chicken nuggets brown bear and Donald Trump’s hair these are the ingredients chosen to create has anything weird happened yet? Hello guys it’s Alex and today it is 3am well it is actually 3.23am show it show it theres been a rumour going around saying that if you play roblox at 3am… weird things happen and if you guys are very aware of my situation, I’ve had alot of ghost experiences and paranormal experiences For the past few months so lets see if anything happens. But before we begin i wanted too say thank you so so so much too “MindyPink14” right here thank you so much for the fanart it looks exactly like my character thank you so so much but anyway well it started with this even though I am a bit nervous I had one of my subscribers tell me that weird things happen when you’re playing topic slender specifically didn’t you hear that weird stuff happens at 3am here ok so now we’re going to the entrance of all the pages that remain from the last games lender wind i remember but there’s a few times in the past but I’ve never had a chance to be slender man well I don’t really know what it’s like alright so the next round will start in like seconds and got all these people over here now it’s ok you are a citizen corazon blender man look away why is everybody standing near Slenderman Slenderman is really doing anything look away Enderman playing the game is what I’m wondering oh why been taken maybe I should have went under my screen is completely stuck in first-person now all you can actually look outside no well actually that looks pretty creepy look at remaining pages wow that looks pretty creepy always watching no I help you can run don’t look or take you 100 G ok so I’m going to follow her know she’s on the page thank you get this thank you oh no I’ve lost them oh no where did they go on you said you over over a year I’m over here over here don’t run away from me space to break free as I ok ok maybe Pete that was that was pretty close i should just can’t cross the crime scene oh if you need you and me looking your dad hello ok darkness i have no idea where to go kind of cups over here ran guns pile of well what is this the random and I want students oh you see anything we’re going to class so bad that was undermanned this whole that was kind of creepy i can’t handle this okay so nothing weird to have been happening here so far I’ve only played one game but I want to try other roblox games to see of anything where happens i haven’t been watching ok so now I’m trying natural disasters what’s going on over here what is he okay now I’m try natural disasters and everybody’s great and everybody’s loading alrighty also read that weird things happening natural disasters strength ok acid rain stay indoors oh great hiding by the hate of a pretty good idea were safe up here oh no maybe not maybe not maybe I should go back down there you know what not safe right here right here what i was going out there for other people so I should probably run away now get back down there book what kind of natural disaster we going to have been hiding in the school I remember one time when our school had a tornado and everybody had to stay inside the school Oh flash flood better stay up high and I remember we have to stay safe at the school and it was really creepy and scary tornado right over school and you can hear all the wind is really creepy remove the highest you can go ok everybody has the genius ideas to just stand on top of the lockers oh you think the water can still get to us know okay it looks like we’ve arrived but not a lot of people down there had a as much luck as we did what’s going on with the school all right great and of course it doesn’t help having this one person with this giant eyeball why are you would I i’m wondering the same thing why there is a random person with an eyeball here why is there a person with a giant I wall here and i just noticed I girl with the highball go Oh earthquake earthquake oh I should probably probably stay low so maybe maybe I should look for my friends where did they go okay you know what I’m going to climb over this thing what will that do work i’m gonna i’m gonna maybe ok i’m not going to climb over this ok go boom there we go i should be safe here and he should be figure okay really oh wow doing a little power of themselves I’m sorry I just crashed your tower my bad ok ok survivors survivors a lot of people world were survivors here so great you’re standing on let’s go up the stairs why not there’s okay okay she’s got the right idea species you know it could probably be because we already had this has been multiple times to flood ok now we just wait here as a radio i guess i get asked the rain stay away from the windows so we’re doing a pretty good job staying up yet maybe not because we’re close to the roof ok let’s go down New York school down here were saved this guy’s inside this little room all by himself maybe just chill here k random guy was stay up here this looks acid rain why we why would the ice rain in school you know ok Oh down here okay this look freaky days as anything weird have has anything for years have been yet babe what it will really scared to my god morning yeah turn the light back guys I was doing this work stay up until 3am we’re still having Ono kind of where it’s probably just a fad I mean I do have the fan on you have probably just a fair ball ball ball and you know what’s weird you remember what i was doing the video when i was talking about the ghost in my roblox a camp and then everybody in the comments writing about how the gatomon plush was moving while you were talking kinda weird alright well i think i’m not going to go to bed anytime soon but if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and also don’t forget to subscribe you’re into the dark suddenly all right with you so much

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