Dorian downgraded to category 3, but strong winds still a threat

30 thoughts on “Dorian downgraded to category 3, but strong winds still a threat

  1. I can't wait till you disable this comments section, too, Faux News (CNN 2.0).

  2. How many times does Florida have to be battered by hurricanes for people to build houses that can better withstand hurricanes.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that despite officials being wrong constantly, they expect us to heed their warnings …

  4. My ex-wife lives in W. Palm, I told her it was just a minor rain shower and it would be fine to go surfing!

  5. People who stay people who go. Some have money to leave some do not. If people play with there lives go or stay its there choice. These people will need lots of help rebuilding there lives. Should we give them money? No should we help them yes. To much greed. No money. food medicine help rebuilding sure no money. Let’s keep everyone honest. Is what i think.

  6. This time make the buildings stronger if you want to live there your choice. Building codes have to change.

  7. Any coincidence that Dorian stalled for 3 days over the worlds largest Chinese Whampoa Ltd port in the Bahamas, only 180 miles from the US? LoL Trump 2020

    I My House SUFFERS GREATLY NOW Because of it! Tell me some TRUTH! Correct THEIR Errors!

  9. Dorian making all the news and people stopped worrying about tariffs, stock market, illegal immigration's and open border's.

  10. Say goodbye to Dorian, it will be heading northeast very soon and will continue to weaken, the front will take it away from the states. Sorry but the sensational media, It's soon to be over with no landfall in the United States. The end.

  11. Once looked into flood insurance. No creeks or rivers nearby for at least a mile, dry climate, not prone to flooding. Quoted a price of $300 monthly. Seemed pretty ridiculous for the location.

  12. Really? so its not going to be deadly? Poor dems what are they going to complain about and blame Trump for?

  13. Dorian moving northwest at 1 MPH- thank you Jesus for decreasing this hurricane?please send this storm out to sea to disappear, in Your mighty name, Amen!

  14. Yet another b***** hurricane a waste of time and f**** money, meanwhile one has to wonder what are they really trying to distract us from what's really going on behind the scenes the deep state of Obuma

  15. I was talking with my daddy years ago, about flood insurance, and I asked him, “Daddy, we don’t need flood insurance, because we don’t live near a river or any other body of water?” And Daddy said, “It rains, don’t it.”

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