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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make
four foot giant numbers that you can use for any milestone celebration here we go today’s inspiration was brought to you
by Pinterest once again Pinterest has done it I fell
in love with the idea of this four foot I think it was four foot it could have
been bigger or shorter to me was four feet and that’s why I’m making mine four
feet so yeah it will say four feet acrylic and balloon giant number and oh
my gosh it was so beautiful it was for a first birthday party of a boy and oh my
gosh so pretty anyway a credit can be very expensive so I decided to make mine
out of hole board where you can get the same effect and the same beautifulness
for your next birthday party or even for an anniversary so let’s get started
alright guys so this is what I’m using to guide myself to make my fourth flood
giant numbers I got this image from Google by googling or by searching for
foot giant numbers I actually got the number 21 but I decided that I’m only
going to make one number because I know it’s going to be time-consuming
especially with it being so large and I’m also going to be making it a little
bit different I’m not going to be using the back panel I’m only going to be
using the outer panels and I’m going to be filling it with balloons I just
wanted to make it a little different from my giant letters if you haven’t
seen that video I’m going to attach it at the end of this video so you can take
a look at it and learn how to make letters and I’m also using this envelope
where I drew out these slices that I thought will be proportioned to make my
4 foot giant number so yeah okay so there are 10 sides to this number 1 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 I’m going to be cutting all these sides first before
putting it together and I’m going to start with the bottom panel and that’s
going to be 2 feet by 1/3 now I’m going to use my exacto knife to
cut out the foam board next I’m going to be making these two side panels and I’m
going to be making them 1 foot by 1 foot now I’m going to be making these smaller
panels here these two right here and this one right here at the bottom I’m
going to be making them 6 inches by 12 inches so 6 inches by 1 foot next time
we making this tall panel right here on the left side I’m going to make it two
and a half feet tall and one feet wide okay so two and a half by one foot I’m going to make this one break here
the nose I’m going to make it ten inches by one foot for the top of the number
one this part right here and the one right on top for my tallest panel which
is this one on the right I’m going to make it three feet and since I do not
have a foam board that’s three feet tall I’m gonna have to put these together and
what I’m going to do is handle them together then tape them with transparent
tape I’m going to start putting my number one
together from bottom to top and I’m going to start with the very bottom one
which is my two feet by one foot which is this one right here and then I’m
going to grab the two from this sides which are one foot by one foot okay and
I’m just going to grab hot glue and blow them together now I’m going to secure
with a little bit of hot glue inside now I’m placing the two on top right
here at the bottom okay so I’m going to put the bottom to the side for a bit and
I’m moving on to the top okay so I’m going to construct this area here I’m
going to glue the next one which is my one by one in an angle so it’s going to
look something like this moving on to the very top one now I’m going to start
gluing on the floor and I’m going to be glue nd panels from the middle I’m going
to start with my two and a half and then I’m going to move on to my three and a
half and lastly let’s glue on the bottom part if your number one is still a little
wobbly after applying glue in the inside go ahead and apply glue to the outside
where the panels connect but make sure that you add it very neatly now we’re
gonna move on to the balloons and as you can see right here is you know coming in
a little but don’t worry about it wants to place the balloon that’s gonna come
up a little more and it’s going to look amazing I’m going to be using nine-inch
purple balloons lilac and white you can also use five-inch balloons I’m using
this one because you can blow them up into five inches and up to nine as far
as the five inches you cannot blow them up any bigger and I thought that this
based on they’re actually measured that and it will be better with the nine
inches okay and I got these from Party City and here I have one balloon this is
pretty much the size that I’m going to be blowing all of them up and this is
probably about 7 inches and I’m just going to go ahead and blow all of the
balloons that I have well not all of them maybe half of them that I have in
each bag and I’m just going to randomly place them all inside the number one you
may need or may not need to use hot glue so pretty much you said to your
discretion all right guys this is M this is my
fourth foot giant number filled with balloons as you can see I added letters
to the balloon this one says one because it is the number one this is definitely
great for your child’s first birthday or for any milestone celebration all you
have to do is that the extra number you can also use this for anniversaries or
for work anniversaries as well this is amazing I truly truly love it if you
liked this video make sure to give me a thumbs up make sure to comment and let
me know what you thought of my giant number deal with balloons and let me
know in the comments below also if you have any requests if you are an event
planner let me know what’s on your wish list and maybe you’ll see you next time
I make a video also make sure to share share share sharing is caring if you
know of a friend or a family member that’s going to have a birthday party
soon anniversary or work anniversary make sure to share with them at the end
of this video alright guys until next time bye

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