Discovery – Rivers & Robots (Official Video)

You are more real than I know Help me remember that I’m not alone Your word is life to my soul Help me remember that you’re in control ‘Cause when you speak I feel my heart burn within Teach my soul to be always listening Your word is a light to my path Help me remember you’re the first and last And You are the beautiful one Whenever I see You, I am overcome And You are never-ending in Your ways I could search out Your heart for all my days And Lord I need You in my life And nothing else can satisfy Now that I know I was made for this discovery Now that I know I was made for this discovery This discovery This discovery This discovery This discovery

100 thoughts on “Discovery – Rivers & Robots (Official Video)

  1. Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love tou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Guys you are just getting better. Complete music, not just good melody, not just good lyrics, but complete music. Just one suggestion, get someone that has a better pulse to write and design your letters, they get more wobbly by the video… JK
    Can't wait for this full album. Greetings from AR.

  3. May God bless you all! This is a gift from God to you, to have this opurtunity to worship Him, but One importante thing, do it all for Gods glory, never forget Gods Law too.

  4. Thank you so much…I really needed this song…I am going thru my dry season…Plz pray for me.

  5. This song is so beautiful. I can feel great peace hearing this song. Thank you! God bless you! <3

  6. Thank you. I was so encouraged by this song. God is using you, and he just used your voice and words to bless me. God bless you Jonathan, and rest of the members of rivers and robots.

  7. Exactly what I need to remember in this season, such a blessing 🙏🏽 To know You and be known by You, Lord.

  8. Hahaha. Why you make me cry, R&R? 😂😝 This & Shepherd of my Soul do me in GOOD. They both invite the Holy Spirit to lead in such a deep way. Thank you for this song.

  9. So… I think I get why you call your band the "river" part… but why the "robots"?

  10. Such a beautiful song.
    Feeling so at peace as I listen and encounter God.
    As a side note, I really like how simple / stripped back / unedited this video is!

  11. Now this was amazing!! , the scene was perfect, done in one take too! and the camera was soo steady!! I can definitely tell there are some serious work being done behind the scenes

  12. I love it
    I just found this guy…and I'm inlove with it. I could go to sleep to this . Praise God

  13. Thank you for this… this song has come at the perfect time in my life.
    Keep doing what you are doing, R&R!

  14. This song is so beautiful, God bless you and hope that you continue writing this kind of songs that help us to be growing in God's spirit everyday. God bless you

  15. This song is more beautiful than anything I could say about it – I don't think my words are sufficient to explain how much I love this sweet melody! ❤
    I really can't wait for the album to come out next week, I pray that it's going to bless many people. Funnily enough, Tori Kelly's first Christian album is being released the same day, so I'll have plenty of refreshing music to listen to on my train ride back to university! Thank you guys for your ministry ❤

  16. 'Cause when you speak
    I feel my heart burn within
    Teach my soul
    To be always listening

  17. Liked it before I even heard it. Just saw the artist and title. Love your worship n praise. Keep it up. My wife is a worship leader at our church and we love just having your music on at the house.

  18. soooo beautiful, it reminds me His grace n love, Thank God for this precious worshipper.
    God bless u

  19. So perfect ❤️ Yes, SO perfect❣️ Thanks for your work, guys! Blessings from North Carolina, USA

  20. Love Rivers & Robots – they produce such refreshing and true praise and worship songs to the Father. Love it and love this song!! Blessings!!

  21. Amo su trabajo chicos!, y lo mejor de todo es que es música que edifica y alaba a Dios. Saludos desde Guatemala.

  22. Tienen tanto amor en la letra que con cualquier canción me hacen llorar y analizar tantas cosas

  23. wow, I'm super touched by this, I know the Lord is pleased with you all. These are songs that can only be made when the heart of man and God collide in such in an intimate way… I think this band is the definition of intimacy with the Lord. God bless you guys.

  24. I seriously think this song describes my life with Jesus. Thank you for your music, ministry, and gifts

  25. This song brought my spirit to another level when I was driving home from work the other day.
    I was crying tears of joy😭
    Thank you and blessings from Germany.

  26. I am minimalist and it´s so comforting to find a group like you, with that style, so simple but so complete, we dont need to impress with things when Jesus ​​fills everything. Thanks!




  28. River and Robots is my favourite band. Greeting from Indonesia

  29. Thank you Johnathan, your music, worship has helped me finish a book God had me do. Maybe I can send you a copy.

  30. I love how your heart of love sings for your Lord, Jonathan! I could … well, I do…listen to you all day sing your worship of spirit and truth. Thank you so very much. Like a cold fresh drink of water.

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