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Where we camp in the crow’s nest pass sometimes is very windy. So we decided to use green outdoor carpets There are a lot more stable in windy conditions than the plastic mats that most people like to use In order to keep them down though in extreme wind we decided to use a grommet system and stake them down to our lives Here’s an example of some of the problems that you’ll see with these plastic mats You can see underneath this trailer across from us that plastic mat. They put down is one of those generic mats you can get a Costco or Walmart or Most trailer stores and it’s just ripped up and glowing you really have to weight it down out here It’s very windy we preferred these kinds of carpets over the plastic type just for the wind It’s very stable. They’re very heavy and well, we still need to stake them down though. That’s our plan We’re gonna take these nine great big new long spikes and we’re gonna take them down What I do need is grommets in the ground. So I need to put a grommet to the holes Like I just finished doing I’m gonna show you how we did that. We just used a simple grommet kit It’s from Colin’s you can pick them up almost every camping store. It’s just a few bucks So what you get in there you get a cutting tool you get a punch step right there You get the base? Which is what you’re gonna punch into you get the washer Set of them a whole bag of them and you get the grommet to top itself and the whole thing together once you’re done We’ll make the grommet just like this. It’s back to you pretty easy What you wanted to have ready is a spare block of wood that you can tap into You want to have a hammer ready and LU of being two hours away from where I am where my hammer is I’m using the back of my axe. So we’re And that’s called improvising for those of you who are wondering why we’re using an axe instead of our head So while Brian’s getting ready to do the next grommet hole, you can see our two dogs Kennedy and Gibson Being very good. I will tell you they are absolute angels about 50% of the time So this is one of those rare occasions and of course, they’re right next to the axe that we’re using instead of a hammer I’m gonna do it under this one for now So in this case, we’re going to use this sharpened punch. We’re gonna stick it out here I’ve got about a thumbs width from each of the corners of this and why I decided I’m doing We’re going to tap this a bunch of times until it cuts all the way through the fabric Yourself do not hit your fingers with an axe It has cut through will pull this fabric reow and you might make sure there’s an actual hole there, which is what you want We’re a line up at the base To roughly where we were just work And it lines up or to take The washer with the raised portion on the middle We’re going to line that right up to the hole nice and easy And it’s gonna sit on the base. Just perfect We’re going to put the grommet cap on there and it’ll seat right as soon as you put the punch in It’ll line up and we’ll just have everything centered for you and you need to tap this a few times Rotate it a little bit as you’re doing it And that’ll make sure it’s nice and even press all the way through Okay, once you’re done you’ll have fully completed grommet all the way through and ready for you to use so Our plan is to stick it down like that tack that right into the ground And here’s the mats all finished If you’re interested in the product we’ll put a link in the description hi there we’re making turkey burgers on the grill tonight So we have homemade buns and Have now cheeseburgers we’ve made with turkey burgers on the grill. So Good. These are my absolute favorite thing After dinner we decided to take the dogs for a walk there’s Crown land located just behind the campground and It’s about a five minute hike from our front door down to the crow’s nest River the crow’s nest river runs from west to east and Is a great place to take the dogs for a quick swim or just a place to sit and enjoy the view? You One of the reasons we chose to these are current seasonal lot here in the Crowsnest Pass Was this spectacular view of the mountains and this beautiful river that runs not five minutes from our front door We can calm down for a swim with the dogs on a hot day We can canal we can fish we can calm down and read a book and just watch the scenery flow by After a peaceful walk down to the Crowsnest River it was time to head back to camp for the night If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure that you give it a like and leave your comments below Of course, please subscribe to the channel and ring that bell. So, you know when you Reber least our latest video camp in harmony everyone

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  1. Your pups look so adorable throughout your explanation ๐Ÿ˜Š. Great tip-thanks for sharing!

  2. New subscriber here. Great info about RV mats and cute dogs. Looking forward to following your channel.

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  4. Informative video~ Thank you so much.
    New subscribers from Korea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Beautiful hike and…yum! Nice looking burgers ๐Ÿ™‚ Great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Awww! Kennedy and Gibson are soooo pretty. I like that grommet kit too and will keep that in mind. Oh noooo! Now I'm going to have to pause the video and find something to eat. Those burgers look great. …. Ok I'm back … what a lovely pine forest, and a river! I love it! Big LIKE! Thank you for sharing your great spot with me.

  7. Ha, Briand and Janet, looks like we are all going to get along just fine my friend. I love it. Thanks for taken the time to share this with us, It would have came in handy this past week at deer camp. Thank you and have a blessed week.

  8. Those mats look great!!! Makes so much more sense than tarps! Your puppies are โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ. Gorgeous views!!! Thanks for joining in on my channel… Looking forward to seeing more from yours too!

  9. Hey… fellow Albertans!!! We should go camping together sometime. We're planning to be in Red Deer all summer and it would be great to hang out for a weekend. I just found your channel from the Gimpy Camper's RV challenge. Great tutorial on the mats.

  10. Hello! Greetings from Las Vegas! Wow! Only 5 minutes walk from backyard. Gorgeous scenery. I wish that's my area. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Nice content you have a new supporter I look forward to to seeing more #DaymonWarren Stay Awesome and Stay hydrated and stay connected your friend DW

  12. Awesome tips for the camp rug. I will be following your lead.
    Lou ๐Ÿ’š

  13. Where did y'all purchase your grass rugs? I like how they are finished on the edge. We purchased ours at Home Depot by the foot so edge is raw. However we do like it. Thank you for sharing with us.

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