DIY Halloween Props – Graveyard Skeleton (Portable and Easy!)

hey guys I’m Jamie and I’m Jay and today
we’re gonna take this plastic Halloween store skeleton and make it look like
he’s crawling out of his grave this is another super fun Halloween project that
you can definitely follow along with at home we’re gonna leave links to all the
stuff we use in the description below and as always if you do enjoy the video
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helps us out a lot and if you have any friends or neighbors who also like to
decorate for Halloween definitely share it with them – Jerry you ready I’m so
ready for the dead to rise we’re gonna attempt to disassemble mr. skeleton so
that we can reposition him into like your really cool crawling out of a grave
pose so it’s all put together with screws so it shouldn’t be too bad so these legs were spring-loaded on
there for some reason maybe to make tension so when I pulled the when I
ended the bolt it just that like like Jack dragna box we can probably get them to have kind of
an arch and its back a little bit because he’s kind of like you know I
need a better pose mm-hmm we’re gonna try the heat gun no idea if it’s gonna
work that mean II am I mean it’s plastic so yeah I kind of think it will work
maximum hotness oh where it will break you had it a
little bit yeah yeah this is all dit yeah this whole
defense okay yeah definitely vending yeah let’s take nice on twist a little bit
basically our cement that’s good we like to kind of tie it
there yeah I think if we tie it that might work
and put it through these two little means tie a knot there that’s that
perfect yeah okay all right yeah do you think this is gonna stay I hope so yeah nice we have a curse pine I actually
thought it would spring back a lot farther than that so we’re kind of like
bent it more than maybe we need it to but that’s great yes perfect what is
really good I’m very excited about this next we want to reattach the arm so
we’re gonna create some joints for the arms to easily attach to so the pose
that we have in mind he’s gonna be kind of like crawling out of the grave so one
hand is gonna be kind of like it’s gonna be kind of mantling on one arm reaching
out for your your brains this is a two-part epoxy putty reinforced with
steel so it’s really really strong it’s kind of like clay you mush it all
together and then you fill it in and it sets in about five minutes and totally
hardens I think after about a day you should
definitely wear gloves when you work with this stuff
yes stuffs really gross you mix it together until it’s one solid
color maybe on a surface there’s probably an easier way to do this that
we don’t know about but whatever half the fun of making stuff is figuring it
out this is the same metal wire we used in the mummy project so I don’t remember
what the gauge is but it’s about an eighth of an inch thick okay two pieces
of wire this is what like four inches long sure something like four ish it’s
already it’s not gonna work Oh we’ll see like
what’s your plan here it’s just gonna like rock solid get in there yeah and I
harden yeah okay sweet thanks I like the next one put the wire through first I think the lesson here is don’t do
exactly like we do but learn with us that’s still gonna help it’ll help it’s
not what we had in mind but it’s way better than what it would have been
without it so we’ll figure it out as we go along
you now have two metal tiny little arms we’re gonna mount mr. skeleton to this
board here to help him stand up while we’re spraying foam and stuff so we want
him to look kind of like this so he’s coming out at you and so well that was
that’s one spinner that was not supposed to work okay we moved over to another place in
the shop because we needed some more space so next we’re gonna go ahead and
use some spray foam and I don’t know create some make a mound of dirt with
some thunder the skeleton has climbed out of the grave and displaced all the
dirt the lid got slowed some half okay we went through the whole bottle
really fast we’re gonna have to go to the store and get more of this stuff but
in the meantime we’re going to test out our dirt theory okay so we’ve covered
him in dirt or recovered the pile under and it’s kind of working it’s not
sticking as well as I hoped it would though
if you see here it’s not covering it completely and I don’t know if maybe we
let it set a little too much we may have to come back later once this is all set
in the meantime we’re going to run to the store and get like three more
bottles of this stuff because we got a whole lot more mounding to do so kind of define like the outside of
our dirt pile but I want to kind of mound it up a little bit we let it dry overnight and then we took
it outside and we masked off the skeleton with a plastic trash bag and
then a bunch of blue tape and then we used some black spray paint primer and
painted the whole thing black okay next we’re gonna try the dirt thing
again but we’re gonna spray the whole thing with it like a spray adhesive kind
of like a glue and then kind of like sprinkle dirt everywhere okay not working again how do we make
third stick yeah try that instead of just aggressively I don’t know if this
is working guys not only is it not staying but now it turned white because
of the glue we’ve discovered the secret more glue less dry time and a lot of
dirt and then we’re a new couple passes that and I think that might work yeah there we go a lot more glue and to
flip it they’re down really so we got it all covered I’m not sure
how well it’s gonna stick we’re gonna shake it off and see what does stick yeah way more stayed on than I expected
actually okay this is not what we had in mind but I think we can work with this
yeah the idea was we didn’t want a giant pile of dirt in the yard but we wanted
it to look like a giant pile of dirt and I think we’ve accomplished that we can
put a little bit of dirt on top of it as like a final layer and it’s still really
portable we can still move it around from grave to grave and store it and
take it out next year it’s gonna be great this is all gonna come together
what’s next her skeleton needs arms the left arm was a bit easier we just put a
whole bunch of hot glue on it and then we stuck the hot glue to the putty and
then our intention was to come back after and kind of fill in the gaps with
more of the steel putty but we actually didn’t end up doing that because the hot
glue worked just fine we also glued the elbow and wrist joints
the skeletons were using it the joints didn’t move very well so we decided to
modify them a little bit so that we could get a better pose this is a tool
called a rasp and we basically just stuck it into the joint and kind of
shaved away the plastic until we were able to bend it the way we wanted we
were expecting this to be the most challenging part of the whole project we
didn’t think that the glue was gonna support the weight of the arm but it
turns out because we created a nice flat surface with the putty we just used
enough hot glue and kind of glued all the way around and it actually ended up
staying very well the last thing to do was to attach the head we got it into
the pose we wanted and then use some more hot glue to hold it in place

70 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Props – Graveyard Skeleton (Portable and Easy!)

  1. Great Video but i would do everything you guys did except the dirt, i would of just wait until i set it up and then added dirty over it, but i totally get what you guys wanted to achieve and thanks for sharing, Awesome Ideal

  2. Dirt mound looks realistic. I would assume you dug a hole if I saw that. Good job.

  3. Very cool. I think maybe yellowing/greening the skeleton with some dark yellow or off-white and sickly-green with a black wash would make it look a bit more authentic. Maybe some fake moss with something on it to make it look wet. Some tattered clothing aged and mouldered. Also maybe some green LED lights in the skull with a bit of silk handkerchief inside the eye holes to get it a dim green eyeglow would look really cool. Btw you folks should really use safety masks and gloves when dealing with all those chemicals and make sure you've got the garage door opened. That foam is some nasty stuff.

  4. Thanks for watching! If you decide to use spray foam on your projects, make sure to wear gloves and wear a mask/respirator. We were so focused on trying to get the dirt thing to work that we forgot. Don't be like us. 🙂 Also, if you want to support our channel and help us make more videos, you can support us on Patreon!

  5. Try the tried and true technique from model railroaders – cover the mound with dirt and the flood the dirt with white glue diluted with water and a drop of dish soap. Works magic.

  6. Silicone and dirt may have worked better (like in vivarium building) looks good get the point across

  7. So awesome, there isn't any words for me to describe how cool this is. I love Halloween. You 2 are amazing. Great job. I just finished my coffin for my graveyard. My editing isn't as good as y'all's though. Haha. +1 sub and like from me. Great job..

  8. Really like this.. will be making one for my cemetery.. New Sub..!

  9. Great job!
    A few things to try next time:
    -Try using something like contact cement or epoxy to get your base layer of dirt down instead of the spray adhesive, it has a bit of a longer dry time but holds really well and should stand up to the weather
    -Use a 5 minute epoxy instead of the hot glue so that your arms don't fall off if your storage area gets a bit warm, also a dowel in the joint will give it a bit of strength
    -Use a dark brown primer instead of black so that the dirt blends a bit more and hides some of the spots where the glue didn't hold
    -Hide some drainage holes in the mound and plywood base so rain doesn't end up pooling in your decoration and wearing away the paint and foam
    -Dilute some brown or greenish paint in water to a consistency a bit thicker than water, then paint the skeleton to give it an aged look.
    -Use some of your epoxy putty to create plugs to cover up the screw holes to make it a bit more organic looking

  10. Oh my God!!! So tight you two… love your channel and will be making these 2day… thank you for your creativity

  11. Very cool! Finally a way I can use one of my old broken skellys

  12. Great project guys .. Only thing i would have done different would be to rub some wet soil over the bones to get away from the super white new look

  13. I would've just glued moss all over the Great Stuff. Lol! Would've looked really good, made less mess and actually would been very cheap.

  14. The final base looked great. My only critique/pointer/tip would be that instead of spending LOTS of dollars on the spray foam to form the broken ground, use chicken wire w/ papier-mache' to sculpt the ground and hole. Once you have the desired feel of the broken ground then you can use the foam for the detail. Once dried, then spray paint the base black as your base color. Use a pump-action gardening sprayer w/ diluted white glue mix (50/50 water to white glue) to use to glue the real earth on the base. Then finish as you did. Lastly, for a rotting skeleton the just borrowed out of his coffin then thru 6 feet of damp earth he was rather bright and shiny. Dull him up w/ a stain, shoe polish, tea…
    Note: use hot water w/ Dawn detergent to clean the sprayer IMMEDIATELY after using to get all the glue residue out of the spray mechanism, hose, and nozzle. Keep up the great work.

  15. the pose looks amazing. I might suggest some aging of the skeleton with a wash of dark brown spray paint and paper towels to give him a more real, less plastic appearance.

  16. Hey there! I'm new to the channel and noticed there is a clip in there of a smart mirror! I looked through the playlist but didn't see anything. I love all the projects you guys have done so far and I would love to see a video about the mirror too. Keep up the great work!

  17. I really like it… my only suggestion is for it to separate for storage. I made a skeleton in a caldron but I used a rebar and zip ties. You’ve inspired me. Thanks.

  18. Good job on the sturdy framework and problem-solving! I loved the pose and the dirt effect, and I can’t see that coming apart unless you actually tore it apart! It doesn’t look like a cheap prop – I could see a special effects company charging easily $200-300 extra for that amount of detail!

    My only problem:

    It’s a little too clean looking for my personal taste, but with the plastic bag hit with a heat gun technique and some aged painting, along with MAYBE a ripped and heavily distressed and stained shirt or dress, strategically placed strands from wefts of hair from the beauty supply store or a deconstructed cheap wig, and fake worms and dirt and centipedes spilling from crevices, eye sockets, and the mouth, and this would be a perfect base for a nice really realistic corpse! But that’s just my personal preference. I’d still ooh and aah over this any day of the week, and even without modifying it I would proudly display this in a yard in a heartbeat!

    I’m for CERTAIN bookmarking this for when we finally move out of our apartment and live somewhere with a yard. It’s obviously going to be one of the first, if not the first of many, Halloween decorations I’m making whenever that day comes!

  19. Your groundbreaker looks great , very dynamic pose . The perfect addition to your chiller . Will you be doing your stain finish on this one ?

  20. Suggested technique: Create foam structure, let fully cure, with a gloved hand and a fairly firm 2-3 inch paint brush cover the foam(in sections) with black silicone and sprinkle/cover wet silicone with "Eco Earth" from a bag (purchased at pet store) patting it down into silicone … continue until fully covered, let cure over night or longer and shake off excess.
    This is a technique used in making backgrounds in terrariums/reptile habitats. Works great!
    ** oops, I didn't read enough comments, lol !! This was already mentioned ? **

  21. Watered down pva or wood glue would of worked for the dirt just layers awesome stuff yall gonna corpse him next time?

  22. That’s awesome! One question though… how does it hold up in the wind and rain? We have a lot of that here this time of year.

  23. or…you get dirt delivered and dumped on yard…make grave sites…then after Halloween you spread dirt to dress the yard…and dirty up the skeleton so it looks like he was in the ground.

  24. I’m sooo excited I found this channel can’t wait to do some of these this year to add to my other Halloween decorations

  25. Try using old wood stain on a rag over the skeleton to give it an aged look. Great project!!!

  26. Our brains? But is not a zombie ?‍♂️ lol Watch it still come after our arse lol ?

  27. Where did you get the skeletons? ? or… were those also made? >< I loved the video btw. Thanks for uploading ❤️???

  28. Badass!!! I wonder if you just mixed a bunch of dirt with Elmers and then sprinkle more dry dirt on top ??‍♀️

  29. For a minute, I thought y’all were the super cool house in our old neighborhood, but they don’t have those cool windows from the fire video. Great videos!!!! Sooo many great ideas.

  30. I always bend the inside of the metal and put the epoxy putty around it! Any time I've put metal straight like that you can just pull it through eventually ??

  31. So cool!! It turned out great!! Just came across your channel from scrolling Halloween diy decorations on Pinterest and now going to binge watch all your videos? exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!

  32. Instead of real dirt there is artificial dirt for model railroads that can be used. Less messy when storing.

  33. For mounting stuff like this, especially if I can't get a pilot hole through, I generally use plummer's strap. For making dirt stick, I mix it into a paste with elmer's glue all.

  34. I really like the way that came together.
    If I had not already seen the thumbnail I would have been skeptical ???
    The thumbnail looked like it was coming out of real dirt so…
    Total success

  35. Great project! I wonder if applying PVA (plain ol' Elmer's white glue) to the foam then pouring the dirt on would stick better?

  36. Try using peat moss instead of dirt. I've used it for several props. When the holiday is over, all you have to do is rake it into the lawn. Great videos by the way. Love them.

  37. I made a similar scene in 1inch scale with a 6 inch skeleton from Dollar tree but I cut mine in pieces so you only saw his head in front of the grave stone and his arms to look like he's just started climbing out lol but I used the same method with the heat gun to bend and turn parts and it worked great ?

  38. Thought yall would have painted the skeleton to make it aged and dirty like it's been in the ground for awhile and maybe some bugs or worms in dirt and coming out of eyes and mouth

  39. When I'm bending plastic with a heat gun I fill a squirt bottle with water to cool it quickly. It should work with hot glue as well.

  40. You guys are so much fun and work so great together!! Excellent job on all your projects! Love these ideas…definitely gonna try! You’re really fun inspiration…thanks so much for making these!!???

  41. Using an older skeleton that has seen a few Halloween’s baking in the South Florida sun. Using the heat gun on low, I started to bend with as little force as possible, yet, SNAP, I broke the skeleton’s spine. There’s a bit of plastic still connected, but not much, so I found a small piece of white plastic to use as a wedge, to get the bend angle I was going for & hot glued it into the break in the spine, as well as the surrounding plastic. I may have to improvise further if the hot glue/wedge doesn’t hold it…possibly some epoxy. Hopefully the rest of the build doesn’t have a glitch, but a glitch this early, doesn’t give me too much confidence in this old pile of bones…and the skeleton, either.

  42. I see you guys use a heat gun often could I use a blowtorch cause I know heat guns are expensive

  43. I think if you used paint to weather the skeleton and tombstone it would look way better and more realistic

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