DIY photography lighting hacks | Great lights for portrait, product and food photography

Hello and welcome to GMAX Studios. The
season of festivities is here and festival lights are all around us. So we
decided to put them to good use and create some fantastic portrait lights
out of them. In fact we are shooting this video with the very same lights that we
made. The ring light is extremely popular with
fashion photographers due to its unique shadowless quality and the round catch
light that it creates in the eyes of the subject but usually the ring light is
pretty expensive. So we decided to create a cheap version of the ring light using
the rope pipe light. To learn photography and more DIY hacks
like these subscribe to our channel GMax Studios. Until the next video, bye bye.

60 thoughts on “DIY photography lighting hacks | Great lights for portrait, product and food photography

  1. Best guide so farโœŒโœŒ… Every single steps I trying on my camera and in my photos

  2. The Hindi version of this DIY photography Hack is here:


  4. Sir Mene Nikon D5300 Lia Ha Canon 750D Ki JAgah But Ab Mene Research Ki To PAta Chala Ki Canon Ke Lens Best HAi Or DSLR Me Lens Jada Mahatvv Rakhte Hai Me Fb Users Ke Potrait Photography Karta hu Mujhe Kya Krna Chahiye Change Krna Chahiye Canon 750D Se

  5. Sir please make a video on group photos that how to keep everyone sharp in group photos and how to take 3 to 10 persons group photo with shallow depth of field

  6. Very nice diy.
    I have build my own ring light and its a sterdy one cost around 350bux.
    And hey ur audio this time is perfect.
    Thank for the tips.

  7. Viewfinder or LCD, is there any difference between two while taking photographs?

    Why most photographers take photographs using viewfinder?

    Why don't they use LCD over viewfinder?

    Is there any privilege using viewfinder over LCD?

  8. Sir Agar Night Main Pic Click Krni Hai Jaise Ki Night Meh Kissi Light Poll K Niche Without Flash Toh Best Sittings Kya hai??

  9. Sir mera 70000 ka budget he mujhe acha sa dslr suggest kare jiski market me demand he plzzz

  10. Lovely DIY light diffuser box sir,,,, one easy thing you could do is sticking LED strip lights ,, the strip's LED are much more powerful and easy to install in the box .

  11. Sir I m big fan of yours…
    You please see my photography once…And plz tell me what to improve…

  12. Sir, Please make a video on Tips & Basics Fashion Photography. I really wanna learn them.

  13. Nikon d800 live view slowing my shutter speed.. Why? 2-3second delay.. But in viewfinder all is ok..

  14. nice video sir thanks is video k liye.sir ek question the ki Nikon D5500 m 400mm ka lens lagta hai ki ni.

  15. sir kisi bh camera m focus point kya kaam krte h or camera m focus point jyada or km hona photo pr kya prabhav dalta h or crosstype focus point kya h is pr ek video bh bnaiye

  16. playback is not available in d7100 how to solve this error code.. plz suggest me sir

  17. Sir I wanna know that Now-a-days all people say 'Is this DSLR'..? I say that DSLR Camera is that camera ' If we can change lense' that is DSLR.
    Am I right sir..?

  18. Sir its such a great idea to save our money's btw thank you sir for the great idea ๐Ÿ™

  19. sir please please architecture photoghraphy kay bary mei video de please sir hindi mei

  20. Sir, I just want to which editing adobe software is best for editing portraits picture which attracts other easily

  21. sir I m seen your all videos only one quation how to raw quality image in canon 7D

  22. Dear.. Sir..
    Hard Megenta Colour Light Me Perfect Photo Kaise Click Kare…

  23. You rock bestest advice is here๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  24. Thank you so much for these great ideas. I can't wait to make these for my photo shoot next week, You are a wallet saver. lol MUCH appreciated.

  25. Bro.I want to know that which laptop best for photo editing under 50000?Bro.I want to know that which laptop best for photo editing under 50000?

  26. I m making the one for me for my product shooting ๐Ÿ™‚ thx GMAX Studios ๐Ÿ™‚

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