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In our short film backstage we had three very different scenes and in this video I’m gonna show you how we lit them. welcome to the film look Rocket stock’s light leak pack illuminate is a sure way to impress your viewers. shot using digital cinema cameras in 4k It’s an unbeatable way to lift your video to new cinematic heights. link in the description 90% of our short film is set in a locker room and the location we had for the scene was an old disused school. we Spoke about how we dressed the set in a previous video if you want to check it out after this one Interior locker room night. the room is five point seven meters by three point seven meters And it had seven windows. to make sure we could keep a light Consistent as we were going to shoot a night scene during the day we decided to block out all of the windows which really helped Sell the effect this is a rundown venue. the room had 4 florescent lights which were 36 watts each and had a color temperature of 3200 Kelvin. these were the only lights we use to light the scene We did this because lighting people from above is not the most flattering lighting setup Which really fit the grimy tone of the film and this type of room would have these types of lights. Since this type of lighting setup creates a very even look throughout the room We added DIY skirts to each of the lights. by blocking out the light from hitting everywhere it creates a vignette around our subjects. as they are Standing directly below the light and the walls are not being hit by as much intensity as our subject Also to help bounce more light downwards we painted the inside of the skirts white. our white balance and the camera was set to fluorescent warm white, the tube lights had a Green tint to them so we adjusted the color gamut in the white balance settings to take away this green tint and to make sure the whites were white. in the final grid we did add some of the green Tint back into the final image, but because we had strong colors coming from the walls and one of our characters costumes It was important to shoot everything as clean as possible by only using ceiling strip lights it allowed us to move more quickly while shooting as we did not have to change the lighting setup After each shot. the only lighting change We made on the day was to either add a little bit of bounce light to bring up the dark shadows on our Costumes or under the actors chin. also we had to flag the light from hitting one of our characters bright shiny costumes as it was Becoming overexposed while shooting at different angles in the room. this was the only exterior scene in our film and it was at night. by using the sony a7s we did not have to worry about our ISO being too high and creating noise But we still needed to light the scene. We chose a car park which had flood lights which we could use to light the scene The tracking shot was filmed by our friend who was a wicked glidecam operator and to light this we simply boomed a 160 LED overhead while he was walking We placed an apurture HR627c LED panel in the backseat of the car so when the car door opened We used the remote to turn it on Simulating the in-car light. just as we were setting up for the next shot in the scene which was an over shoulder shot of our Character whilst people walk past the floodlights went off. at this point we only had two shots left to shoot for the entire film. we had a prop car and Extra cast members so we had to find a way to shoot the last two shots. the over-the-shoulder shot shows the rest of the car Park which is now in complete darkness, but luckily we had four cars So we turned on everyone’s car lights to light of the carpark. the final scene of the film was set behind a backstage curtain. on The other side of the curtain would be a wrestling ring and a crowd. we could not afford to show this so we faked it with sound The location we shot the scene in already had large blackout curtains So we just needed to block out the other walls with more blackout curtains. for the main angle in the scene we use the apurture Hr627c LED panel again set to 5500 Kelvin as our key light for our subjects. and we also had disco lights Which would be used at an event like this. when speaking to our first AC Rob before the shoot He said he already had a set of disco lights We could use. and it definitely helped to set the scene. we did not use many lights in this film and in our main scene We only used the lights that were available For us finding this main Location with everything we needed saved us time when shooting. but it also saved us money because we did not need to buy or rent any lights So for the next film you make think about how you will light your scene with the things you already have access to. you might Already have everything you need to make your film. if you would like to see more videos about the making of our short film backstage consider subscribing big thanks to the team at Rocket Stock for Sponsoring this video. light leaks are a great way to impress your viewers and rocket stock’s light leak pack can be found if you head over to Rocket or via the link in the description. so you can start using these effects in your next project too If you haven’t already seen our short film backstage you can find it on screen right now Thanks for watching the film look and remember achieve at one shot at a time

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  1. Great video as always, guys! Which wireless focus puller do you guys?

  2. Wow you just used the available light in the main scenes, that's awesome! 🙂

  3. Hey guys and girls! If you have a cool janky DIY lighting setup from making your short films, let us know how you achieved it in the comments!

  4. I like how you just used the lighting available and simply modified it. I hope my location will have good enough lighting like this

  5. I'm a little disappointed you didn't show us exactly HOW you skirted the light. Was it cardboard boxes? Did you have to spraypaint them? How did you attach them? Gaffer's tape? Otherwise good video.

  6. THANK YOU! SO HELPFUL! as I am an aspiring film maker this was so great!!

  7. Hey @ film look quick recommendation on the thumbnails i love the borders, but I wouldn't put red as on mobile devices it looks like you have already watched the video

  8. excellent tip on using those flags over the florescent light fixtures. I remember seeing something like that on film riot. you guys went into a lot more detail. what material did do you recommend when faced with ceiling florescent light fixtures? very inspiring tips my friends.

  9. i love your videos! a question: how did you measure the green tint on set? did you judge it by eye on your monitor or is there some tool to use?

  10. Thanks for the tips! I am just starting my youtube channel and am looking for cheap ways to improve the quality! I appreciate the tips! 💗

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