38 thoughts on “DLF IPL 2011 Song – Dam Laga Ke Mara Ray

  1. This is sooo typically the North Indian – Delhi soundin TRASH !

    The theme song for the 2010 IPL Extra Innings , was much more
    dignified & appreciated .

  2. Even Billy Bowden's “crooked finger of doom” makes an appearance!

  3. the music is stoln from youtube.com/watch?v=ADdyi3phI9A&feature=related

  4. sorry the link is youtube.com/watch?v=ADdyi3phI9A
    the song name is saturday party night bye maduar

  5. Olympics! Take a shot everytime you hear this horn on the beach volleyball.

  6. First music piece is taken from El Matador, the traditional Spanish music..

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