Disney Wonder Avoids Hurricane Rosa Off The Coast Of Baja Mexico

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce welcome to Monday October the 1st 2018 and hurricane Rosa off the
coast of Mexico the hurricane is about to cross the Baja Peninsula and headed
in California and Arizona where flood watches are in effect this is going to
be a big weather system for the Southwest us dropping a lot of rain in
the meantime a cruise ship known as the Disney wonder with 2,700 passengers and
950 crew they’re supposed to be sailing down the coast of the Baja Peninsula
today that isn’t gonna happen they’re out at sea right now they’re avoiding
this hurricane at all costs and they will have no trouble staying out of the
way of this storm the storm is accelerating to the coast now and will
slow down over land but that won’t matter that little gray dot you see on
the top left that is the Disney wonder she’s waiting for the storm to pass and
then she’ll go down the coast and catch up with those two other dots the pink
and yellow dots that would be the Carnival Splendor and the holland
america’s end and who have already passed through and are enjoying the cabo
weather you can see here Monday and Tuesday the storm is gonna move way up
into Arizona and then into Nevada and even Utah so it won’t be a problem for
the folks on this ship right here the Disney Wonder so family and friends
everyone they’ll be safe they’ll be fine they’ll enjoy it they’ll have a great
time and they will not be subject to this that this storm is going up into
the States but the Disney Wonder will just go around behind her and avoid her
at all cost thanks for joining me today it’s Bruce with traveling of Bruce we’ll
see you live 5 o’clock Monday to Friday Eastern Time take everybody bye for now

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  1. So That’s why is in the Central Valley of California finally got rain today

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