Dream of a Tsunami

I wanted to share with you a dream the Lord
gave me last night about a tsunami. In this dream we lived right on the coast,
and as we looked out at the ocean all the ocean water receded and I knew this was very
bad, so my wife and I got out of town as quickly
as we possibly could. I could see though people in their houses
and many people were acting like nothing was going to happen.
And I thought to myself how odd, these people are still watching TV, they’re still on
their on their computer as if, they either don’t know or they don’t care
what’s about to happen. Also in this dream I saw my notebook which looks like this,
and it’s where I record everything that the Lord shares with me,
and every single place that the Lord had ever given me a dream of a tsunami the wind was
blowing my notebook to those pages, and I knew in my dream this was conformation
that this was going to happen. I am not someone who tries to predict the future.
I’m not predicting if this will happen on a certain date. All I’m sharing is what
the Lord gave me in this dream, and I encourage every person to truly seek
the Lord Jesus because the Lord Jesus protects His children, He protects those who follow
Him. And those who can hear the Lord Jesus know
exactly what they need to do. The problem is many people are not hearing from the Lord
Jesus, they’re just religions, and they will be
caught in this destruction. When I woke up from this dream the Lord gave me this message:
“The Lord’s judgment is coming. Many do not heed the warnings. If they did they may
escape destruction, but because they do not listen they will be
destroyed, they will not escape.” So the question is,
are you truly hearing from Jesus because if you’re not, go to Jesus and pray to Him.
Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to lead you and to guide you by His Holy Spirit.
The Lord Jesus IS the escape. You got to RUN to Jesus.
May the grace of Jesus be with you.

50 thoughts on “Dream of a Tsunami

  1. I had a tsunami dream in 2006. In the dream I got on my knees and prayed in tongues. And a bubble formed around me and i could breathe underwater. The tsunami destroyed a mega mall I was in and it turned into a beach after the tsunami.

  2. Please take heed to this warning, we need to be close to the Lord pending this tsunami. I had another dream where I saw the beginning of the tsunami. And God said a lot of people will be hurt or killed.

  3. Amen brother i believe this
    the lord has told me he will do what he said he will do
    may Jesus bless you and sister Marilee

  4. I had a dream last night, I don't think it was a vision or from God, I think it was just a dream. I saw a huge wave, it stopped right before it was about to crash, then it disappeared, I knew it was going to happen again, so I was warning people, then I said watch, and there it was a huge!!! Wave about to crest and just pound us, then I moved to the left, and the wave did not hurt us. Just wanted to tell my dream, I don't even know the difference between a vision, or is it just a dream. God Ble

  5. I think your dream might be something to do with the Hoover Dam that the NWO plan to destroy soon to usher in the New World Order, which will cause a terrible flood like a tsunami.

  6. Amen! Thank you for sharing brother. May more take heed and prepare for what is yet to come. Jesus is warning, He has all the answers and knows best and will not fail us if we listen and obey Him. May Jesus bless you and sister Marilee and keep you safe in this time. We love you both and we pray for you.

  7. I had a dream in February about NJ being completely under water from a tsunami – Karensera had the same dream three days before – but, she saw Florida devastated. People that I feel are very credible, like yourself, are having Tsunami dreams recently – I am in the apartment that was in my dream and survived on the third floor. I think we are being warned of what is to come. I think it will be one of the first disasters to hit us.

  8. I have a similar situation to you, I am in the apartment, I was in, in my dream. And, other things in the dream are forming on their own which were present in the dream. I believe we are being warned, so keep watching.

  9. even now as prophecy is being fufilled. Many could care less about how specific they are, or what it means if the bible has SOME truth to it. Difficulties existing in a modern society is lack of spiritual understanding, lack of reverence for God, lack of conversation with Jesus, lack of self control on sinful tendencies, lack of self respect, lack of love for what is good and right. Disinterest is by no means the same as ignorance of the facts.Great Video, Thanks for sharing. Jesus Bless

  10. I had a dream ! that men were not created equal .and the time of the lords with pass

  11. Thanks for making the video brother, your sincerity is obvious. I like the idea of keeping a notebook handy and writing down what the Lord shares with you. It inspires me to want to do more of that.

  12. Do u believe the this mite mean Jesus is coming back soon? Do u think we will be raptured like soon? I wanna fly!

  13. The rapture is Christian dogma much like hell which really means grave in the Hebrew or a condition on earth, or even America as she lies burning ie. THE LAKE OF FIRE. Just like they say Adam and Eve were the only humans on the earth which is a lie. Gen 5:2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. THERE WERE A GROUP OF PEOPLE CALLED THE ADAMITES. OUT OF THEM THE MOST HIGH CHOOSE ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.

  14. The lord has given me 2 new dreams. one was about a true prophet of his was taken under water and then another prophet came out of the water and he was teaching the same as the last prophet, i believe the second prophet is an impostor! of the first that was taken under water!
    The second dream god put me on this scale to tell me how close i was ready to be ruptured! i am about 75% or more closer to god saving me C: i am not there yet, but i am very close to him saving me!

  15. You got to just go directly to Jesus. Ask Him what you must do. It is very dangerous to be going around asking other people what you must do. If you ask the devil for advice he'll give it to you. Don't allow anyone else to be responsible for where your soul goes. Just go surrender to Jesus and listen ONLY to Him. Jesus grace be with you.

  16. I dreamed about the end of the world where men in bowler hats carried umbrellas to the city of London, it was business as usual like your dream they were nonchalant and had no interest in anything except money!

  17. I agree with warningthepeople, you must just call on the Name of Jesus, accept Him with all your body, mind, soul, and cell of your being, knowing that you are a sinner and in need of a saviour. There will be no rapture, this is deception from the enemy, as the Lord is expecting a pure and holy bride and we cant be until we are refined as by fire. Keep your eyes fixed on Him to protect you and DO NOT LOOK TO THE WORLD FOR HELP, it will not come but only to pull you under that water!!

  18. Your dream is prophetic – and speaks of the end. Yet not in the way you think. The Tsunami you saw represents the spirit of Life (resurrected Spirit of Christ) being powered out. It is the new mind of Christ given to those who are prepared that they may begin to "hear" the council and Wisdom of God. As his people begin to walk in the ways of life – Life will be manifested around them. Yet, for others this same "life" will begin to destroy all in which they "trust".

  19. (…more) God's spirit is pure power – and is pouring out as a "fountain of life" onto this earth. It is the Tsunami you saw – and is so slow and gentle as to come as a "thief in the night". Yet, it will not stop. For those growing in righteousness, they will "grow brighter unto the perfect day", for those who do not hear, and continue in wickedness, the destruction will grow up all around them as this "flood of life" increasingly destroys their idols. This will result in much repentance.

  20. I had a dream of a tsunami.It was a warm comfortable quiet sunny day.Heard the
    sound and then I saw it comming over the Hill to our west.Was huge.
    Around that time I also heard the Angels singing.Millions of voices in such perfect beautiful harmony.But they were sad and sorrowful and every few notes, a pause, and gigantic drum would beat once.Like it revertibrated down from time and Universe.The Angels voices were high, there was one deep Baratone mournful voice that led them in lamentation.

  21. what I like about u is your raw , you just bring the truth, you don't come with balloons and fireworks and have fancy things behind you or u don't sit there and ask for money nor do you seek people to pet your ego , u don't have one. u have one of the most honest and purest videos I have come across so far.. simplicity speaks louder then a parade that most people ride in on. distraction from the truth is how I see it and u have no distractions . thank you!

  22. Those who are truly in the Spirit have nothing to get, but only something to give, and it is to give what the Lord sends them to do…This is the life of the one in the Spirit!

  23. Amen, "warning," Jesus is our safety…He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is the sweetest sweetest One.

  24. In Matthew 6:9 Jesus instructs us in the manner of which we are to pray. It was emphatically taught that you pray to God the Father, for he gave us Jesus.
    Jesus in all his teaching never told anyone to pray to Him.
    We pray in Jesus's name to show that we believe in Him and what He did for us, but never to him.
    You might want to give this a read if you're going to be teaching.

  25. christobabble,,,a new word I've coined to describe the mindless, repetitive meaningless words spewed forth by Christians to justify whatever dogma or irrational belief they hold.

  26. Google Efrain Rodriguez he sees a asteroid off the coast de Puerto Rico that will cost a East Coast tsunami now look at Lyn Leahz video of a 2.5 mile comet video that will hit same location . I live in Virginia and I have my tsunami visions

  27. Wow, I was ready to write this guy off but in the past like three years I've been having these crazy dreams of a monster tsunami! I mean its super huge! I'm not saying that I'm some kind of prophet cause I doubt that they're around but it is a frightening dream never the less. I wake up just before I die though..  🙂

  28. ive had the same dream my brother. im positive he was trying to show me

  29. Amen brother. Good for you for not adding to the dream like so many do, trying to predict when it will occur. You said only what God gave you, nothing more. Well done.

  30. Ive had several dreams about tsunami and quakes… the last one I was in a desert and what was either water or an ash cloud was engulfing the mountains and heading towards me, but also showing me not to be afraid, and though it was startling and vivid, and woke me, it did not make me feel ill at ease.

  31. According to Revelation, Babylon will burn and drown. The west side of America is riddled with volcanoes. And the East will fall under the sea suddenly.

  32. Nice to meet you brother. The DaVinci Code by Dorsal Phinn :::: Area 51 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOUV-8a27X2sa6VBNAywgoa7q6nkweFBF

  33. what if i had a dream of a tsunami but i was at my house,the sky was yellow,the tsunami was HUGE,was going over my house,and when it went,i felt it shake, but i didnt die in that dream? so now im like totally freaking out that this will happen because I live in Lincoln and only storms,tornadoes,lightning,hail,and rain are here. so im like freaking out can you help?

  34. Dream Sept. 5, 2018. I had 3 dreams one night. The first was on a rural farm. I believe it was in the US and they talked (a farmer and a farmer wife) of a flood and dry ground. The second was in city and they prepared for a flood as I dreamed of people moving to the top stories of tall buildings seemed like a US city. Was a third dream and wonder as desert was served to a group sitting at table, and food stuff is usually dark sided and makes me wonder about date that I heard April 28th, but the flyer I wrote date on incorrectly from what I originally wrote April 27th., and additionally I noted in phone incorrectly the 26th on calendar. Which again makes me wonder.

    I do not say this is surely from our Glorious GOD our Creator, Glorious Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Glorious Holy Spirit, the giver of life as dreams can be put upon us by many things but I do say that I had this dream and a reaction to your dream when I watched. If I was sure I would have posted long ago and always need to keep things in context as I don't think I'm the best interpreter. Been under alot of stress and sadness and sometimes worry I am under attack. We all must prepare our Armor of GOD. Seeing so many say something had me strong and as I was strong last Sunday and again this Sunday I see that as I probably am under attack to prevent me. Church is good for fighting darkness. Amen.
    Pray for me, please.

  35. I had a dream about a tsunami last nite.it receded and it was returning bigger and I was trying to warn people. When dud u have this dream

  36. We are having the same dream in Australia, please be ready and walk by the Spirit and Pray at all times

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