Dragging Jigs for Wolf River Walleyes – Walleye Fishing Tips

(outdoor rock) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the
water…) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in the woods…)
(gunshot) (where the breathin’ is easy,
the livin’ is good…) (out in the great outdoors!)
And welcome to Larry Smith
Outdoors! We’re sponsored by: The Badger
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Holy Moly! (music ends) (music ends) (drum beats) (music) Hey! Welcome to Larry Smith
Outdoors! Today we brought our
208 Warrior here to Dowco Hey, Jason! Nice to meet you!
I’ll tell ya what! You guys
have some great products, and today we’re
here getting our bimini top, our fishini top installed. Tell us
why people should install this on their boat. (jason)
Well first of all we made the
top to be be a size for fisherman, so they
can take their families out.
Especially keeping you out of the sun.
Most fisherman want room, they
want space, Normal bimini tops get in the
way so you ignore the huge
concerns with the sun, huge concerns with UV, sunburn,
skin cancer is on the rise in
the US, This enables you to use the top
more versus just keeping it
stored in the down position because
there’s a ton of space with
this top. Definitely very fisherman
friendly for sure. Hey Jason,
can you explain some of the
benefits of the Fishini top? Sure Larry.
First thing is it’s made with no rear straps. A
typical bimini top has a strap
coming down right here, or a bar that just gets in the
way when you’re trying to troll
or cast. This eliminates that using
tension bars underneath the top to hold it up, along
with bars in the front. You can
push it over to the radar position so when you’re not
using it, it completely leaves
the back of the boat open in addition to it being quick
up and down, it has quite a few
features that will help the fisherman. First, a quick
access storage pocket
underneath, next there are 4 rod holders for
quick access to rods, it’s made
with climate shield plus; our
exclusive solution-dyed
polyester for years of
durability and use, one inch aluminum
tubing; much heavier than the
industry standard, and then finally stainless
steel hardware; for ease of use year round. (larry) Nice! How
can the people that watch our
show get ahold of this product? They can go to
dowcomarine.com and search for
fishini. And just for your viewers we’re
giving 10% off if they use the
promo code Larry10 on everything Dowco makes! That is awesome!
Thank you very much! What an
awesome product! And thanks for watching Larry
Smith Outdoors! (music) (music) Creating a fishing boat that
delivers unsurpassed
fishability, speed and performance on the
water, is achieved through an
ongoing commitment to quality and a driving passion
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building the fisherman’s boat in every
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less cover lift system, and ratchet attachment system,
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dowcomarine.com for more
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Larry10 to receive a 10%
discount today! (metallic clash) The new Acme rattlemaster has a
built in echo chamber with a brass rattle that calls
fish in! The body’s solid brass
too and won’t bend or dull! And reflects fish
attracting light all over the
water column! This one-two punch of sight and
sound means you make less
casts! Because the fish come to you! Rip it of shake it
for crappie, walleye, northern,
salmon, or trout! And experience multi
species action with just one
bait! (music) (music) I know, I’m a little bit late!
But you know something? I’ve
got my brand new Warrior with my new Envinrude 300, and
along with my new Dowco cover, I’ll tell ya what! I’m
traveling in style! The only
problem we have yet is the truck. We need to
find somebody to wrap our truck, and to
design a decent wrap for it. That looks outdoorsy! So if you
know anybody that wants to take
that challenge, email us for sure! Got something for ya here!
(larry) What do you got there? There you go. Whoa! What do we
have here! Carolina Reaper Pepper. Wow!
(laughing) And those are Reaper pepper
eggs! (Larry) Want one today?
No, I want nothing to do with
that! Are you serious? I think there’s like heat waves
coming off of that thing! Holy
Man! Want one Jon? Nope! (laughing)
Why is everybody so afraid of
this!!? They want to see what’s gonna
happen to you first! I told all
of them! You want one? Brad will eat
them! (laughing) There is a little bit of heat
to them, Shawn. (laughing) He’s got a bite going on there!
(laughing) He won’t be cold
today! It get’s hotter as it goes. It keeps going?? It takes 10
minutes to get to the peak! (music) (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what! Good
morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors! Today
we’re up on the Wolf River and
the water is extremely high. It doesn’t seem like it’s
gonna stop. But Lance, morning! How’s it
going? Very good, Larry. Hig water is not a bad thing.
What it will do is keep these
fish in the top part of the
WInnebago system. There’s a lot of forage up here
so the fish have plenty to eat. And lots of current. Those two
things fish love. I’m a big river guy, and I know
you live on the lake and you’d
rather see these fish back in the lake!
(lance) Can’t pull you away
from the river! It’s gonna be my turn this year
for a while! I would suggest that if you’re looking to catch
some good walleyes, you come
and visit the Wolf River. We’re fishing between New
London and Fremont and there’s
a couple really good bait shops, you can stop at Johnny’s
here in New London or go down
to Ma’s in Fremont. Call them. They’ll tell you the
information about the bite. Plus you can get good bait.
What we’re gonna be doing today
is mostly dragging jigs with half a
crawler and doing some vertical jigging with
plastics. Those are the two
techniques. Lance, you’ve got a bunch of
guys in your boat, I’ve got a
bunch of guys in mine. We’ve got a great group today.
We’ve got our good friends from
Dowco, and Shawn from Mike’s Country
Meats is with us! And he brought me some great
eggs this morning! I see you had one already! Stay
tuned! Let’s see what happens
today up here at New London on the Wolf River. (music ends) (rock drums) (music) (music) (music) (cameraman) You only need a
couple inches. (Brad) Jon, get under there and
push down. Put your feet up.
(laughing) (music) (lance) You got it! (inaudible) (music) Watch it! (lance) Get her going! You know something, I love hot food. The other
thing is look how bundled up you guys
are! I don’t need to bundle up! When you have this stuff! Mmm! (Jon) Hey Larry, there’s no
bathrooms out here today. (music) (music) Here we go you guys! What we’re
doing here is basically just dragging along the river
here. You try to get the boat
going at a natural speed. Here he is.
And we’re not using a net today, cause we forgot it. And plus, most of the fish you
catch up in the river are mostly males right in that
14-16 inch range. Perfect eating fish. We’re
using a weedless jig. Which is crucial. A lot of
times I’ll trim some of the barbs down on the jig and just because sometimes it’s so
rough you can’t catch the fish, it’s too stiff.
I’ll trim some of them down. There we go. Got the first one.
You know, you got that bite
down right away! One hookset, reel down and pop
them in. There you go! Nice job! Good
job Bradley. Hold that fish up. You see how that bite goes? You
just let them hang on there. The most important thing to
have is patience. I’m gonna let it go for a bit,
you think? Take him. Any time.
Oh, I said wait! I said take him when I say take
him! (jon) You said take him! Take him anytime! Let me see
the replay on that one! (Cameraman) He said take him.
(Larry) Watch yourself, boys! Trees. Watch your head. Ha ha! Yeah, I’ll admit my
stomach is turning a little bit. Kinda feels like
a volcano inside my stomach. That’s when you know
it’s a good egg! Nice job, Brad! I knew you had
that one! Those fish shifted around the
corner now. That’s the key to
just drifting stay right on them. Gonna give
him the super flip? We don’t have a net. I think
Dowco should start making nets! That’s a nice
fish! Nice fish! Very nice fish for the river!
Whoo! Watch the trees, Brad! (music) Nice fish! Watch that stick on
the motor! Stick on the motor! Break that
sucker right off! There you go. That’s a nice fish. That’s
about as big as I like to keep them right there.
Perfect. About 17 inches. Perfect. (music) I’m gonna feed this one some
line. See what happens. Still there.
There we go! No that one just didn’t feel
right so I fed him some line Interesting. We just went by
some guys up there and they’re
using plastics and they almost have their
limits. It’s typical when you get cold nights, nice
fish, that the crawler bite takes a little
longer to come on. For me, when you have a lot of
people in the boat, dragging with the weedless is
the way to go. When you get cooler nights, it
takes a little longer for the bite to come on. Bite coming on now! That’s 2
quick fish in a row! A lot more bites! Badger Sportsman Magazine!
Wisconsin’s premiere outdoor magazine!
Fishing and hunting in
Wisconsin, written by outdoor enthusiasts
from Wisconsin. Each issue features timely fishing and
hunting articles from experts
across the state. Badger Sportsman Magazine will
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the water! Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today! Wings Over Wisconsin. A non-profit organization
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education with youth and
community involvement. Through
cooperation with private
landowners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin
has been a leader in the
preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated
dollars staying in Wisconsin,
for Wisconsin! For information about how you
can join this great
organization, or how to start a
new chapter, please visit:
wingsoverwisconsin.org I’m Mark Greene, I’m Patrick
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Vexilar! (music) (drag slipping) Nice job! Whoo ho Jon! Alright! You’re on the board! See that time I told you to
take him and you took him.
Before you were a little early. Is that what it was? I gotta
listen to you more. (laughing) You didn’t know that? (laughing) You barely had him, too! Jon,
why don’t you tell us a little
bit more about some of the products
you guys have coming out. The new Fishini top, and the covers for the boats, you have
some innovative stuff going on. Tell us more about Dowco. Brad and I were kinda hoping for
some rain, usually you don’t
want that when you’re fishing
but we just put the new Fishini top
on for you yesterday when you
were at Dowco. I appreciate that. We’re trying
to create products for the fisherman and the
boater. This industry hasn’t
been innovated for a lot of
years. We’re bringing products that,
number one, meet the customer’s
needs above and beyond we’re trying to do things that
aren’t being done by other
people, and that are a little bit more
valuable than the standard
product line. There’s not a lot
that’s been changed in a boat cover in a
lot of years. (Larry) You ain’t
kidding! That’s why I haven’t
used one for the last 5-6 years. The neat thing
about it is, you have a brand
new Warrior Boat like this and you fish it hard,
but that’s not what’s hard on a
boat. The UV, the weather that hits
this boat, so the more you can put that cover
on the boat, you’re really
gonna save your investment on
this boat. It could be 2-3 thousand
dollars difference by the time
you get ready to sell this boat. From a covered boat versus an
uncovered one. We trying to help you protect
your investment and everything
that’s in the boat. It gives you storage while
traveling. (music) (cameraman) Stomach
must be on the mend there Smith! I feel better now! 3M has a new soda out. It’s
pretty good. See that? Found it on the bank… (music) Surprise me. I think it’s a
sheephead. Watch that tree. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a walleye! A decent one
too! Watch the trees above your
heads! That’s the deal with the
river! I better wait to wheel him in
then! Incoming! There you go! Nice job! Hey
Shawn, why don’t you tell us about
Mike’s Country Meats; the finest jerky on the planet. Well my
mother in law and father in law started the
company about 15-16 years ago
and they actually started in Camblesport. Three years ago we expanded and
moved up to Tigerton. We make 6 flavors of jerky
ranging in flavor from the
regular to the hottest stuff that you can stand!
(larry) I love that stuff!
(laughing) Right now we’re actually
working on one new flavor,
hopefully within the next 6 months or so
we can actually get it into
production. Keep your eyes open on our
website for news of that. (music) Here we go! We got competition!
Lance is down river and they’ve got 7 we’ve got 9 this
will be ten. Uh oh! That fish went in a snag! He
did! I got him out! He went right
into that tree! I can’t believe I got him out of that branch. Nice fish right there! The
interesting part about this is how you
visualize this. The fish are facing up river.
So what happens, they come by the jig going down stream,
they grab the back of that crawler. Every time you
feel the thrust on the rod that fish is turning, turning,
turning. I usually give them 6 pulls.
Then they’re finally swimming all the way downstream and then
they will inhale the bait. Patience is the key. Let them
hang on. Most guys set the hook too soon. The fish are still turning and
trying to make it down stream. And they only have the crawler
and not the hook. More time is better than less. You almost
can’t give them enough time. Decent fish. Hey! You know
what? We’re ahead of Lance! Yeah, we are friends, but
there’s always competition! You know this when it comes to
fishing! You should know that by now! I
feel a lot better now that my
stomach settled down. I’m gonna eat a few more eggs,
but I think I’m gonna wait
until I’m on shore! (music ends) (guncock) (sizzle) (music) Hey! Shotgun Steve Schafer in
the kitchen with Mrs. Schafer,
the mother of my life! Happy Mother’s Day!
Yep, yep, yep… Yeah you did? (laughing) Well,
don’t be so happy about it. We are making pasties. Burgers’
Smokehouse meats, hamburger, potatoes, (mom)
crust. Pie crust right? (Mom) Any kind of
packaged pie crust. I prefer the real pie crust
made with lard. But nobody has
time for that so just by the
pre-packaged. That’s why you
sent me to the store? Yes. You don’t cook no more.
That’s the whole problem. No,
no, no. Should we start? Yeah. You
start. How much burger should I
put in? About a quarter pound per
pasty. Now, we’re gonna take
the crust I gotta peel potatoes right?
Yep, yep, yep. Peel it and dice it. Yep, yep,
yep! Put flour on the board so the
pie crust doesn’t stick. Then if you know what a rolling
pin is, oohh this is a heavy one! Oh my
lord! (laughing) What do you mean it’s heavy? Oh
my gosh! I got an old-fashioned
wood one! Just use this to flatten it
out. DIdn’t even have to flour
this one! It’s a non-stick! Mine is a
wooden one at home! (music) Now we add salt. Ok. Yep. This is how the yoopers do it!
Oh yeah, that’s right. She’s
from Upper Michigan. This is how the yoopers do it!
Just salt and pepper! You gonna stir it up? You gotta
put the stuff in first! Larry Smith Outdoors has this
awesome seasoning! (mom) Whoo!
It’s making my eyes water! Then walk away from the camera
cause this kid here is seasoning his up! I guess so! You probably need more potato.
You took all the potatoes so
that’s fine. Jalapenos! Holy Sheese! This is
gonna be a mexican pasty! If anybody watches the show
they know Shotgun likes it hot! (music) 350. There’s your pasty. Alright! (music) Is that good? (mom) Yep. See
how nicely it went in? It shows the potatoes
are soft so it’s ready to eat. Just like old times. Mmm mmm. Is it too hot or what?
Yep. It’s steaming! Oh yeah, by the way, your favorite son says Happy
Mother’s Day! Whoo! Look at the tear in her
eye! Or is that cause the
food’s too hot? Both! (laughing) You cry over
the flowers, I’m gonna keep
eating. My number one, only son! That’s why. Yep. Burgers’ Smokehouse. Your
hand-crafted smoked meat headquarters since
1952. Our dry rub recipes, aging process, and
natural hard wood smoking come
together to create bold, satisfying flavors
that we are proud to stand
behind. Whether it’s summer sausage,
hearty sportsman’s cut bacon,
or dry rubbed barbecue ribs; we are your
source for top notch hard wood
smoked meats that you’ll be proud to serve
family and friends. Visit us
online at smokehouse.com or look us up at your local
grocery store. For over 25 years, Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply has been your
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supplies! Our staff is friendly,
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more than hunt? Check out our
supply of fishing products as well! Visit Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply today, or shop
our webstore at mwshooters.com Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply! We want to be
your outdoor supplier! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Hey we might have a little
problem. I’ll tell ya what,
this morning to get up river here, we had to have everyone
in the bow of the boat. We pushed down on it to get the
windshield underneath, and we
had about a quarter of an inch clearance.
Well, I kinda figured it was gonna happen this way,
the water came up about 3 and a
half inches. We have no clearance at
all. What we did is we actually flooded the
boat. We just let the pump run and flooded the floor
of the boat. I’m not suggesting anybody ever does this, unless
you’re a trained professional. A guys gotta do what a guys
gotta do when it comes to
fishing! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Nice job! Whooo! That was close! Too close! Hey I’ll tell ya what! What an
exciting day! Mostly because we had to make a
few manuevers with the new 208 Warrior to get above the
railroad bridge this morning and coming back down? Boy! That was
an experience flooding that
boat! A lot of fun, a lot of
excitement, we caught a bunch
of fish today. Hey! I’m gonna throw these at
my friend Shotgun Schafer, have
him cook up some ribs from Burgers’ Smokehouse and
we’ll have a good meal before
we leave! I also want to thank our good
sponsor Mike’s Country Meats
and Shawn is definitely the main man over
there running production. Anything you have to say? Just
go to our website, check the
monthly special right now any order over 2 lbs
gets a free 3.25oz bag! Awesome! You know what? I love Mike’s
Country Meats! The finest jerky
on the planet! Hey! I’ll tell ya, Dowco! We had a great time with our
friends from Dowco! And Jon, tell everybody a little bit
more about Dowco. Larry we
really appreciate you number one, helping us
enjoy the outdoors and having a
great time doing it. We’re glad to be a sponsor. We
appreciate that. We put a couple new products on
the boat this year that we’ll
hopefully see a lot of. The new Fishini top, and the
new cover lift system 2.0 We’re really excited about it.
All American made, we have 5
plants employing over 200 people here in the United
States and we’re proud of that. An proud to be with Larry Smith
Outdoors I appreciate
everything made here in the
United States. That’s awesome! That is the end
of our show today and like I always say: Just remember, what
a great day to be alive! (music ends) (music) Oww! That’s going above and beyond
the call of duty Brad! Yes it
is! Well done! (rumbling) Awww! Them eggs!
(laughing) Sorry boys! I’m telling ya!
That’s what happens when you eat Reaper Pepper Eggs!! (I’m down
wind!) (Laughing) I can’t help it! Excuse me!

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