DIY Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

what is up everybody my name is Jessica
Jean and I am here to show you how I do my very own hair extensions the method
that I use is a hand tied beaded wept method that I saw on Instagram and
decided to give it a shot because I didn’t want to spend a couple thousand
dollars to have a professional at a salon do it I figured I could try to do
it myself and it worked so I wanted to share my technique with you guys so you
can try it at home yourself and hopefully save some money this technique
is not for everybody and I’m not a professional hairdresser so I don’t
really know what the fuck I’m doing so I’m just gonna show you what I do it’s
worked for me and I’m gonna take you from the very beginning the very first
step to the very end of the steps okay the very first thing you want to do is
make sure that you buy high quality human remy hair there are two types of
hair out there there is the 100% real natural remy hair and then there is the
synthetic hair the synthetic hair is garbage don’t waste your money on it
I’ve made that mistake before because it was a little bit cheaper and it does not
curl you can’t wash it nothing so it’s fake don’t even use that so I’m going to
show you guys what brand I used and the color that I’m using right now which is
right here I get my hair extensions from and I’ll post the link
below for the website and I get the guy tang regular clip in extensions on
Bellami they have tons of different hair extensions you can get so you just go
through and pick the one that you like the most
there’s different influencers on there they have different collections of hair
extensions so the one that I get that I found to be the best is the Guy Tang and
I love the guy team because he does kind of balayage ombre kind of look so it
blends seamlessly with practically any hair color as long as you’re in the area
of the hair color it’ll blend right in no one has ever known that my hair is
fake because it blends in so well because of the Guy Tang extensions so there they are the color I get is the 8/60 ash brown ash brown – ash blonde
hair extensions and I get the 22 inches because I want long they have different
lengths so when you buy your hair you’re gonna get it in the mail and it’ll come
in the package like this you’re gonna take out the bottom package if you buy
it from Bellami but most hair extension places that send you hair will always
have a tester so you want to take it out test it put it in your hair make sure it
matches perfectly if it does not match you don’t like it put it back in don’t
open this is once you break the seal on this you can’t get your money back put
the tester back in the package and then mail it back to the company and order a
different hair color get that hair color make sure it’s perfect I can usually get
my hair extensions to last between four to six months depending on how well I
take care of them and I’ll go through a whole video on how to wash your hair
extensions and how to take care of them as well so they last longer so I have
some tricks I’ve been doing this method for about I don’t know a year and a half
two years now and it saved me a lot of money and a lot
of time because I can do my hair at night my kids are sleeping
I’m not wasting hours at the salon and it just works out for everybody so
especially my husband he’s very happy I’m not spending twelve hundred to two
thousand dollars on hand tied weft extensions though you’re welcome husband
I got your back but anyways okay so you get your hair
and then I take you through exactly what I do once I get the hair and then we’ll
keep on moving forward all right so the tools that you’re going to need for your
hair and you can get this tool at Sally’s you’re gonna need a little
beader thing it looks like this it’s a little metal thing with this thing at
the bottom okay I have to I load both of them up so I’m ready to go might waste
some time putting beads on you’re gonna need
a curved needle you can get this at Sally’s as well it has a little spot for
the hair thread to go through and then it has a pointy edge okay so you need a
pack of those you’re gonna need some of these beads there are two types of beads
you can get there are beads with a silicone insert and without the silicone
inserts I have tried both and I have found that the one without the silicone
holds longer in your hair the one with silicone it has like a two-part to it
and the silicone tends to just come out which leaves the bead loose in your hair
and it falls out quicker so I like the ones without the silicone insert in it
you can get those at Sally’s as well just get the color that matches your
hair they have brown dark brown black and blonde so just pick the closest one you
won’t see them anyway so it doesn’t have to be exact exact but as long as it’s
close to your base of your hair color I’m you’re gonna use some of these clips
that look like this to section off your hair and you’re gonna need clips that
look like this I don’t know what these are called but whatever they’re called
to hold up on the top part of your hair and as well as hold the extensions in
place while you’re sewing them in alright here I need a clamp er one of
these boop-boop you can get that as well at Sally’s you’re gonna need one of
these combs with the metal edge at the bottom it says for parting your hair
making a straight perfect line and see what else you need you’re gonna need
string or hair strain make sure you get this at Sally’s or a beauty supply store
because it’s specific for hair leaming so get this again they have different
colors you just pick what color matches close to your natural hair color see
what else you gonna need some scissors boop-boop for cutting the string and
then these handy little things this is from a sewing kit
and this is to take the clips out of the extensions once you get your extensions
so I’ll show you how I do this but this is very handy tool to get those clips
out first alright so you just get your hair and you put your tester in and it’s
perfect so you do decide to keep your hair extensions though when you get your
hair extensions they are going to have clips on the back of them you can leave
the clips on I’ve never done that before but I’ve seen some YouTube videos where
people leave the clips on so when they take the weave out that’s weaved in they
can still use it as a clipping I’ve never done that before because I feel
like it would be super heavy so I always take the clips off and I do that with
this little tool for my sewing kit so you take your clip and you just go
around to where the string is and you pop the string off okay so you go
through you’re gonna do that to your hair extensions get all the clips off
all right I’m not gonna do it all here so take
the clips off and get your hair ready to go so the next part is setting up your
mirrors you want one mirror in front of you and then you want one mirror behind
you okay the mirror behind you you need to have light so you can see the back
part of your hair this is from a vanity that I have in my closet so it has all
the lights on it if you don’t have that get one of those floodlights it’s like
one of these things so it has a cord has a little clamping thing and you can clamp
this to your mirror and turn it on and that will give you the light you need to
be able to see the back of your head you definitely need light like really really
good light no get back now we move on to how to do it I already have two rows on
the bottom of my hair so I have one the very bottom just a straight line and
then I have another row right above that so I’m gonna do just the top row for you
guys to see one first brush your hair brush your
extensions if you screw it up what’s the worst that can happen you
just take it out and start again right not a big deal so this is like a
learning process okay so I have my mirror here on my front
the mirror in the back and make sure I can see I’m going to start just
sectioning off like a random part I’m gonna put this up with the clip. I like to
do it so my lines are going down my hair okay so that makes sense so down like a
crown like that a little halo on top of your head and you’ll know why in a
minute all right so the extra hair I just take this clip
and just flip it up and then I can comb it up like this to
get a nice view of the line okay then I get everything ready so I will put my
beads on my beader and I’ve drawn music when I’m doing this or I’ll put on
netflix on my phone to make the time go by faster so I got my beader ready to go
then I’m gonna string my string The amount of string is dependent on what section I’m doing since I’m doing like a top section it’s gonna be a big string I
have a lot of left so I usually do my arm length and I’m gonna make a loop
with the string make sure it’s super tight and does not come off because you
don’t want it to come unraveled in your hair hey cut off the excess so here is
my knot I’m gonna cut kind of close to it so I
don’t want that popping out make sure it’s tight pull it okay that’s ready to
go I got my feets ready to go okay let’s get it started so here is the final what it looks like
see how it blends in really really well and yep that’s all
you do

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