DIY Home Security System : Motion Sensor Lights for Home Security

Hello! My name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa,
Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, this is do it yourself home security systems. Let’s
get started. A great form of external home security is a motion sensor light. These of
course, are best used at night. What they are is basically just what it says. It is
a light that is triggered my motion. So if a burglar or potential burglar or anybody
that comes near these lights, they will actually turn on and light up a pretty bright area.
These are pretty bright flood lights that we have set up right here. These can actually
replace any outdoor fixture or you can have an electrician run some wires for you. So
as I said, you set up that little sensor right in the middle, is what actually captures the
motion and the lights will triggers on. These right now are on, these are off. Bad guy just
came and back on. That’s a motion light just like that.

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