DIY planted aquarium LED light

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  1. Im airing this video a few weeks early for you guys! I rushed to get this done in time, but will revisit it with results. With that said, the fully DIY nano tank build will be out first showcasing this same light and the growth i get with it.

  2. I checked some FLOOD LIGHTs on Amazon. Why all of them saying "OUTDOOR USE ONLY" ??

  3. Hey Joey, Can you provide a link for the particular lights you're using? I would love to use this kind of lighting (and the LED Strip lights you made in previous videos) for my Fishroom racks. Thanks again!

  4. i think i'll try this. how do you recommend using two or more lights? each on their on power cord or is it permissible to put multiple on one cable?

  5. This video was great. I'm currently looking for DIY lighting for a new tank. And you gave me some great ideas. As alwas you channel is the best.

  6. Could you make a video on how to trim some of the common aquarium plants?

  7. A warning about those styles of LED lights: Many of the cheaper ones from ebay and amazon aren't correctly wired. Before you used them you should always take the back off and check that the earth wire is connected to the chassis.

  8. How many videos do you do in a week because I just started watching your videos.Any way I like how you do all thing because it is very interesting how you can do it your self thank you

  9. do you have any issues with heat? i got mine on ebay brand name Solla 30W and looks excactly like yours, mine is just sitting on top on some glass and i went to move it so i could work on the tank and it was pretty hot to the touch, a lil too hot and i had the bracket folded down so had to wait a few minutes for it to cool down to be able to touch without burning myself

  10. do you think 2 15w ones would work for a 22in tall 37gal? a corner dose get natural sunlight so more light hungry plants go there. its a low tech tank.

  11. You can buy an LED Dimmer Switch. Its not on a fancy remote but it will work.

  12. QUESTIONS : Why my light getting HOT? (I have a 15 watt flood light with 110 volt. I used a 300 volt extension cord and I ran it for only 10 mins. Is this why my light getting hot? )

  13. can i use these led on a paludarium (lots of java moss and bromeliads )?

  14. Um, you chopped out top growth but already had strong root systems. May be a great light, but this isn't a convincing way to test it.

  15. what would be the par rating on these lights? I have a 125 that I'm setting up and thought about getting these.

  16. Hey will I be able to use it for my coral/reef tank its a small tank? Plzz reply… My tank is around 30g

  17. Could you continue on the planted cube episodes? Perhaps a DIY on some acrylic inflow & outflow pipes?

  18. I know this is an older video but hopefully someone sees this. Does the housing on these flood lights get hot? Im wondering if i could mount it inside the stock hood of my 12 gallon all in one nano.

  19. you are super A+. I've been searching this solution too. thank you awesome!

  20. would 2 50W for a 180G low tech planted tank be ok? or should i go for the 100W each

  21. You can add to your diy light some extra LED lights for growth, the red-pink light, by selecting specific nm led diode, that way you can get best results for growth. Also since you're only using that aquarium for plant growths, transform it to be extra food source for your fish. Grow Daphnia, ghost shrimp, cyclops. Bring some of the brine shrimp… add some live daphnia and they'll start breeding…

  22. Again you are helping me build the BEST budget bioactive reptile vivarium . Thank you so much .

  23. I know this is an older video, Joey, but I just wanted to chime in on how inspirational your videos really are. Iโ€™m setting up a planted 5.5 gallon for a male betta and I purchased this exact light (15w version) based solely on your recommendation. $20 on Amazon and it is amazingly bright and I am absolutely in love with it. Thanks for everything you do, Joey. โค๏ธ

  24. I have a 39 gallon l 36, h 15, w 16…..I'm planning to use led flood light….can u please tell me what watt led to use for my tank….I have java moss and anubias plants….with co2

  25. he said "ONLY $50!" Uhm…. apparently we have different tastes in cheap :/

  26. I can't find that light on Amazon any chance at posting the link for it please?

  27. I have a custom 6" high and a 37" long tank and 5 and a half inch wide tank how much watts I need in a flourscent light my light bulb is 18" I have live plants in my tank i wanna grow mostly I have is neon tetras and other very small fishes n shrimps the light I brought it used it's like purplish when it's turned up side down lite up and it's 19watts 60hz

  28. I understand this post is a year too late. You can get cheap color correction gels used for hot lights at online photography stores line Adorama. 24×21" gels cost less than $7.

  29. These LEDs die too much to be reliable; got 4 dead ones already and it hasn't been half a year. They get too hot and they can't probably handle it.

  30. Any suggestions for a diy solution to hang them above the tank in a rented vintage house? I can't drill holes and I'm afraid to rest anymore weight on my 125 gallon as it is (very old wood floor from 1915) . If someone doesn't have a better idea I was thinking of maybe one of those work site tripods that holds lamps and just painting the ugly yellow frame black.

  31. Is the light warm white or cold white .. im confusing on what to choose

  32. I would never have thought of looking for an led 6k floodlight. Tons of them on ebay. Thanks for that creative idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Are these full spectrum leds? Plants need red and green primarily to grow. LEDs usually are on the blue side of the spectrum and not suited for plants.

  34. Kessil is on the right it has more shimmer nd is alittle bluer the flood lights alittle more Orange

  35. not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate….

  36. "I drilled a hole right into my floor support" ohhhhhh boy

  37. I have been using flood lights on my planted tanks for a long time and they grow plants like crazy. I have to trim a aquarium full of plants every month

  38. Looks like he used the 100W flood light. Not the 60W. The LED pattern matches the 100W on Amazon, not the 60W I may be wrong though. Be nice to know which one to order.

  39. Hey? Could LED strips work as light for plants?

  40. Take some info about energy on Avasva . It was very helpful to me ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. constructive criticism
    sometimes he leans a little too close into the camera and stares too intensely and it scares me

  42. I came here hoping to find experiments for fish growth using only led lights for a moon base. I just wonder in a completely sealed system could you not create a system where you could grow fish for consumption using only led lights deeply underground?

  43. Just a small tip from a DIY "maximum efficiency" nerd… a very simple way to make sure you're getting the most out of your lights is to make sure they're heatsinked effectively. It looks like the rear of those lights is already a massive heatsink. If you grab some really efficient thermal compound (I think I found 25g of 5+ w/mk for $6 on amazon) and slap it between the light and heatsink, it will transmit the heat MUCH better (most cheap solutions like that use awful thermal compound, if they use it at all. And often they don't even attach the heat-generating component to the heatsink, defeating the purpose entirely). You can also get a cheap light dimmer (or motor control knob) for it to adjust the brightness easily. Even possibly getting one that gives you a little room over 100% to really max out the brightness. And since it's now heatsinked properly, itwill last longer @ 110% than if you left it stock.

    (sorry that was so long. Just wanted to properly explain myself)

  44. I realize this vid is from 2016 but I love the fact you keep such a diverse collection of fish. I mean you keep a exotic next to your basic fancy goldfish and it just has a harmony. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Sir what branches can I use in my tank like in your tank with the branches going into the tank

  46. can someone explain to me why the big fish on the right tank does not have anything in there ….no sand, stones, plants or fishes … ? thanks

  47. I went with plastic plants because I'm not home a lot and I don't want an extra fire hazard. All the plant lights I looked at had either a short life span or were fire hazards.

  48. I've been using a Hypertough led shop light witch is very bright, but it makes one hell of an algea problem…

  49. I find that the $5 LED strips in the Walmart electronics department work extremely well if you waterproof better

  50. Thanks..this gives me a lot of inspirations and diy ideas for the light.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

  51. Heeeeyyyy I am making a paluderium. Will floodlights work on landmoss and dwarf hairgrass??

  52. I love most of your builds, but this is one giant light enclosure for such a small tank.

  53. Youโ€™ve improved a lot with your speech and dialogue ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Nice setup ๐Ÿ˜Š I prefer no filter, no co2 & $20 light but this looks very cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  55. Jesus, your videos (at least this one) are superhectic so i can easily use already the first second as a jump scare ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Will the light that came with my ten gallon kit work help plants? Iโ€™m pretty sure itโ€™s LED

  57. Hello I'm new in plant aquarium I want to know that the plant they just need very bright lamp or the lamp that with UVA UVB? the normal LED light do the plant grow?

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