Dolores River Restoration Project

So starting in about 2008, a few key partners came together including the Bureau of Land Management
the Nature Conservancy, uh, and the tamarisk coalition. And we all came
together because we’re concerned about the impacts of these non-native invasive
plants. One of the unique things about the
partnership is really being able to erase those boundaries and and just do
the work on the ground that we needed to do. To, uh, to begin to unpeel the the bad
plants and allow the native plants to take root again. We’ve engaged over
250 people over six years in activity surrounding the restoration the Dolores River. Uh, acres and acres, and river miles and river
miles look vastly different along the river today than they did, uh, five years ago
when we started this effort and that’s due in part to the energy of these young
adults. Well, I floated this river 30 years ago doing
fisheries surveys and at that time it was predominantly tamarisk. And now we floated
it today and it’s predominantly willows and cottonwoods and other native species
like New Mexico privet. So the habitat value of the river has
really changed because of the Dolores River Restoration Partnership.

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