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Boys and Girls welcome to scuba diving
at quill Lake… this is another new game that we have in
our roadblock series today and this is gonna be looks like um yeah it’s gonna
be a diving simulator of some sort so let’s play it and find out for ourselves
so here we are at the lake okay so let’s see how this is gonna go okay it says
the name here as shown quill Lake play okay here we are welcome to quill Lake use the arrow keys to navigate through the tutorial now
what kind of character would you like I prefer to be a boy thank you okay so
what do we have okay the cool lake is full of secret areas
ancient treasures and dark secrets the sharper your eye the more you’ll be able
to discover search the lake for gold coins when picked up they can appear in
your inventory and can be traded in for cash there are also many hidden items
click on these to collect them some of a crescents some are valuable to sell
remember to watch your air levels when your air bar when the bar runs out you
will start to down be careful you will lose a third of your coins on death head
to the pawnshop to trade in your coins and items for cash
it is also plenty of worthy upgrades to purchase alrighty we should Steve’s
scuba gear to spend your cash on scuba gear upgrades and unique tools some
areas requires the right equipment these icons on the left side okay it
represents your outfits tab okay inventory your journal and your quest
items check on these to see what you’ve collected and use the outfit tabs to
change okay there are also many journals returned
through this area click on these to read and uncover the secrets of quill Lake
any progress you make will be automatically saved and loaded that’s it
for the tutorial awesome okay so we are okay so we got ourselves a nice little
suture again it has the penguin on it which is awesome we got Steve’s scuba
gear shop and I’m gonna assume that we have zero cash
I should be okay this little guy has got or okay this little lady has a little
square or exclamation please can you help me you’re a diver right I lost
something in that Lake yes I can help you I was swimming recently I realize I
dropped my Celtic area in the muddy area networks are you might Celtic necklace
in the muddy area behind me can you find it for me yes I will bring it for you
okay thank you it’s been a family heirloom it’s been passed in my family
for generations and means a lot to me all right miss so let’s see what we can
do okay we have a rockier okay that’s a clam okay so we are now in the lake and okay she says the muddy area behind her
so okay we have our air meter which is running kind of fast we got ourself a
coin gold coins okay we got ourselves some more coins okay so do we see any
necklaces nothing of that sort yet okay righty I see the necklace over here okay
bring necklace added okay we just hit the jump key to kind of go up we are
almost out of air oh okay do we have the quest item yet no we don’t not yet
so she said muddy areas I’m going to check in these ravines or crevices that
we have here I’m hitting a bunch of gold coins so okay she says muddy area okay
this is a muddy area right here and I see something over here galaxy Emperor
added okay again this went to the inventory now we gotta get back up for
the air ouch ouch ouch okay okay we also have fast travel apparently okay mmm I
don’t know how that’s gonna work but okay
I see her the coin so let’s take the coin already and what else can be spot
more coins okay going there let’s go for that coin and we should go back up for
air after this she said muddy area so I’m seeing a lot of muddy areas but no
heirloom necklace okay which also reminds me where on the map have I
reached okay I kind of reached across the cove already okay so I kind of got
to go back there I think and check it out a little bit more okay can I see the
necklace okay I see a boat over there and it’s a Spartan statue okay collected
that Silver Star Crown inventory is full head back to the beach to sell
everything okay that’s where the beach is so let’s go there we can’t take these
coins though on the way I suppose okay how was our air airs okay okay um you
got to be careful here and not get to flashlight recommended for this area yes
I was right about that so let’s go back up okay whoo that was close
is that where the beach is yep I think that’s where the beach is so let’s go
towards the beach to steve’s scuba shop and we also need to find a thing for the
littleness I think that’s it’ll be in that cave somewhere oh boy what is this
and your inventory is full no we got to go back up I also think this is kind of
like you know each player gets his own treasure so it should be fine we got a
friend request let’s accept it for now and you got fgv in Union as a friend
okay okay can we run in this mode no we can’t okay so what do we have we have
the pawn shop all right we got a lantern we got an aqua breeder for 400 roblox
and what do we have I run this pawn shop with mice cats sprinkles we sell useful
items and you’ll be able to buy anything valuable okay so what we can do is we
can sell the bling necklace for ten cash you can sell all of this we got
seventeen cash we got total of 17 coins so we got all of that so how much how
much gold do we have we have 58 alrighty and what can we buy we can buy a
backpack upgrade we can buy treasure keys chests fast travel to beach let’s
buy that okay okay good bye okay we got a/c scooter which is awesome
is that for real money or is that for roblox we’ll never know
we have a boat rental lady over there okay let’s go back down into the little
crevasse shall we and we did spot one of those necklace thingies over here is
that over here it should be over here yes it was next to the dead
scuba diver here we go it’s not the quest item we need Radcliff pendant
added oh is that Daniel Radcliffe I don’t know
making a bad joke here okay here we go what else can we spoil hot let’s go
collect these two coins and go back up for air before we drown ah okay let’s go
back up up up up up up okay close close close close close okay alright that was
kind of close we almost ran out of air there hmm okay we’re going back through
this anything new here or nothing actually it’ll be cool if they added
died you know flippers to our little boy here so you know it’ll look like he’s
actually in scuba gear going back up for air cuz you know I don’t want to drown
not today okay continuing on continuing on okay there seems to be a treasure oh
boy no no no no no no no no no no no no no no we lost track of how much air we
had no no no whoo-hoo-hoo okay okay okay here we go I think we see a
treasure chest over here and we might need a little golden or a key for that
treasure chest so that’s not gonna help us right now and we have us watching
soldier statue over here again I’m not gonna help us what we have here you’ve
got binoculars okay house binoculars gotta help underwater I have no idea we
got some more air let’s go back down I see a coin let’s take that okay coins
collected oh we have another coin on this little peak over here we’ll take
that there is also a coin over there but I think it’s gonna say that you’re gonna
need a flashlight I suppose or some sort of light source to go ahead with that
looks like it yep that’s where we were the Easter Island dude and okay Wow we
were not aware faster okay I think is how much air you have left is
also is it dependent on the okay I see something over here
Celtic necklace added okay we got the quest item boys and girls so let’s go
over to the little girl over there and give it back to her are we going the
right way yes that’s the beach okay if we spot something we can go down and get
it but I think we’ve kind of cleaned up this area okay here we go
back to the beach open the log open along open alone
open along okay we’ve this lady over here hello lady how
do I interact with you my necklace thank you so much you’re is a reward 30 cash
for its return are you aware mystical powers haha no I
don’t know what you’re talking about thank you and goodbye okay already that
was awkward so let’s go back to the shop here and
let’s sell the Radcliffe pendant and less of that listen the coins we’ve got
ourselves in 97 gold which is a backpack upgrade we can buy that we can buy a
couple of fast travel locations I suppose do we have enough for the back
part of it yes we do awesome and what do we have in terms of scuba gear let’s see
of course we’ve run out of money which was a bit silly on my part okay scuba
tank refill Steve scuba gear we’ve got a Geo locator we’ve got an advanced suit
we got a free dive training all the about twice as long for fifty scuba gear
with a mask and air tank ah illuminate dark areas we can do that lovely okay lovely so we got ourselves a nice
bunch of upgrades now let’s go to the lady at the end of the pier and see what
she has for us and also why is this lady still have a question mark hmm thanks
again for finding my necklace okay is that out the conversation gonna go all
righty let’s go on to this lady over here and see what she has to say hi I’m
Cleo I run the pawn shop sport rental service 50 cash gets you a boat pass
goodbye come back if you want to pass all right I do need a pass but not today
so let’s go and see what we can scrounge up okay we have nothing there anchor
necklace added we use that Kokee we use the the key but to no avail we didn’t
find anything interesting so what do we have we got a bunch of other stuff we
got another coin our air supply is okay for now which is awesome let’s go
collect that coin I see another artifact awesome let’s take those okay okay dad
oh come on collect the koi and your bum and also
the animation seems to be kind of frozen for some reason interesting let’s go
back up before we die and go back down cuz we spotted something in the little
cave over there okay we got a serpent King again I think
and what can we do about that coin let’s see if we can get that back come here to
me coin I must have you okay scrunching around on the ground free dive training
is recommended for this area okay let’s go back up
to the beach and who okay oh wow we kind of ended up quite far from the beach ten
three let’s go back down okay there’s a coin there like I said before basically
I think each player has their own set of gear that they can you know end up
getting for themselves I suppose so you can see that lollipop feeb is going
for the same coins that we are as well but she’s getting them and so are we
which is nice it’s kind of cooperative so you don’t have to fight each other
for resources and anything else we got ourselves another gold pocket watch
let’s give the roblox coin okay here we go let’s go back up we’re running out of
air again alrighty let’s go to the pawn shop I think we are full of the bags
kind of fold and we have zero gold which is kind of awkward I thought we had a
lot more okay here we go let’s all that so that
so that’s of that and so that okay we got ourselves 77 coins which is nice and
let’s go gasp how some fishing gear or sorry scuba gear scuba gear what am I
saying fishing gear for libel okay determine location lifejacket dive
weight is to sink quickly life jacket is to resurface quickly hmm free dry
cleaning hi I’m Steve what brings you two all the way out here I need to get a
scope for driving great I’ll tell you everything you need scuba gear flopping
flipper sorry flippers and even training okay so um okay what should I start with
I’d recommend buying the flashlight to explore the nearby caves and that get
the free Drive training okay sounds great I’ll see you later
okay he’s got some unique outfits to help you all righty
okay so let’s we already got the flashlight so let’s buy the free Drive
training what school do we have left 27 so we can’t do much here right now so we
got the free Drive training and let’s go back to the kid that we saw in the
corner over there so that should kind of you know I think
that’s what he was talking about over there there’s another cabin that I see
on the other end of the lake which should allow us to get some more stuff I
suppose okay free Drive training which means that I should be able to swim a
lot faster so let’s see let’s see if we are able to actually swim any faster oh
yes we are our air capacity has almost doubled which is awesome okay so let’s
go back to the Easter Island dude over there and in the meanwhile what else
there was a little box that we saw over here somewhere where is it where is it
where is it where is at boxxy boxxy come back to me yes it was somewhere over here I said
something in the cave nope nothing in the cave coin did we see another coin
over here okay let’s go back up take some air okay and into the cave we go okay oh wow this is really nice
this is really really really awesome okay all right Lee this is kind of
spooky as well but let’s do this anyway okay we are in the cave I don’t see too
much in terms of treasure but mostly coins but we’ll take them anyway
okay we’re back on the other side of the cave I wish in the central lake again I
let’s find out oh yes we are actually actually no we’re in some other area hmm
interesting oh we got some more unique stuff here
okay this is a giant Liberty coin which was different from the other coins we
also have a plane crash very cool very cool very innovative in terms of level
design as well nice calm soothing music I like in this game so far I’m liking
this game boys and girls okay um nothing else around you is there okay let’s
explore that cave and see where that leads us too okay here we go
okay can we collect that okay put the flashlight away collect that we got
ourself a journal lovely so boys and girls that was the word strip amazing
amazing let’s go back up to the cave and see where it leads us again full of air
and down we go flashlight on the ready so what okay if we go into the murky
godness we shall go is there any treasure that we missed on
the first pass hmm nothing actually okay is this also a little maze cuz you know
it’ll actually be kind of bad if you get lost in here hopefully nothing of that
sort I can see the exit and do we have the Easter Island dude somewhere nearby
meaning that we kind of made it to where we were originally yep we made it back
to where we were originally alrighty so let’s see we have another cave over here
so let’s go into that one okay Cup yeah we go boys and girls or was that the
entrance that we took the first time around I don’t know it’s kind of hard to
say oh there we go this is another cave routes I think alrighty I’m through that
okay it’s kind of just another opening in the cave okay we have something over
here oh we have a journal put that away can we pick that up nope we can’t pick
that up okay interesting we have a crawlspace over here and we can’t do
anything about it can we I thought I saw something through there okay we have
another path that way so let’s go there and see what it leads us to yeah
very creepy level designs very very creepy okay we got a treasure chest oh
come on I don’t need this thing to pop up every turn come on put the flashlight
away okay we got the beat you old necklace
okay we’ll take it all righty oh we have a fellow Explorer how nice so
there’s a bunch of creepy mines around here as well interesting okay we got
dynamite hmm TNT added continuing on with the coin quest here we go there’s another exit let’s find out okay
we’ve got ourselves some crystals alright so let’s go back to our Beach I
suppose and sell off all these items continuing on without quest I hope we
didn’t get too lost run back through the cave I see the exit let’s follow that
player okay here we go and okay we’re out of the cave
interesting oh we also have another guy over here let’s see what he has to say
ah the sapphire crystal ain’t that a thing of beauty
here’s your reward and I know a note locations for valuable items oh okay
awesome so we kind of almost by chance picked up a quest item which was
interesting and managed to give it to the guy who gave us the quest without
finding out about it now alrighty let’s go back to the pawn shop move them back down very interesting we
popped off into the cave on the right side corner of the lake somewhere over
there where the mouse is and we popped up through the mountain again the show
is very creative and intelligent level design okay here we are back in the pawn
shop and what can we do we can sell all of it and sell all the coins now we got
ourselves a nice little hundred gold pieces so let’s go get ourselves a scuba
gear and be ready for the next stage I suppose okay we got the scuba gear okay oh we got ourselves scuba gear tank
Oh lovely now we have an oxygen indicator which will allow us to stay
underwater for really really long periods okay
okay that’s a rusty tape recorder oxygen okay we’re at six and it’s counting down
from six five onwards downwards and we have a whole bunch of stuff that we can
collect it can we collect that nope we have more coins so let’s take those oh look at that we have Nemo and he’s just
stuck in the air oh he’s moving around that’s good to know all right boys and girls I think we’ll
end this video here for today you see me go through the basic upgrades and get
myself into a nice scuba suit underwater get ourselves a little bit of treasure
do a few you know quests and basically be a little amateur scuba diver and
collect stuff for everybody else until Until the next time this is the metal beast
signing out have a nice day!

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