DIY Clamp Lighting

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place where you have to spend a lot to get a lot students are rather important
element your video which is lighting properly and how to do that would be expensive i
didn’t give him a hardware store known as a clamp light and this is your plan for it as you may
have guessed so this is a socket a potential clients we cannot attach to
certain services the tourists in a regular to propose and uh… it’s quite handy for our
situations the availability of a standard socket will
give you various options to screwing here because there there is a standard
soccer will fit in this morning halogen track lighting cfl xs compact fluorescent lighting or photo floats dimensions resume really great who is a railroad reviews use an el
mariachi and uh… what a film makers use these
his is busily news and realize what is news we were found out of the offer of
plates are created equal this is one that i found bailouts and uh… it was five dollars which is
about fifty less than a hundred servers and so that he would create firing now and get more these two five bucks a
buildup murmur stock use them for more things but as i found out that these are worth a dollar fifty civil man his wife and uh… first noticed
that the upon method of clapping her the shape the clamp portion that goes on a
whatever service is different this triangular shape right here is a
leverage to resume or the bailouts version has more of an oblong shape which showed this doesn’t work as effectively israel graham refused to
extends actually a lot more effectively army at regular versions that when you
reinforce either version with spring clamp generally recommend these sheet and will reinforced things and give you a piece
of mine because they won’t fall off of the sprinkler attached for the first year compose something but the shape of the this works for the
chronological the biggest problem though is the socket and how it’s connected to
the clamp the same tends to fall apart all the
time that really frustrating has got a little uh… we know it ca are
restored version of looks very similar portrayed angle this it likes to soccer
like some fallout which is a real pain doesn’t doesn’t
work as well as deserve this was a lot smoother more durable vistas give me headaches like this one
does from for society itself is cheaper the switches shooters utils quote your and uh… actor gis
cheaper doesn’t seem to feel nicely constructed you can believe
that our clairvoyant plus the succesfully rated for at two
hundred fifty once this one’s rate if you look inside the
cybersex and sixty watts buses on sugar sticker from ul labs which means it’s
been inspected works right goes on as much as sticker
which is about every way him the restore version is better than the cheaper
deluxe version so don’t buy this once in big let’s skip it goes a little beef o
and get this version which is a lot better tourism is things you can do with
this as well humble where they had had been share
earlier was that they all come with a uh… aluminum reflector slid uh… right here which resigned led so wah continues to some other options no with
jefferson brother presidents uh… because eastenders strip out really easy
ministries are real secure and just comes off for a few book ever
superhero be more repressed fit in and say better places his group is also a great if you
want to cooked some mercy forty-sevens i_e_
clothes pins like so and security estrogen only if user of
whatever of decision a service to do so if you use it so if they were the houses the spotlight relevance for the use from
rebecca laying privet it’s got it’s built its own reflector
but if you want to attach itself to this is a possible no surface reviews this
reflector you do have a surface works quite well then you can use the incandescent
lighting of the national for the two sixty or balls were typically used for and set up this evening on camera those bhumi just about enough light and
if i want is a jolt to cut down on the amount of weight and getting up
available near both of those you can get for about
dollar for proper four of them is ridiculous is so expensive so when you break everything down new business comparable compact package
for storage these are very effective for a variety of things reminds back twice q_-eight still lights turn anything and
integrate their expensive highly recommend them and that’s the basic so what clamp
lighting i’ll show you how to use the more
specifically in a future of a so to talk about three point lighting but right now too so you know they’re all being used
to like this shot at one hundred a lot of all over here the daylight shelf for
her will blow over here would be ideal at halogen spotlight behind me and use
it as a black white also that the alleged all those are being held up by a
clam plates you like this to please come through for
record a comparable or nicholas apprentice instructables twitter and
facebook we’ll see you next time

91 thoughts on “DIY Clamp Lighting

  1. Cool! You can also get those with a ceramic socket, that can handle hotter bulbs(specifically, reptile heat lamps)

    I got an $8 clamp light at wal-mart, and it doesn't really hold up any better then that Big Lots one you talked about. Actually, I think that is the one that just flamed out on me a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with water or something, and not an issue with the lamp. Had it for about 2 years before this incident.

  2. @cyrax037 If yours was as bad as the Big Lots version, I applaud you for holding onto it for 2 years. Every time I use that thing and the socket comes out, I want to chuck it out the window. It's that crummy.

  3. @thefrugalfilmmaker I've never used the Big Lots one, but the ones I have are actually used as reptile lights, so they pretty much sit there most of the time, so that's probably why. I just know that changing the bulb cuz the clamp thing would be always be loose, and the dome never fit in the threads right so the bulb actually had to hold the dome on. And I paid $8 for it too! I honestly don't know where I got the first one, but I've had it for several years.

  4. @thefrugalfilmmaker Oh, my older one is only rated for 75watt bulbs, and the Wal-mart one is for up to 100watt bulbs. I've used 100watts in both tho with out much issue.

  5. Excellent, we've been looking for a cheap method of experimenting with the effects of lighting and this seems like a great solution! Great videos.

  6. @sonne5 Check inside the socket. It should tell you how much voltage it can handle. If it says nothing, you should probably go with the sticker. You can go higher, but if it melts, you'll know why… You could also take it back and find one that will give you more voltage.

  7. @DigitalPraise7 Use 'em! I like incandescent bulbs because they are incredibly inexpensive. Four bulbs for $1 or less? Ridiculous!

  8. @WigManPhil Halogens will last longer, but incandescents are a lot cheaper.

  9. One of the tips that one of my teachers told me about at Full Sail about low-budget lighting is that you can take a coffee can, drill a hole in the bottom of the can, buy a porcelain socket, attach the socket to the bottom of the can, wire it up and you have a really reflective and simple 1k Baby. I myself have not yet made it, but I have a can and porcelain socket, but have not yet bought wiring for it (and/or power switch, as I do not know if I want to include one or not yet).

  10. Is the Bayco 10.5'' Brooder Clamp Light from Walmart acceptable to use? I'm going to try 3 point lighting for the first time. I've been using two halogen shop lights aimed straight up at the ceiling, now I see the error of my ways. How do you know which bulbs to use in the clamp light? I'm shooting music instructional video on a brown muslin backdrop, any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  11. @mike702dax That should work just fine. I've found (through trial and error) that 100w incandescent bulbs work just fine for the key and fill lights. For the back light I use a 75w halogen spot light on a dimmer.

  12. @thefrugalfilmmaker back from home depot, I got two 10.5 clamp lights, and a smaller one for the back. the guy said they are going to discontinue high watt incandescent, so he said to get a 72w daylight halogen, which would be roughly the equivalent. I also got the 75w halogen and a dimmer, so we'll see how it goes!

  13. Nice Job! Your comparison of the BigLots v. Hardware store lights just proves that Frugal doesn't mean cheap!

    I would like to add one tip. When you get these lights take them apart and paint the reflector with white spray paint. It warms up the reflected light just a bit.

  14. just th ones i use cost me 6 dollars in H.D. work perfect! i use a day light bulb

  15. Hey frugal, where's the best place to get Gels? And thank you for this video and your others. I'm headed out to buy PVC like mad and create light stands, stabilizer, etc. Thanks for all your ideas…they've caused me to come up with a few of my own (mostly non-video related). Thanks again!!!

  16. @Bibilo2006 I cant seem to find anything like this anywhere – not going up to 100w.
    Im wondering if us UK based people cant use something like this instead – "Silverline Hanging Work Light" – 150watt "work light" thats clamp hung…….so maybe need to put them further away or diffuse?
    I dont think it *HAS* to be clamp light right?

  17. Do the Metal shades on the clamp light ever melt the gels? I'm wondering how hot it gets.

  18. @denithy They're called "spring clamps". Any hardware store should carry them.

  19. I found some clamp lights at a local hardware store but they were $15. Where did you get yours? i know you get a lot from Harbor Freight so I'm guessing there?

  20. Note for those of us in the EU (or Ireland at least), you can't buy the higher wattage bulbs anymore. I tried buying a 150 watt bulb, but because they are not energy efficent enough they are now illegal and you'll have to find an alternative. LED lighting it'll have to be I think.

  21. @thefrugalfilmmaker are these compatible with flourescent/cfl bulbs? i was looking to match my lighting closer to the daylight/5600k area

  22. A good EU/UK equivalent to these are lizard lamps. They're used to light and heat pet lizard containers. I'm from the UK and use my two with 150w bulbs and they work a treat. Zoomed clamp lamps!

  23. u take way to long to get to the point, just trying to help u in the future

  24. I would recommend reading all the fine print on the warning labels, as many of these clamp lights do contain trace amounts of lead in them and recommend washing your hands after handling them. What I do is wrap the part of the clamp that I touch in electrical tape and spray coat the back of the reflective hood to seal them.

  25. Do you recommend "Heavy Duty" bulbs so if you bump them when there on they don't break the filament?

  26. the dual socket probably would work, just make sure that the combined wattage of the two bulbs doesn't exceed the watt rating on the light fixture or problems will occur.

  27. My 'Lowes' clamp lights don't even have a switch to turn it on or off! And they were $11 each! So disappointing!

  28. Hi there, I'm hoping you could answer a question for me regarding the Designer's Edge Clamp lights (ones you linked to on Amazon)?

    please please please i've been looking everywhere, even emailed the manufacturer, no luck. I'm desperate for some clamp lights so I was going to order some of these online as they're impossible to get in Australia but I was wondering if you could let me know the voltage they support? I'm hoping for 110 – 240v 50/60hz so they could be used in Aus!


  29. Hi, what is your opinion of these LED lights? /watch?v=qgANd0aPK5Y They can be ordered very cheap on eBay directly from China, they sure do look bright and I'm sure they don't get nearly as hot as the bulbs I have in my clamp lights… What do you think?

  30. Is there an advantage, or disadvantage, to using the larger reflector hood?


  31. So it sounds like the smaller, less expensive ones, will do just as well, correct?


    BTW, do you recommend "Savage Seamless Background Paper, 107" wide x 12 yards, Super White, for white background video?

  32. Couldn't you install a simple switch yourself like lamps are using on there electrical cords?

  33. It should be against the law to sell cheap imitations of other peoples hardware designs. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff get's through customs and ends up on clearance shelves.

  34. I would say as long as you have compatible bulbs and outlets they should. The light sockets themselves just direct the power to the bulb; as long as your bulbs are 240 and 50/60 you should be golden. Of course, ask a professional if you're still not sure.

  35. Friend, what is the name of this round aluminum accessory that looks like a funnel?

  36. I cannot Find incandescent light bulbs ANYWHERE in my area. watt is a good substitute?

  37. Front Lights
    EcoSmart 14-Watt (60W) Soft White CFL Light Bulbs (4-Pack)(E)*
    Model # ES5M8144
    4 PK @ $3

    Back Lights for Green Screen
    TCP 48923-FS – 23 Watt – CFL – 100 W Equal – 5500K Full Spectrum
    2 EA @ $9.29 EA

  38. I respect this is a frugal site, but I shoot spot news and I'm considering a rechargeable 2-hour, handheld 30-40 LED worklight @ $30, and a more robust 4-hour 130-180 LED worklight @ $80.

  39. I agree that you should spend the extra few dollars. It would be a shame to be electrocuted because of $1.50 you saved with faulty wiring on those sockets. I really don't understand how you are reinforcing the threads with the tape? Are you folding a length of the tape over into the threads in the socket???

  40. yes, but did you know they are going to be obsolete? 90% of the energy pumped through an incandescent light bulb is wasted as heat. The design hasn't changed in over 133 years.They are disappearing because of an energy conscious world and new laws. USA, Australia, Brazil and most of Europe have enacted laws to get rid of the old bulb.

  41. Hey, the clamp light you recommended is discontinued. Would you recommend any other brands?

  42. Sorry about that. I've updated the link, but you should be able to find these in any hardware store or section.

  43. I sure don't, but you should be able to order them online. Just keep searching for "clamp light" and something should be available to you.

  44. What is the watt difference you use on your standard three point light set up? Does each bulb vary?

  45. When using this setup, I would use a 100w incandescent as a key and a fill light and a 75w halogen spot as the back light.

  46. What kind of stuff do you use for diffusers? I've considered using tissue paper but I'm worried it will catch on fire. Right now I shine work lights into white 5 gallon buckets but they take up a lot of room.

  47. Theres a True Value hardware store hwere we live, but theres also Home Depot, Lowes…

  48. i have alot of these in pieces
    the aluminum hood
    the cord
    and 3 clamps.
    im about to work on a movie but i cant seem to find any brackets that attach from the light fixture to the clamp.does anyone know what these "brackets" are called or where i can get some?
    please respond soon,i need them fast

  49. What about like E27 light sockets, that have light stand mounts, they are $7 dollars

  50. I've used old white t shirts for diffusers and CFLs with those lamps. It worked very well.

  51. Only 7 bucks? Lucky. Where I am I have to pay $20  each and $6 for a 4 pack of bulbs. Total bullshit. I've looked around too for better prices.

  52. I just need the clamp part for my turtles lamps I cant find it anywhere??? Why dont they sell it separately ?? DX

  53. Hello, found you while looking for a large jaw clamp.  I bought several & at present using a ''RM0861420: Robust Camera C-Clamp Mount with 1/4"-20 Screw for Canon Nikon Camera See original listing''  & need on  that's  at least 3.25 ''
     got her through the site below:
       who better to ask that a guy that is far more experienced & has monies  at his forefront!

  54. I know this is kind of a long shot as this is quite an old video, but I'm based in the UK and I can't find hide nor hair of these lights. Does anyone know where I could get some, or have an idea of some sort of inexpensive alternative?

  55. I'm glad you went the the quality vs price of the clamp lights. I honestly never thought that they'd be that different. Good Info!

  56. If you buy a clamp light that pet shop sells and if didn’t fit on your tank just buy a good size metal clamp depending the size of light and weight from the school supplies section and use the screw from the light that came with and that’s it now it fits

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