Dodge Ram 5500 LED Safety Lights for Trucks

How are you doing? Thank you for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for LED emergency
strobe lighting and safety equipment. As you can see, we’ve got kind of a tall
truck in here right now. This is a boring rig that drills holes in the ground to
test the soil conditions for various engineering needs. It is a newer Dodge
Ram, the series of body right before the new body change. This one goes all the
way up to 2019 and later I believe. This is a 5500 cab and chassis with a custom
bed on the back, obviously. In the front we are featuring our Thin-X LIN series
in an amber and white. What we’ve done is we’ve chosen an amber and white
alternation in a quick double flash alternating pattern. The reason we chose
this is there will be workers present around this rig and it is involved in
traffic, so we didn’t want to have anything that was dangerously fast or
extra offensive blinding any drivers or workers around the truck. It goes from
solid orange to solid white, all four sync’d together and if you can see a
little bit here, if I can darken up the ISO, I might be able to get there. So if I
darken the ISO on the camera, you can now see the alternation. We’ve kind of got an
X-pattern going from top to bottom because we split fired this light back
and forth. I wanted to keep all the lights on as long as possible and just give a
little bit of movement. Again, this is a roadside truck, so it’s not like it’s
doing highway pursuit or high-speed vehicle chasing. It’s just there for
cautionary purpose, so that’s why we chose this particular pattern. Now the
camera will return to normal brightness there and yes our Thin-X lights are that
bright. The other feature of the Thin-X LIN series light is the popular flood
mode steady white override. So as you can see here with another switch, you can
steady white flood your Thin-X LIN series and get that extra lighting
you need for loading trailers or for scene lighting when you’re on scene. Alrighty, so I’m also excited to show you
around the back of this truck, we’re featuring our all-new Raptor LED. As you
can see, there’s a heavy piece of equipment on the backend of this vehicle,
so we wanted a strong robust light that can take the abuse and I think the
Raptor fits that bill very nicely. It’s included with a stainless steel guard to
protect it from damage and as you can see here, we have a mild alternating
amber and white pattern, very similar to the front in a quick double flash. And as
you can see, when we back up away from the rig just a little bit, we also have these
lights on the side. We have synchronized all four lights, back and side, to do an
alternation pattern. So as you can see, you get the color alternation on the
corners, as well as the color alternation on the sides. You can see what I mean
when I darken up that camera just a little for you. I’m so sorry, the lights
are so bright I have to darken the camera. My apologies there. As you can see, we also enabled the rear flood, so if the workers needed a little bit of extra
light they can hit switch number three on the factory auxiliary switches and
enable the rear flood mode. There you can see that.
Just to show you the brightness of that rear flood, as you can see now we are in
a dark shop. Shop lights are all off and the rear flood is active. You can
see it’s illuminating quite well. There’s a little better shot. As you can see,
easily illuminates the back of the shop and the sides. There’s a little better
shot of that Raptor light. You can see the included foam gasket there and it
comes with two Phillips head screws because of this particular vehicle being
heavy iron, we chose to drill and tap and use some Allen headed stainless steel
hardware. The hardware is not included. Like I said, this light comes with
stainless steel screws but when you’re dealing with a heavy thick iron frame
like this, we chose to drill and tap instead. Here you can see the profile and
again, that large stainless bezel top and bottom to protect it, not only from
impact from the top and the bottom but also from impact this way.
The stainless bezel is there to protect the light itself should you happen to
bump into something or have somebody bump into you. Here’s the one mounted on the side of the vehicle and here’s the other side right there and you can see,
you don’t lose much side clearance at all. And there you go because that’s the
next question. How much room does it really take up? We’re looking at about an
inch and five-eighths and as far as width here, we’re looking just over eight
and a half as far as the width. More about eight and three quarters total. Your height is just under an inch and 7/8.
As you can see here in the cab of the truck, we are using the factory auxiliary
switches. We’ve got one set to the front battery power. Two is set to the rear battery power for flashing and three is set for your flood and that is set up for
ignition power by Dodge. If you don’t like that, talk to Dodge because I
can’t control it. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings. Be sure to
check the description. We’re your number one source for LED
emergency lights and safety equipment, LED strobe lights, as well as anything
else safety-related for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, buses, boats. Stay tuned and subscribe for more.

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  1. George please dont appoligise for how bright yohr lights are…. It will help your coustomers on scene and as a firefighter and with private security company i know that lights and sound alarms such as the ever hated reverse gear alarm and sirens can save lives…. Weather getting the opperator of apparatus right of way or reminding personelle of moving apparatus it can help induce and enforce safety

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