Dodge Dart LED Interior Lights – How To Install – 5th Generation 2013+

Hi my name is Harrison, I’m here with, this is a Dodge Dart 2013 and we’ll be changing out the
interior lighting with LEDs. Today we’ll be using the PrecisionLED package which
includes these professional interior trim tools. Now the base package includes the front
and rear map lights but the add-ons, there are four, you can do the vanity mirror lights, the trunk lights, the license plate light, and the reverse taillights. Alright now we’ll go through the
installation of the front map light. To aid in the installation process, I’m
using the serrated knife tool. I’m using the other end cause it has a thin edge to it
and makes the … popping off the plastic here pretty simple. So what you’ll do is you’ll,
what I like to do is just punch this in and then just … they come off pretty easily. Just pry it off. You’ll get access to the lights, And just grab. Let me turn off the light here, there we go. It’s a little bit warm, but definitely recommend using a glove. There we go. And it’s off. And now installing the LED. Goes in its place. I’m testing it. Now, if these are polarity-specific so if you install it and the light doesn’t come on, simply remove it, flip it, and reconnect. And there. There you have it. We’ll go ahead and reattach the light. There you go. There you have it. Alright now we’re gonna go through
the installation of the rear map lights. We’ve already installed it here on the
left-hand side. There is a regular light. As you can see, the left-hand side is clearly brighter. Now what you wanna do to pop it off is just create an wedge there and it just comes right off great. And you see the bulb. The bulb just comes right off. Now if its it’s stuck in there and you’re having trouble getting off you can actually use the tool to just pop off this plastic housing and then get better access to the bulb itself. Now I’m just gonna install the LED. Ok and because it’s polarity-specific you wanna on the first attempt, if you don’t get it There we go. We know that it’s working. Now to it’s very important that you get this the casing as level as possible because what you could end up what could end up happening is if you go at an angle
you’re gonna actually push the the switch essentially in. And that could pose a problem, but if you go as level as possible, putting the lights back in is a real snap. Ok to replace the rear license plate light what you’ll do is need access to the housing. So there’s some hex screws that keep that in place, you just simply need to take that off. That’s one. Let me just do the other one. Great. Now when you have the screws off, the housing is a little loose. So you just have to gently finagle the housing to come off and you’ll see that the here’s the bulb, here’s the socket for the bulb. Just do a counterclockwise twist will expose the bulb. Simply remove and replace with the LED. Make sure that’s in. Ok. Uh, test. Ok, so you know that the polarity is correct on this. If it doesn’t work the first time, then simply turn the LED over. And to, basically to attach the housing,
you’re just gonna reverse the process. But, yeah, it’s just a simple twist. There you go. Now it’s in there. Ok, to put the housing back, you’re just going to set the housing from its original place. Because it’s kind of free-floating, you do kinda have to work it in there. But once it’s in, once it’s level, it’s really a matter of just matching the screw holes. And just use the drill to tighten. And just like that, you’re done. This completes the replacement of the
interior lighting installation from PrecisionLED. If you have any further questions about the installation itself, please reach us via email at [email protected] If you have any inquiries about products or services,
please hit the link below and thank you so much for watching.

14 thoughts on “Dodge Dart LED Interior Lights – How To Install – 5th Generation 2013+

  1. its so much easier if you just remove the mount and install them and then put it back in 

  2. I just installed my LED inside the dome of my 2013 Dodge Dart but noticed they stay dim when key is not in ignition. Is this safe and normal? Thanks for the video!

  3. I was installing the rear map lights and accidently pushed the toggle switch in back… Now the clear plastic won't work to turn on the light. How can I remove the housing?

  4. Will they glow even when they arent on ? And will it say the license plate needs to be changed?

  5. did that same mod on my 13 Dart and got warning display on my dash because the voltage of the LED is less then the stock bulb therefore causing the BCM to think the bulb is out, to fix you need to add load resistors specific to the size of your bulb to regulate it, being that this vid is on a Dart you'll need one T10/194 case there's only one bulb and the resistor needs to be compatible to European vehicles since the dart was based off of the fiat ero style, should work,…don't quote me on it 🙂 funny how these LED experts failed to explain this, probably because they have "THE BEST HIGH QUALITY LEDS ON THE MARKET", herd that B4.hope that can help someone good luck

  6. My 2015 dart had dome light LED installed and when I lock or close my door they stay dimly lit, how can this be fixed?

  7. On installed my LED light on the license plate and when I start my car and I go to messages which says license plate light is out , how do I reset that

  8. I pulled the grey part out and tried to pull the bulb out but instead, it got pushed in the hole. Is there any way to get the bulb out? I'm guessing it's in my roof?

  9. ran into a bit of an issue on my 15 dodge dart and popped the switch on the dome light loose and need to know or figure out how to fix it so that I can have light in backseat as well.

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