Dramatic video: Flash floods kill 16 in Solomon Islands

At least 16 people have died in flash flooding
in the Solomon Islands. Days of heavy rain have caused the Mataniko
River to burst its banks, washing structures and people out to sea. This devastating footage shows water flowing
through a street, dragging homes and large pieces of debris with it. Radio New Zealand has reported that the Solomon
Islands’ Government has said the floods have left thousands homeless, and an unconfirmed
number of people missing. A number of my staff have witnessed dead people
and particularly children washed away by these flash floods. The water has just come up so
quickly at times. Officials have warned the death toll is set
to rise. One of the city’s two main bridges has been
washed away, severely hampering emergency response efforts.

2 thoughts on “Dramatic video: Flash floods kill 16 in Solomon Islands

  1. Looks like the AFP & the Australian navy/army will be headed there very soon….

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