DIY ไฟฉาย Flashlight 12V LED COB 70W

Hello. My name is M. In this video clip I will assemble Portable flashlight 12V 70W Go to see what equipment is used in the assembly. Go to see equipment Item 1 Powerball cob 12 Volt 70 Watt White light Next equipment All 3 3.7V lithium batteries Will perform the series to get a voltage of 12 Volts Next equipment bms 3 cell 12.6 Volts 20 Amps Next equipment 12 Volt On-Off Switch and DC Plug Box for carrying equipment Such as Swift batteries All of this is the main equipment used in the assembly. If you are interested in these devices I put the link on the bottom of the clip Can go to see details or more information Next, do not see how to assemble. You can connect the circuit as follows As the picture shown on the screen Hand assembled DIY spot welding machine Do it yourself at home The equipment used is a microwave transformer. You can go back and watch previous clips for how to assemble Spot welding. Nickel for welding battery terminals 18650 Use this type of nickle tape Batteries that have been installed in this set Lithium 18650 2600 mA Assembled into a 12 Volt battery Will have a voltage of 12 volts when fully charged Capacity 2600 mAh This battery can work for 4 hours. 12 Volt 70 Watt In just one charge 100 percent to 80 percent lighting In the first hour The screen brightness decreases depending on the battery voltage. In the 4th hour, the LED will produce the same light as the 10 W lamp. Due to the battery is nearly depleted If he wants to be able to use it for a long time Just increase the capacity of the battery only And can be used with a solar cell system Or use electricity directly from the car, can be done This type of LED bulb is quite good lighting. For this type of 70 watt LED bulb The price of LED lamps is quite cheap. This type of LED tube There are 2 colors, white and warm colors. If you need information about the LED bulb Or more information You can go to see the link attached to the bottom of the clip How are you doing for a portable flashlight assembly? How is it? For how to assemble. Portable flashlight If you are interested, I have put a link at the bottom of this video clip. You can go to see details or more information. For this clip is over Meet the new hair in the next clip. Goodbye

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