DIY Sharpie Bulb – Man Vs. Pin #28 w/OlgaKay

What’s up Man vs. Pin? Rob here with the one and only Olga K. – Hi.
– I feel bad, however, calling it Man vs. Pin, because—
– Oh no, no. Don’t feel bad. I’ve got giant balls. I can handle this. You’re laughing, but it’s hard to walk. So this is actually one of our most requested pins of all time. Emma, Kenza, Soundsoul Fox, Kat the Bat, all of these people suggested it with hundreds of likes. It is the Sharpie bulb. Have you seen this before?
– I’ve heard about it and I think it’s really cool. It’s like a design that you draw on the bulb and then— It’s so simple apparently. Sharpies, light bulbs, and then you draw it on and then magic happens. Who needs wallpaper? This is the answer. – Do you know what you’re going to draw?
– So the first thing I’ll do, of course, is to draw a Moosh sign.
– Well you know, you may have to do it backwards. Because I guess it would reflect the other way.
Right. Huh. Do you think this is going to work from your experience from all these Pinterest adventures? – I think this is a bunch of [beep].
– Really? – Yeah.
– If it doesn’t work, I feel like I’m wasting my time being so careful.
– I’m going to call somebody over at Pinterest. I’m going to raise some hell.
– Well I think I’m done with my design. You want to try that other bulb, maybe just do a couple of little quick patterns on there? – That’s a little Valentine’s Day design.
– I like the heart action. – It’s very simple and straight to the point.
– Somebody suggested that this would be great for a party, you know? You’re having a—hey—a Valentine’s day party. – Oh see?
– Cinco de Mayo. You could draw like— – Mexicans?
– a donkey, some tacos. Hey, what’s the deal with donkeys? it’s a sexual thing, right? – Donkey show. What is a donkey show?
– Ah, the donkey show. – Have you been? Just got super uncomfortable real fast.
– Yes. – All right.
– See, I can already see it on your face. – Do you see it?
– I’m thinking we may have a winner here. – Next step.
– Next step. – All right. So got a little light bulb unit here.
– Let’s put this one in. – This one is awesome.
– This looked a little simple. – Really pretty stuff.
– Oh, I’m so excited. And we have a white wall behind us, so we’ll be able to see really well.
– Yeah, let’s get the lights. All right. – Oh yeah, so I see a bunch of like red splashes on the wall, but I don’t see the design really. Like, what is a red dot? If you get closer—
– Well you know, this was the other different light bulb. – Maybe if we try— Let’s do that.
– The white one. There you go. – Ah!
– This is the cool one. You can’t see it on there, but it says Moosh, and—
– Oh my God, there’s nothing. – That looks [beep] awesome.
– Rob, what is this? – This is not working.
– Let’s try this one. – I think it could just be the bad juju.
– I agree. – And—
– Now it’s going to be on the wall. What the heck? Where is it? Oh, what a waste of time. It’s a bunch of [beep] and it doesn’t work and whoever came up with that is full of [beep]. – But now it makes sense. This sucks.
– You are getting way more upset than I thought you would.
– I know. [buzz] If you have a pin that you’ve seen on Pinterest that is kind of sketchy, that you’re not too sure about, – Give it to them.
– leave it it us. We’ll figure it out. – Thanks for coming on the show.
– Thank you. That was so much fun. Thanks for having me. And if you guys want to see another video that we made together on my channel, a link would be below.
– We’ll see you next time, Olga vs. Pin.

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