Dog Protects Dog After Tsunami In Japan

young-sax brought to you by plus sixties but
if i could see some prominent republicans contacts to get ten percent off your order two dogs japan one dog is in your injured
and another dog is basically comforting the effects of credit which would be excellent
for civilian as the search continues in japan for survivors
from last week’s earthquake incidentally reminders that the reality of devastation
reaches beyond mankind rescue efforts include the pets in japan like
this dot refused to leave his friend an injured on after about an hour’s rescuers finally
calmed him down enough to leave the side of his fellow canine friend the weaker one is now an infection eri clinic on the dog who stood guard is being cared
for and shelter for today dot com and arabic now there’s something about these kinda deos
in things like it always like i don’t know touches my heart for some totally
com it bothers me that dog at the end the one
that standing cardone like at the wynn shivering and breaking so scare they get so skin what is it about dogs that just for some reason
reaches the core of people lake for for instance we did a story
about you know one dog that basically guarding the gravesite of its owner
yeah okay and he was just the satisfaction of world
they are literally brought meteors will they there’ll they’re incredible there’s solorio
any innocent and just in need of your love and i think that’s
why people become so it has two dogs contrib so scared because you know a and andrea everything new
and had is grown it is please people are gone hopefully ok but they’re gone
how’s everything in you know they’re like yet it’s not the law you know it’s it’s not
it’s a stereotype is this true they’re incredible their incredibly patient and i want to be
with us they want to be a lot they want to be where
you are and they need to be nurtured they need to
be protected like they’re just very needy but not you know in the night with
me and like like this the related not yet not like a girl init inelegant have healthy fat all you have to
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100 thoughts on “Dog Protects Dog After Tsunami In Japan

  1. because if they kill a human, we going to hunt them down relentlessly until their caught or destroy their habitat, animals don't have vegeance in their minds.

  2. In the caption it say 627 people + 785 people + 431 people +23 people +etc…confirmed dead, and… we're talking about dogs being loyal ?

    I know I sound like a jerk, but Ben and Anna need to stop talking about how much they love their dogs over a video of horrific tragedy. This ain't right.

  3. @pangealabs I'm a man i can spell however i want to Plus i'd rip off your head and shit down your neck. I scored a 2300 on my SATs i was just testing you.

  4. @playgrrrr yeah I thought that was a weird comment too. What, humans lack compassion? True, not all humans behave compassionately, but not all dogs are exactly compassionate either. My dog was attacked by a pack of other dogs years ago. If anything, humans posses higher learning function and social cognition and are much more capable of compassion than dogs.

  5. @SMOKING5STRING what they hell? cut that stupid shit out.
    oh, and, japanese people don't eat dogs, read a book. travel, or something.

  6. i think dogs and human must have evolved together. we've been pretty tight with domesticated dogs, like forever.

  7. @playgrrrr they didn't cover the quake, nuclear radiation exposure, and the thousands of dead people, because i could have sworn i seen newstories on it, ad naseum.

  8. This story is so shmoopy, but i love it. Poor doggies. Its weird i feel more sympathy for the dogs then i dog the japanese people, and i feel really bad for the japanese.

  9. Stop talking and donate, or go to Japan and help out. Other than that, we are no better than media reporting on something that might be irrelevant like this.

  10. A dog has an innocence that humans don't posses. Thats why we show so much compassion for them.

  11. @Caizah Well I actually live in Japan. I have friends and relatives that I can't reach, and I don't get thrills over any of this. Hope and companionship come in the words of helping hands, food, and medical supplies. Sorry if I've tampered your "hope and companionship".

  12. @Saaduk92 When Science starts talking the first thing I would do wouldn't be to ask for an apology. I can't believe you just said that.

  13. even the dogs out there look Japanese haha. this is heart touching though

  14. @mistacramer hell, yeah. and we didn't just chase them off, even though wolves usually bite.

  15. the thing about such stories that makes them reach out to us so much are realizing that a species other than human can be so full of heart, kindness, and feeling. we expect such traits and qualities from humans, but seeing them from animals amazes us and puts is in awe.

  16. It's all about survival! Dogs have allowed themselves to be domesticated by humans because they know it's the best way to survive and pass on their genes and continue the race. They are needy and loyal because the best way to survive is to be. They know they will eat, stay healthy and pass their genes if they are. They protect their owner because they understand we are their best chance at survival. etc…….

  17. Dogs have survived a very long time with use as hunters. Even when we made the transition into farming we continue to support them. Over 10,000 years and counting.

  18. Ana has it half-backwards. She thinks their loyalty and love is "why people become so attached to dogs". But dogs evolved this way through selective breeding — by people! People need/want this faithful companionship which is why, over hundreds of years, we've molded them into creatures with very human emotions.

  19. Why is it that dogs in Japan are so loyally awesome?? I mean Hachiko etc.

  20. @dookdawg214 If dogs acted like humans do, I wouldn't like them. You're thesis needs work.

  21. @ooMONKEYoo
    Selectively breeding an animal doesn't make it exactly like us. We've given dogs some of our better qualities but not our bad ones. For instance, an aggressive dog that is uncontrolable and untrainable is largely unwanted. So guess what: he doesn't get bred, and so his genes don't replicate at the same rate as a wanted dog. Selective breeding is the same mechanism as natural selection but consciously guided by humans.

  22. @dookdawg214 genes aren't what create an aggressive dog, bad owners are. Your thesis still needs work.

  23. A dog shivering doesen't neccessarily mean it's scared. A dog can start to shiver simply because it's standing or sitting too long. It's a way of keeping the muscles fit.

  24. @ooMONKEYoo
    I suggest you take a beginners course in biology and evolution and try to grasp the difference between nature and nurture. Nature = genes and gene expression. Nurture = social and environmental factors. BOTH MATTER! Bad owners can play a significant role in making dogs aggressive. But genes can make some breeds more likely to be aggressive. No matter how poorly you raise a labrador retriever, it's very unlikely he'll be aggressive. It's not in his genes.

  25. @PaulJanfourTV I hate to break it to you but the devastation you saw in that video was caused by a TSUNAMI, NOT "NUCLEAR SYSTEMS"

  26. @dookdawg214 There is NO conclusive evidence that proves your HORRID THESIS. I don't know what bio class you took, but your teacher what a schmuck.

    Pitbulls are some of the nicest and smartest dogs on the face of the planet, but if you train it to be a blood thirsty monster, it will kill anything that moves. If you train it to be a sweat heart, it will be the best damn dog anyone could ever own. I have been bit by a labrador retriever. It was left abandoned in a backyard tied up.

  27. @gamehazard101 It was a LITTLE funny…heh. The video is so depressing that I had to add some humor.

  28. @Saaduk92 Of course I would your first comment shows you intelligence; no other way would I take it.

  29. @ooMONKEYoo
    OK, let me try to make this easier for you… First of all, you do know that modern dogs have evolved from and share a common ancestry with wild wolves, don't you? And you are aware that none of our modern pets even existed 15,000 years ago, aren't you? OK, well if you can grasp your thick head around this basic knowledge, then the next step is to ask yourself… How on earth did wild wolves turn into cute, cuddly poodles in such a short time? I'd love to hear your take on this.

  30. @dookdawg214 Bulldogs where bread to be fighters. Their thick droopy skin was bread so the blood would drain away from their faces, and not cloud their vision. Have you meat my bulldog before? Sweet as pie. The most vicious thing hell do is sniff your foot.

  31. @dookdawg214 A poodle is not sweet, unless you train it to be sweet. I'm starting to think you've never been around a dog who's been abandon or abused by humans before. They act just like wolves, but with teeth that are a little less sharp. Yes, selective breading has given dogs physical traits to help them do cretin jobs we needed them to do, but their loyalty is from them COMING from a pack mentality – unless you train them to trust and love humans, they're not going to.

  32. @ooMONKEYoo
    Again, you're only considering the nurture part (which I said I recognize) but pretending genes plays no role. Most puppies of any domestic breed will hop around happy and want to play with humans without needing to be trained to do so. That's because they've evolved socially through selective breeding. Do you really believe you can bring home baby wolves and they'll be just as easy to train? You think they'll naturally spend their puppy years chasing rubber balls and newspapers?

  33. Gotta love how they said the one dog is comforting the other. I don't feel like Im being comforted when someone is sitting on my face.

  34. @ooMONKEYoo Wrong, wolves and dogs are a entirely different species, this is like saying that a cat and a lion are the same thing, wolves have a strong prey drive and bloodlust no matter where they are raised and actively hunt anything they see to kill and eat including humans, wolves and cold calculating very smart and vicious without exception, dogs branched off from wolves over 15000 years ago, nurture only does so much especially when your talking about different species and not humans.

  35. @dookdawg214 From what I know, all mammals look cute and cuddly. Since the majority of mammal babies NEED to be taken care of and thought how to live in their environment, the only way older animals can stand stupid little shits is for them to also be cute. It's like you've never watched Animal Planet.

  36. @ooMONKEYoo
    Yes, the compassion we feel for babies (animals and people) is an evolutionary trait. It evolved as a useful feature to ensure babies are properly nurtured. Animals lacking such compassion were more likely to ditch their young and therefore the young were less likely to survive and reproduce. But just because baby animals are cute doesn't mean they're as domestic-friendly as modern-day pets. Even wolfdogs, which get half of a modern dog's genes, are very difficult to train and own.

  37. @dookdawg214 I'm afraid you don't know anything about mammals. You're not even reading my posts. Why should I bother responding?

  38. @dookdawg214 …but I will anyway — You just claimed in your post that other mammals have bread compassion into their OWN species. Idiot.

    "Animals lacking such compassion were more likely to ditch their young and therefore the young were less likely to survive and reproduce."

  39. @ooMONKEYoo
    I'm reading them but you constantly avoid the issue. You pretend that the only thing that makes dogs nice or aggressive is how they're brought up. And you're totally ignoring the important role that genes play and how, thanks to 15,000 years of evolution from wild wolves, modern-day dogs have adopted traits that ALLOW THEM TO BE loyal, kind and compassionate with humans. Wolves do not develop the same social behavior as modern dogs (anymore than panthers vis-à-vis house cats).

  40. @ooMONKEYoo
    Are you dumb or just illiterate? Everything you just quoted me on was perfectly written and correct. What part do you disagree with? Please explain.

  41. @dookdawg214 And it pandered to MY argument. You claimed that dogs have been bred by humans to mimic our traits. Then you go on to say that dogs and other mammals have given themselves their humane traits.

    Your wishie-washie argument proves you don't know what you're talking about; you're just a troll.

  42. @ooMONKEYoo
    Christ, you're so retarded it makes my head hurt. THESE WERE TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS! I was first talking about how dogs have been bred by humans to mimic our traits. But then, in response to your comment about why baby animals are considered cute by older animals, I explained that this compassion is a basic evolutionary feature. Mamals often care about their young, whether dog, horse or human. So: 1. Animals have inherent compassion from evolution. 2. Dogs have even more from people!

  43. Bacteria = no compassion (just copy and copy)
    Fish = no compassion (drop their eggs an go)
    Amphibians/reptiles = some compassion: protect their tadpoles, eggs
    Mamals (wolves!!) = feed and protect offspring, but very wild and difficult to train
    Domestic dogs = trainable, compassionate, loyal, in many ways, human-like

    Now, take notice: compassion evolves as you work your way down the evolutionary tree. But dog compassion has been accelearted by selective breeding. BOTH ARE TRUE!

  44. @dookdawg214

    There are fish that take care of their young, and individually (certain species of cichlids).

    Compassion comes in many forms. Ability to train is not one of them.

  45. @VelociralexBojarzin
    This was a very rudamentary list to explain a point. Sorry, I can't repackage 150 years of scholarly litterature into a 500-character comment box. You have to follow my whole conversation with ooMONKEYoo to understand what this is about. In summary, evolution accounts for compassion. Selective breeding does too. And so does how an animal is raised, treated and trained. However, ooMONKEYoo thinks it's only the latter and that natural selection and breeding are irrelevant.

  46. @ooMONKEYoo I don't believe I did, were you not the one arguing that wolves and dogs would act similarly if nurtured the same way?

  47. @madax132 Only if you selectively read what I wrote. I didn't mention wolves at all.

  48. @dookdawg214 How are facts from one topic to the other different? Did humans bread 'humanity' into dogs, or did the wolves breed it into themselves? You giving contrary facts from one topic to the other proves you're just pulling shit out of your ass.

  49. @ooMONKEYoo
    You're guilty of proposing a false dichotomy. I keep telling you, it's not one OR the other — it's both. Compassion in general is a natural trait that has evolved down the evolutionary tree, especially in mamals. But the more human-like aspect of this compassion we see in dogs comes from selective breeding. Had man and wolf stayed apart, dogs wouldn't exit. Unlike wolves, domestic dogs are able to be submissive, loyal and loving to humans because we bred them to be.

  50. I don't think this video is as heart warming as it seems. Dogs are pack animals by nature. Dogs look to a leader for comfort when they're scared. This was probably a terrifying experience for the dog and the only other dog around happened to be injured. I'm sure the injured dog benefited from the healthy dog's presence, but I'm not sure that was necessarily its intentions.

  51. @dookdawg214 Dogs are submissive, loyal and loving to humans, because they think we're dogs too. Wolves act the same way to wolves in their packs as dogs act towards humans. PLEASE work on your thesis!!!!

  52. @53prime I think the dog standing guard was just waiting for the other one to die so it could eat it, like cats do with their owners.

  53. @SuperNikki1
    You are out-of-your-mind retarded. When did I ever say that wolves are not loyal to each other or compassionate with each each other? Show me the quote where I said that please.

  54. these news reporters are horrible. i can make a more professional broadcast with higher quality in my basement. (i live in Ohio and Tsunami's don't happen frequently around here so sorry if i seem like I'm rubbing it in by having a dry basement.) Besides all that, their JUST dogs!!! I feel for people way more then animals…They say all dogs go to heaven…thats not true…they go to a place where they are forced to eat their own poop but they do that anyways so who cares.

  55. What is it about rescuers that they have an hour on their hands to calm down a dog guarding another dog?

  56. my leg lost its virginity to a horny dog, theyre not innocent, but still very cute 😉

  57. @dookdawg214 When you said that humans bred wolves into dogs to have 'human like' traits.

  58. @ooMONKEYoo
    At this point, you can only be kidding. Even you can't be so stupid. I've acknowledged already that natural selection has made animals compassionate with each other. Wolves taking care of each other is not a human-like trait. Many mamals take care of each other. And, unlike fish, they look after their young. The way domestic dogs are today, however, is not the result of JUST natural selection. It's the result of selective breeding by humans.

  59. @dookdawg214 The only thing humans breeding dogs did was make them look the way we want. Wolves and dogs are and always have been loyal creatures.

    Who are you calling stupid? My answers have thumbs up and yours have people (other than me) correcting you.

  60. @ooMONKEYoo
    People thumbs-upping you is your justification for being right? LMAO. If you think that, then you really are stupid. Let me ask you something… Do you think a wolf is as easy to train and domesticate as a pincher or poodle? According to your theory, this should be the case. All we did is make them look different, right? Christ, even wolfdogs, which are only half wolf, are very, very difficult to train (some would say, nearly impossible).

  61. @dookdawg214 statistically speaking the highest rated comments on TYT videos are 100% correct.

    I'll repeat myself, because it's obvious you have some sort of learning disability.

    Dogs and wolves are two different animals. Dogs are submissive, loyal and loving to humans, because they think we're dogs too. Wolves act the same way to wolves in their packs as dogs act towards humans.

    Here's a little fun fact for you — dogs are more vicious to each other than wolves are to each other.

  62. @ooMONKEYoo
    If wolves don't think we're like them but dogs do, then something changed. Why did it change? Why did dogs' behavior change and not wolves? You see, you moron — it's because of selective breeding.
    And please cite your source that says dogs are submissive and loving to humans only because they think we are dogs.

  63. i made a wonderful video about this, take a look! truely heartwarming =)

  64. @dookdawg214 That's the point — there's NO WAY OF KNOWING. Is it because dog puppies saw their doggie mothers playing and getting a long with humans; is it because of genetics? — there's NO WAY OF KNOWING — at least not now. You're so smart, what's the humanity gene?

    Any dog trainer will tell you that the only long term way to successfully train a dog is to replicate the 'pack leader' roll.

  65. How can you not love dogs!! They're so pure hearted, honest, and innocent. How can you not like dogs…i know how, you have no soul…

  66. @melora72 Are you retarded? Just go ahead and look up the stories of men living with wolves, and the wolves treating them like other wolves – go a head and look up wolves as pets.

    Now go look up DOG ATTACKS.

    Make up shit studies all you want. I'll own your bull crap like I did with dookdawg.

  67. @sagmann20 They're all most humans aren't… that's why they're so awesome!

  68. My friend and I once saw a dog standing guard next to another in the middle of a two-way highway, right next to the wall which divides both opposing directions. We pulled over and the crazy dude ran across the highway to grab both dogs, the injured one being bigger than the one guarding it. We took them to a vet and the injured dog lost a front leg, but lived. He and his wife decided to keep them both, Tripod and Hero. That was like… five years ago, and they're both such good dogs.

  69. How can someone dislike this video? This proves dogs are the most loyal animals.

  70. The movie is actually based on the Niigata Earthquake cry.
    [Eng Sub/HD] A Tale Of Mari & Three Puppies

  71. Dogs have been by the side of humans for much longer than any other animal…at least 50,000 years, perhaps far more.

  72. dogs are pack animals, as soon as they accept you as the alfa of the pack they obey your commands, they don't think individually they like to follow the alfa and protect it

  73. humans and dogs both evolved togheter. both where day time hunters. both hunted in packs. its ither competition or alliance. we chose allience.

  74. Original full video shows much depth of the brown dog's action.(The commentary was missing something) I believe a lot of animals, particularly dogs, are much more intelligent and have souls. The searchers looking for human in the rubble, the brown dog saw them coming, then went to the searchers and guided them to the weakened white dog. Not only dogs are loyal, but this brown dog could know the human (even strangers) could/would help the buddy!!!! Amazing. Touching!!!

  75. I'm Japanese.
    Major media reported false rescue story.
    Even now, their false news are hindering us from searching for the missing this white dog.
    In fact brown tan dog named Mei was rescued by her real owner on March 18th 2011, Brown tan dog has been together with her real owner, she is very fine.
    But The White Setter named Lee has been missing since March 14 2011.
    Even now, their owner have been looking for Lee desperately.
    Please look my page & movie.

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