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So I was kinda unsure whether or not I should
draw my life for you.. because I’ve never really liked to put myself
in the spotlight and I did never like to be on stage. Every time I’ve been on stage,
I’ve looked like a bright red tomato.. There are so many inspiring life stories out
there.. including yours… and believe me, I’d love to hear each and every one of them,
but today I’ll share with you my story.. and maybe my highs and lows, trials and tribulations
will somehow put a smile on your face. So here’s my story. It all started on a cold, bright sunny day
in April 1982 in Germany.. when a little girl with big blue eyes landed safely into this
world. Okay, that was the perfect part of my life,
now off to the adventures, trial and errors! I was born as the only child to a 19 year
old, strong and adventurous mom, and a dad I do not know much about because he and my
mom did not make it very far and when they broke up, my dad and I somehow lost contact.
And well. what can I say.. It’s been more than 20 years since I last heard from him
and I’ve somehow always missed him.. So for the first years of my life, I grew
up with only my mom, who at times sold milk bottles because we were broke. We lived in
tiny flats of which one almost burned down because my mom loved christmas candles.. but
that’s another story. But one day when the water from our broken
washing machine caused the roof of the apartment beneath us to be completely soaked, my mom
went downstairs to apologize. The guy who opened the door had long, big, brown curls
and eyelashes. Needless to say, my mom fell head over heels in love with him. And ever
since that day, this wonderful man took care of us and treated me like his own daughter. Then school started. Well.. But not for me
because after a couple of days in school the teacher told my mom: “I think it is better if you take her out
of school again. She only sits on her chair with big dreamy eyes, staring out of the window.
It seems she is not ready yet.” After a couple of times moving back and forth
to different places, my mom decided to move to one of the probably strangest places in
Germany (well at least I thought so).. a small village close to the Baltic Sea) Everyone thought it was paradise, but to me
it was horrible. All I can remember is that in the 10 years I lived there, all I thought
about was a master plan to leave that place as fast as possible. And when I started school at the Baltic Sea,
things got really dark for me. I was new to the village and my family and I were somehow
seen as aliens to the people there. I got bullied in every imaginable way. .. from plain bitching, to being beaten up
physically, to having my clothes taken away at the beach so that I had to walk home naked,
having the wheels of my bicycle slashed, and the worse – being beaten up with words. At that time in my life, my diaries were my
best friends. I felt so worthless, stupid, unloved, incapable of achieving anything,
and incredibly lonely. The only times I remember enjoying was when
I would hang out with a bunch of guys on the basketball court. Throwing some hoops while
listening to some good rap music was my kinda therapy back then. When I turned 14, I was done with Sarah, Karen,
Nancy (I changed the names for obvious reasons) and all the other numbnuts who bullied me.
I explained to my mom that I had to leave and go to Brazil. Brazil seemed far enough
away from all those bullies, and there was sunshine.. something I thought I really needed
at this time.. Well, I did not end up in Brazil, but Denmark.
(.. after I got well enough on my mom’s nerves) Denmark wasn’t as far away as Brazil,
but it was still another country. So I moved. And things got a lot better in Denmark. I
found new friends.. and life almost felt really good. except when one night this man who I
thought was my friend really, really hurt me some would call it abuse.. anyways it
was another big thing which influenced me a lot in my life. But I’ve always been an optimist and so
I decided to give myself another chance and changed my first name. I felt so much sadness
and heaviness attached to my old name, and I was really ready to become a greater version
than the old me. The coolest thing I remember about my time
in Denmark were the last words Mrs. Aalbert, my religion teacher, told me after I finished
my exam. She said: “I can see you doing very important things
in your future, which will have a great and positive impact on the world.” Of course back then, I thought Mrs Aalbert
was nuts. Obvisouly.. I mean I saw myself as a nobody and a weirdo with many insecurities,
plus I had nothing I was really good at. Well.. I loved writing, but my teachers always told
me it wasn’t good enough to get me anywhere. Anyways after school, I followed my dream
and explored the world. I lived in Brazil, did a documentary there, fell in love with
a Brazilian guy with whom I had kind of a “Bonny & Clyde” relationship, did some
crazy adventures that almost got me killed, helped build a charity in the ghettos of Brazil,
went back to Germany, then to Honduras, worked on another charity there, moved back to Germany and got to know one of the most important
people in my life. I was 21, wild, adventurous & extroverted
when I met Oliver. And Oliver.. well, he was pretty much the opposite. Calm, cool-headed
and rather introverted. We were like yin and yang, moon and sun, fire
and water, .. and yes we went through many many highs and lows.. and lots of growth as
you guys know. Anyways somehow, we managed to stay together
until today. til infinity and beyond. I love u boo.) After I came back to Germany i tried to find
something I was good at .. well and failed again. One company kicked me out and another
one went bankrupt. Honestly I was so fed up. Fed up with me trying
so hard to be normal. Fed up living life according to the rules. Fed up with living for the weekends,
only to party and drink myself into unconsciousness. And most of all I was done with the system
which made me believe that all I needed in order to be happy was a decent job, lots of
money to be spend on a big car, big house and useless stuff, a husband and babies. Tadaaaa
happy. Well not really. Deep inside I knew that there was something
bigger out there in life. And to find that I knew I had to finally listen to my heart
and own my weirdness.. or lets call it uniqueness. This decision changed my life completely. I became more conscious about the foods I
ate, the people I surrounded myself with, the books I read and the places I went to.
And on top of that I gave birth to my greatest inspiration of all.. my sonshine, Jonah. I started to trust my heart and together with
Oliver I took the decision to get rid of everything we owned, gather the money we had saved and
move to Bali. (.. just so you know..I had never been there before but I somehow knew
that everything would be alright.) For the first time in my life I was okay being
a maverick. And even kinda grateful to Nancy, Sarah, Karen because their bullying had made
me into a strong women who was ready to jump into the unknown. And somehow with faith in life.. with dedication
to personal growth and realness we turned the few dollars we had into some more and
upleveled our relationship into magic. I basically went from living a life to creating
a life. From being with a partner, to being with a soulmate. And really never ever did I expect or hope
for the magic that happened with MyTinySecrets right from the start. All I wanted was to
be true to myself, live in alignment and heal all broken aspects of myself. So if there is one thing I learned in this
life it is this: Never ever let anyone tell you you cannot
do it. Because you can. Remember my teacher who told me I am not a
good writer.. well MyTinySecrets is all about writing and sharing.. You really are a mighty creator. You can make
all your dreams come true if only you learn to believe in yourself. And remember Nancy, Karen & Sarah who had
so much fun bullying me? Well, they still live in the same small village I left almost
20 years ago to pursue my dreams.. And remember Ms. Aalbert, my religion teacher?
Her loving words accompanied me throughout my whole life. So this for you, Ms. Aalbert:
Thank you for believing in me. Maybe there should be more Ms. Aalberts in
this world. More people who instead of doubt, have faith in their daughters, sons, mothers,
friends.. no matter what path they chose in life. I know I am not perfect myself and I’ve
messed up quite a few things in life but you know what.. it’s human. This life is not
meant to be perfect, we are meant to walk through the polarities of life .. through
darkness and light, because one cannot exist without the other. And one day maybe we can
see that the imperfect is perfect as well, that it is the darkness which leads us into
the light. I am sending you lots of energy for your own
journey throughout life. And if times are tough follow the soft voice of your heart.
This is your soul.. your true self. It will guide you guide you.

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