden lived
following her release from jail my name is Kristee Bates I’m the owner
of Maplecroft, I will be managing it i purchased it at the end of November
of 2014 we will be offering several tours one of which will be a tour of the home
we will also have the behind-the-scenes tour and that would be more of the
property basement and then also third floor servants quarters, We’ll have special tours
for that additionally we’re going to have special
events including tea parties and educational events, the etiquette of setting
a table and whatnot in addition will be offering tarot card
readings on the third floor what I think is unique about this home
is that it did belong to Lizzie Borden however it’s been a private residence
for several several years and it’s quite obvious because of the amount of time
people have lived here 30 some years, 30 some years that
it’s very much a pleasant comfortable environment and really a family type of
home but what’s important is that it will be open pretty much for the first
time ever and i think that the unique quality about that is the people
who are interested in the crime and interested in Lizzie Borden in general they’ll be able
to see how she lived after the trial and maybe piece together some of their
questions that they have. I think people will be interested in seeing how she
lives however I think that the most exciting
feature will be is that it will be an interactive place you know people will walk in here
they’re going to be transported back into time and they will get to see what
it looks like to look through a stereoscope what a real Victrola sounds
like and you know get to touch and see but an Edison bulb looks like things
like that you know they think i’d like to say is that i’m just so appreciative first of all to have the opportunity to
be able to restore a home like this but also that the the community has just
been wonderful I’ve had so much help and so much more
positive encouragement to do this it’s just been a great experience all
the way around. We are planning on opening to the public may of 2017 did you know that there is a historical
colonial home recreated as though it were the 1750’s that is probably the link to the
American Revolution you can find it at the historic
highlands district where the lafayette durfee house is open my name is David Jennings i am the
director of the Lafeyette Durfee historical house located at 94 cherry street and is
the only home of the colonial era that is open to the public Thomas Durfee was the original, was
the father of Joseph moved here from Portsmouth Rhode Island his estate ran
from south to north would be from Central Street to President avenue and
from west to east would be from the Taunton River up the North Watuppa pond that was
his estate he was a very prominent citizen of Fall
River he was their colonial representative in the
legislature so the house reflects somewhat of a upper what we would
consider an upper middle-class person a person of prestige Thomas Durfee and his son Joseph Durfee
was the commander of the Fall River militia during the battle of Fall River
the house was originally located on north main street in the area of the
superior courthouse the well for this house is still up on the north main
street corner of north maple street behind the children’s museum so the house has moved to this present
location in 1874, It’s post and beam construction
and has five working fireplaces and was fully reconstructed as you see it
today in 1976 we are open from 1pm to 4pm every sunday
from june through september and occasionally we have special
events planned throughout the year you can check our facebook page when the
events will be scheduled as you can see Fall River has so much to
offer and we hope you plan your next getaway here with us my name is Michaella Lesieur thank you for
watching Discover Fall River

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